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Chat Transcript

February 26, 2013 

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Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome everyone! We will begin in 20 minutes, please submit your questions now.
Skidmore -> Everyone Ten more minutes, everyone. Keep those questions coming!
Skidmore -> Everyone Five minutes until we begin!
Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome everyone! Before we begin our Skidmore students will introduce themselves.
Jessica_Student -> Everyone Hi guys! I'm Jessica, and I'm a junior English major with a creative writing concentration and Arts Administration/Honors Forum minor. I've been involved in our Student Government Association as the president of Wiecking, my former residence hall, and as a Student Senator. I'm also the Academic Council representative for the Arts Administration department. This semester, I joined the Center for Sex and Gender Relations, which holds programming about sexual health and effective consent. I just came back from studying abroad in Bath, England, and I did an internship last summer in arts management in Washington, D.C. I'm from Greenwich, Connecticut, and I went to Greenwich High School.
James_Student -> Everyone Hey guys, I'm James. I am from Westchester, NY and I am currently a sophomore at Skidmore. I am majoring in business and minoring in Spanish. Outside of academics, I am on the Skidmore Crew Team, co-president of the Skidmore Chess Club, as well as a tour guide in our admissions office. Another cool thing is my brother is coming to Skidmore next year through early decision 1!
Noam_Student -> Everyone Hey there! My name is Noam and I'm a sophomore from Roslyn, NY. My major is a self-determined major in Public Health Policy and a minor in Government. I am active in Hillel, the vice president of the sophomore class, and play intramural soccer (championship's tomorrow!). In my free time, I'm an admissions tour guide and work at the Information Desk at the College Center. Also, I applied ED and spent a gap year in Israel before attending Skidmore. What's up guys? :)
Maddie_Student -> Everyone Hey Guys! I'm Maddie. I am from Los Angeles, CA (it is so warm there). I am a Business and Music double major with a Chemistry Minor. I am a admissions tour guide and an SS2S blogger. I also work at the Information Desk in the Student Case Center. Follow me @CTMaddie

I am also a part of the Student Government Association. I am a senator and a communications and outreach committee member.

I am also an avid basketball player here at skidmore. Unfortunately I don't play competitively, but I'm always there for pick up.

Gina_Student -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Gina, and I am a Theater and English double major. I'm currently a junior, and I live in Easton, Massachusetts. I'm very involved in the Theater Department here at Skidmore. In April, I'll be performing in a two-person, student directed workshop called Oh the Humanity, a play written by Will Eno. In addition to acting, I enjoy non-fiction writing and editing. I am a contributing editor for Skidmore Scribe, Skidmore's online creative non-fiction publication. I'm excited to answer your questions! :)
MalinaBastola -> Jessica_Student Hi, I have a few questions. What do you love and hate the most about this college? Is it easy to get into a club that you are interested in and is it easy for one to open a new club? How is the business department at Skidmore? Do professors know students by their name? Do they help you outside of the classes? And how tough is the coursework? Finally, how's life in the residence halls? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. :)
Jessica_Student -> MalinaBastola Hi MalinaBastola! What I love about Skidmore is how welcoming and nice everybody is. I wish communication between clubs and students was a bit better, but there are also a ton of ways for people to hear about events, like posters and email. It's easy to be involved in clubs; there's a huge club fair at the beginning of each semester. You can also start your own club through SGA. I'm currently in a business class and it's wonderful, and I have a lot of friends who love the business department. Professors are great at forming relationships with students - I have professors I've had freshman year who still say hi whenever we see each other! Each professor has office hours, and we also have an open door policy where you can stop in a professor's office if the door is open. The coursework is challenging, but it also pushes you in the best way. I loved living in the residence halls (I currently live in one of our on-campus apartments). The Res Life staff is great, and there is so much to do. Hope this answers your questions!
Holly -> James_Student Is college a huge difference from high school academically?
James_Student -> Holly Hey Holly, I think they both pose different challenges. Junior year of High School helped me prepare for the tasks I needed to perform at college. It's really a matter of dedicating time to studying and making sure you stay up to date on your assignments. There is definitely an adjustment period, but your academic advisor and peer advisor (given to you at the start of your freshman year here) are there to support you through the beginning.
Marilyn -> Noam_Student Is it true each residence hall has a Steinway piano available for students to use?
Noam_Student -> Marilyn Hi Marilyn! Unfortunately, that is not true. We do, however, have private practice rooms in Zankel, our beautiful music center, that you can reserve and make some sweet, sweet music!
LaurenButler -> Gina_Student Can you tell me anything about opportunities to study and be involved with musical theatre on campus or anything about being a part of shows while at Skidmore? Thanks!
Gina_Student -> LaurenButler Hi LaurenButler! The theater department is one of my favorite things about Skidmore. At the beginning of each semester, the department holds general auditions. In that audition, you audition for the mainstage, black box, and workshop productions. Anyone can audition, regardless of major, and underclassmen often get cast! In terms of musical theater, Skidmore doesn't offer classes in musical theater. However, you can take Acting classes in the Theater Department, as well as classes in the Music and Dance Departments to study all of the different facets of musical theater. There are also extracurricular clubs that put on musicals, such as Cabaret Troupe and AIDS Benefit. Right now, Cabaret Troupe is putting on Hair! The Theater Department doesn't typically put on musicals, but, this semester, we are doing Sweeney Todd on the main stage, which is super exciting! Please let me know if you have any more questions about theater because I love talking about it :)
KatelynStephenson -> Maddie_Student Hey everyone, recently accepted ED to Skidmore, wanted to ask a few quick questions in case i can't join the chat: 1) I'm a horse back rider and I plan on bringing my horse to school with me, what is the best way to get in touch w/ current students that have or currently board their horse at Skidmore? 2) This is more of an opinion question, but what is something you'd wish you'd known as a freshmen? 3) So Skidmore doesn't offer much in means of scholarships unlike many of the other schools I was previously accepted to. How does the work-study program basically work, would you recommend it as a way to help out the parents? Or would a job off campus be a better option? Thanks! I hope to have time to come to the live chat on tuesday :)
Maddie_Student -> KatelynStephenson Hey Katelyn!
first of all, CONGRATS on being accepted.

1.) We have a great riding team. I know that you will be allowed to board your horse at the Skidmore Stables. You can contact the riding team's coach. Their information is on the skidmore athletics website.

2.) I think that as a freshman, I wish I knew more about the transportation to and from school. There are actually a lot of public transportation in around Saratoga. It is really easy to get into Montreal, New York and Boston.

3.)Work Study is really good here. They really make sure that there are a lot of options for you. I work on campus at the information desk. I definitely would stay on campus

Emily -> James_Student How easy is it for incoming freshman to begin a new sport in college? For example, could someone with no experience rowing join the crew team?
James_Student -> Emily Hi Emily, I joined the crew team freshman year! I had never rowed before and that's totally cool. We have a novice rowing program where you learn how to row and race other novice programs at other schools. After one year of that you can become an official varsity rower :)
sadielewis -> Jessica_Student What are some examples of clubs on campus
Jessica_Student -> sadielewis Hi sadielewis! We have a lot of clubs in many categories, such as performance groups, writing clubs, academic groups, and club sports. My favorites are Skidmore Quidditch (which is so much fun to watch) and Folio, our online fiction/poetry/prose literary magazine. You can check out all of our clubs here:
James -> Gina_Student How many options are there for dining on-campus? More specifically, how many different meals does one have to choose from on a given night?
Gina_Student -> James Hi James! On campus, we have one main dining hall. There are a ton of different food stations in the dining hall, including options for vegetarian and vegan meals, food from around the globe, a make-your-own sandwich station, and a soft serve ice cream machine! There are so many different options for every night, and the food here is ridiculously good, so I guarantee you will be happy with the food here!
James -> Maddie_Student How many options are there for dining on-campus? More specifically, how many different meals does one have to choose from on a given night?
Maddie_Student -> James Hey James, have you met James!

He's holding a boat.

there is only one main dining hall on campus. Don't be alarmed. IT IS THE BEST CAMPUS FOOD EVER.

Also when you live in the dorms, you get unlimited swipes into the dining hall. So it is not one of those 19 meals a week kind of a thing. It is more of a 19 swipes per day if you feel like it.

Emily -> Noam_Student How active/inluential is your student council (or student government, if it's called that)?
Noam_Student -> Emily Hey Emily! I'm on Student Government so I can definitely tell you that it is a great way to get involved on campus! There are several different bodies within SGA that represent the students in several ways. Some committees organize annual all-school events (like Fun Day!), and others allow students to represent themselves in front of influential administrators. Lots of fun!
sadielewis -> Jessica_Student Is there a lot to do on the weekends and during down time on and off of campus?
Jessica_Student -> sadielewis Hi again sadielewis, there is literally SO MUCH to do on the weekends! We have a program called Late Night which hosts bands, comedians, and shows. The Spa, one of our eateries, is also open until 2 AM those nights, so yay late night fries! Saratoga itself is also really wonderful; a lot of my friends and I love going out to dinner, and there's also a movie theater and a lot of performance space in town.
James -> James_Student How many options are there for dining on-campus? More specifically, how many different meals does one have to choose from on a given night?
James_Student -> James Hey James, we have quite a few options for you on campus. Our main choice is the Murray Atkins Dining Hall, which has many different stations and options. You can swipe in as many times a day as you like between 7am and 11pm. We also have a Spa, which doesn't do massages but instead has food that is open until 2am on weekend nights. In addition there are a few cafes on campus where you can get coffee and such on the go.
SarahR -> James_Student What's the school spirit of skidmore? Is there like an overwhelming skidmore pride?
James_Student -> SarahR Hi SarahR :) I am so proud to go to Skidmore. It is evident that there is school spirit because there is always a great turnout at sporting events, theatre performances, musical performances and much more!
FutureSkidKid -> Noam_Student Hi Noam, I'm also taking a gap year and I'd like to know how was your transition from taking a year off to starting at Skidmore. I'm worried about being behind since I've been out of the academic world for a while.
Noam_Student -> FutureSkidKid Hi FutureSkidKid (love the name)! There are a handful of students each year that come back from a gap year and I haven't heard any complaints! I don't feel the age difference at all, and wouldn't worry about being away from school for a bit. Your first-year seminar will guide you back into the academic world with ease! Have fun!
Hannah.B -> Maddie_Student Why Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Hannah.B Hey Hannah.


well I chose Skidmore because I felt like I wanted to do way too many things to declare any major. Skidmore allows me to experience many different thigns.
James -> Noam_Student How many options are there for dining on-campus? More specifically, how many different meals does one have to choose from on a given night?
Noam_Student -> James Thank god for the unlimited meal plan!
patfraser802 -> Jessica_Student What are the dorms/residence halls like? Also, does Skidmore have a fitness center open to students?
Jessica_Student -> patfraser802 The dorms are great! There are so many neat features about each room, such as the window seat (my favorite place to study!) and the lounges on each floor. I'm living in one of our on-campus apartments this semester, and it's absolutely gorgeous. There is a fitness center and it's open every day from about 7 AM-midnight, free for students. We also have physical activity classes you can take, like swimming and riding classes.
sadielewis -> Gina_Student Is there a lot to do on the weekends and during down time on and off of campus?
Gina_Student -> sadielewis Hi sadielewis! Yes, there is sooo much to do. We always have a ton of events happening on campus, whether they be performances by comedy groups, performing arts groups, or speakers brought in by the school. There are concerts, sports games, shows, and campus events happening every single weekend. There are usually so many things to do that you have to pick and choose, which is pretty cool that there are so many options in the first place. Off campus, Saratoga itself is wonderful too! There are so many restaurants and events in town. Saratoga is one of the best parts of going to Skidmore! It is such a great town. So yes, there are so many things to do on the weekend!
sadielewis -> Noam_Student What is the pre med program like?
Noam_Student -> sadielewis Sadielewis, the pre-med program at Skidmore is very strong on campus! HPAC, or the Health Panel Advisory Committee, is a group of exercise science, chemistry, biology, and physics professors who pair with students to guide them through the application process. All of the pre-med requirements can be fulfilled at Skidmore!
Hannah.B -> Jessica_Student Why Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Hannah.B Hi Hannah.B, I chose Skidmore because it has a wonderful English program, and I also felt welcomed the second I walked onto campus. But the best part is I keep finding more great things about Skidmore each day :)
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student Why Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B Hannah.B - Skidmore is the best! My favorite thing about Skidmore is the community. Everyone here is so open-minded, creative, supportive, and fun to be around.
sadielewis -> Noam_Student Is there a med school?
Noam_Student -> sadielewis We don't have a medical school, but we do have great connections with medical and nursing programs across the country!
sadielewis -> James_Student Is there a lot to do on the weekends and during down time on and off of campus?
James_Student -> sadielewis There is so much to do on the weekends here at Skidmore. For example, so many people have asked me to hang out this weekend already and I won't be able to get to do everything. We have a great town in Saratoga Springs where there are great restaurants and events. On campus activities vary from going to an a cappella concert to a school dance to a sporting events as well as so much more!
Shea -> Jessica_Student How is your abroad program?
Jessica_Student -> Shea I loved my abroad experience! I didn't do a Skidmore program specifically, but applying was super easy and I was able to get credit for all of my classes which then helped me complete requirements for my major. There are a ton of locations you can go to, and programs in many academic disciplines. If you can, go abroad, it's the best experience ever.
SheStoleMyHart1313 -> Maddie_Student I really, really love Skidmore, but I'm a big city person. Does the small town feel of Saratoga ever get boring? I know NYC, Montreal, and Boston are all three hours away, but that's still far. Any close by "cities" persay?
Maddie_Student -> SheStoleMyHart1313 Yo SheStoleMyHart1313,

I love skidmore too! I'm actually from Los Angeles, CA so I understand your concern. The small town feel doesn't get boring at all. There a lot of things to do in town and on campus. If you want to get away, the closest "city" is the state capital, Albany. It is about 40 minutes away. My friends and I have gone to concerts in the nearby areas. Hopefully that kind of helps?
Hannah.B -> James_Student Why Skidmore?
James_Student -> Hannah.B I chose Skidmore because I fell in love. I visited and I was drawn in by the beauty of the campus. People here are really friendly and outgoing so it was a great match for me. It seemed like the place I wanted to spend my next four years, and I do not regret my decision one bit.
sadielewis -> Noam_Student Is there a lot to do on the weekends and during down time on and off of campus?
Noam_Student -> sadielewis The weekends are never boring! Clubs always have performances and events going on, both on and off campus! In fact, our comedy groups just hosted the 24th Comedy Festival, so it was a great opportunity to host groups from Brown, UPenn, and Ithaca!
patfraser802 -> Gina_Student What are the dorms/residence halls like? Also, does Skidmore have a fitness center open to students?
Gina_Student -> patfraser802 Hey patfraser802! The dorms are great, and they are so much fun to live in. We live in suites, so two double sized rooms and two single sized rooms will share one bathroom. The suites are single sex, but the floors are co ed. There is a really great community in the dorms,and it's a lot of fun to just hang out in the common rooms on each floor! Skidmore does have a fitness center open to students, with lots of cardio machines and a huge weight room. Also, in the basement of each dorm, there is a treadmill and elliptical, which is great, especially in the winter.
Urte -> Jessica_Student What is food like for vegetarians at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Urte I'm not a vegetarian and the vegetarian food is some of my favorite food at Skidmore :). Emily's Garden in the dining hall has a ton of great options, such as a salad bar, pre-made salads, and an entree. I'm a big fan of the eggplant rollatini and stuffed peppers!
FutureSkidKid -> Maddie_Student I'm an avid reader of skidmore unofficial and all winter I read about students braving the cold, how badly would you say it affects your time there?
Maddie_Student -> FutureSkidKid YO FUTURESKIDKID

the cold is not that bad. I would say that LAYERING LAYERING LAYERING is the theme for weathering the cold. I think that it does kind of affect my time, but in both good and bad ways. It is so pretty and I just made my first snowman this year.
Katelyn -> Noam_Student I'm currently undecided on my major but am considering exercise science. Do I have to take a Chemistry placement exam?
Noam_Student -> Katelyn Hi Katelyn! The exercise science department is wonderful and has a great deal of research opportunities for students. If you are interested in studying CH-106 instead of CH-105 or CH-103, you will need to take a placement exam. But if you want to start off with Chem I (CH-105), then no test is necessary!
patfraser802 -> James_Student What are the dorms/residence halls like? Also, does Skidmore have a fitness center open to students?
James_Student -> patfraser802 Hey patfraser802, the dorms here are really good quality. Each floor has a Residential Advisor who holds events which bring the floor together and they try to create a community on each floor. We have a sports center open to all students equipped with a cardio room, two weight rooms, a pool, racquetball courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts.
Urte -> Maddie_Student What is food like for vegetarians at Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Urte Hi Urte,

Vegetarians have a lot of options in the Dining hall. We have a station called Emily's Garden that is specific for the vegetarian/vegan diets. We also have a vegetarian themed dinner nights every semester. (At least one or two)
SarahR -> Jessica_Student what is a typical weekend night? i.e. parties, things to do not on campus with friends?
Jessica_Student -> SarahR Hey SarahR, Saratoga has a lot of things to do off campus! There's a movie theater, performing arts space (like Caffe Lena, which hosted Bob Dylan when he was first starting out), and a lot of great restaurants and boutiques. I also like hanging out with my friends on the weekends--lots of movie nights! We also have a program called Late Night, which brings bands and comedians to campus (Aziz Ansari and Wyatt Cenac from the Daily Show have come in the past), and our Spa eatery is open late, so late night pizza is always a must :)
sadielewis -> James_Student Are there any club sports for those who are not committed to varsity sports?
James_Student -> sadielewis Yes sadielewis, there are. I just finished up a season of indoor intramural soccer, we also have volleyball, dodgeball, and racquetball intramural. We have a cycling club, frisbee club, and a running club.
Holly -> Noam_Student Do the teachers write notes on the board or do you have to take notes according to what the lecture?
Noam_Student -> Holly Hi Holly!

Depends on which professor. Some do, some don't. Regardless, professors are always eager to get student input on their teaching methods. So far, I haven't had a professor who hasn't written on the board or used a powerpoint presentation.
SheStoleMyHart1313 -> Gina_Student What do people do on the weekends besides drink/bars/clubs?
Gina_Student -> SheStoleMyHart1313 Hi SheStoleMyHart1313! There is a lot to do on the weekend besides going to bars and clubs. Most of the student body is underage, so they stay on campus anyways at night on the weekend. There are so many things to do besides partying - there are always events run by the school (slam poets, musicians, comedians), performances by student groups, and other fun things for any interest! In town, there are often big events. Recently Chowderfest happened, and it was awesome. Every restaurant in town makes their own version of chowder and you can try any sample for one dollar and it is the best thing ever. There is so much to do!
Caroline -> Noam_Student Hi guys! Is the uneven male/female ratio noticeable? Does it affect social life at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> Caroline Hey Caroline, what's up! You really can't feel the male/female ratio, and every year it gets closer and closer to evening out. It definitely doesn't affect my experiences here at Skidmore!
shainarobin -> Jessica_Student What attracted you to Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> shainarobin Hello shainarobin, I was attracted to Skidmore because of the English department and the creativity that is literally everywhere on campus. I've also found a lot more to love while I've been here, like the Arts Administration department and Student Government, and I can't wait to see what I'll find next!
Holly -> Gina_Student Do you find yourself spending money often on food or things you normally wouldn't buy at home?
Gina_Student -> Holly Hi Holly! Saratoga has such great restaurants and places to eat that I often find myself splurging on going out to dinner or getting frozen yogurt. However, the dining hall is awesome, so there really isn't a huge need to spend extra money on food. I probably spend about the same that I would at home.
shainarobin -> James_Student What attracted you to Skidmore?
James_Student -> shainarobin Hey shainarobin, I was drawn to Skidmore because they have a strong foreign language program (and strong programs across the board). When I was visiting I saw the campus was beautiful and that was also a plus :)
McKenna -> Maddie_Student hey Maddie, was adjusting to life in New York hard coming from CA?
Maddie_Student -> McKenna Hey McKenna,

It was definitely different than California, but it wasn't hard adjusting. There are a surprisingly a lot of Cali kids out here that are on the same boat. California itself is very diverse, so Saratoga is kind of a new adventure. Does that make sense?

I think just getting used to the cold and snow was hard. But again that means two things for California kids:
2. experiencing the four season

my advice: LAYER LAYER LAYER. you're welcome
fatima -> James_Student did you have a girl basketball team
James_Student -> fatima Fatima, we do have a girls varsity basketball team as well as many other female sports.
sspiller -> Noam_Student What made you choose Skidmore over other schools?
Noam_Student -> sspiller sspiller, I think that Skidmore really stood out to me because of its super-strong International Student Union. I really wanted to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences, and I have gotten to meet, study, and interact with so many of them!
James_Student -> Caroline Hey Caroline, I appreciate the abundance of women at Skidmore, but there are plenty of guys too. Each year the ratio is getting closer to 50-50 as well and the ratio doesn't have an affect on socializing.
shainarobin -> Jessica_Student How many of you have studied abroad? How was your experience? I studying abroad heavily encouraged at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> shainarobin Oh hey shainarobin, I just came back from studying abroad from Bath, England, and I absolutely loved it! I got to take classes which correlated with my major, and I met a lot of really great people and even did some traveling. About 60% of Skidmore students do an off-campus program at some point within their four years. We have a lot of programs in many countries, including domestic study programs around the U.S.
James -> Gina_Student Have any of you (the students) had internships? Where? What were they like?
Gina_Student -> James Hi James! Two summers ago, I had an internship at Boston Magazine, a publishing company in Boston. It was awesome and Career Services really helped me out in figuring out how to write a cover letter and fix my resume and all of that good stuff! Last summer, I did a theater training program at Vassar College. It was such a wonderful experience, and I got points towards becoming Actors' Equity!
Maddie_Student -> Everyone James that is an amazing response
sspiller -> James_Student What made you choose Skidmore over other schools?
James_Student -> sspiller I chose Skidmore over other schools because it was close to home and was a great fit for me. The school is challenging and presents students with many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Also people here are outgoing and lovely.
Claudia_B. -> Noam_Student Hi! I was wondering what makes Skidmore's neuroscience program unique or outstanding in comparison to other liberal arts colleges in the area.
Noam_Student -> Claudia_B. Hi Claudia_B, great question!
The Neuroscience program actually started from an overwhelming demand for the major as a self-determined field of study. Today, the program is heavily interdepartmental, consisting of a combination of social and natural sciences, and is one of our more popular majors! Also, the research opportunities are abundant!
SarahR -> Maddie_Student what is a typical weekend night? i.e. parties, things to do not on campus with friends?
Maddie_Student -> SarahR hey SarahR:

I can't think of a typical weekend night. but there are definitely a lot of things going on. We get a lot of DJ dances and themed events. We kind of just go with the flow....
jlloyd -> Noam_Student i am interested in a pre-med track and was wondering if skidmore can provide all of the requirements
Noam_Student -> jlloyd Jlloyd, all of the pre-med requirements can be completed at Skidmore!
Ally -> James_Student Can you please share more information on the equestrian team and the tryouts? Thanks!
James_Student -> Ally Hey Ally, the equestrian team at Skidmore is the only Division I sports team on campus. The team has many girls and tryouts are in the fall. There is a walk-trot category for those with no experience and there are deferent levels for those with more experience in the sport. Practices are usually a few practices a week and horse shows throughout the year.
Caroline -> Noam_Student In terms of career services, what does Skidmore offer? What have you guys done specifically in terms of interning? Are internships easy to come by?
Noam_Student -> Caroline Hi Caroline!
Career Services is very helpful in creating connections, as their networking with alumni, parents, and professors is extensive! The Career Development Center can help any student fix up their resume, cover letter, or find internships in Saratoga Springs and around the country!
author2b -> Jessica_Student Jessica-how do you like your creative writing classes? What do you do in them, and would you say they've helped you become a better writer?
Jessica_Student -> author2b Hello author2b, creative writing classes are my favorites at Skidmore! I'm a fiction writing concentration, and I've been lucky enough to study with the same wonderful professor both semester. My classes have had a lot of components--we workshop student work, but my professor also has us do reading with each unit to see the craft in application. I absolutely feel like I'm a better writer because of Skidmore, and I can't wait to keep taking classes! Just FYI, most students choose one concentration between fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Hope this helps!
Nathy -> Gina_Student Hey, How are you? I am thinking of majoring in Theatre in college so I will like to know some information about Smidmore's theatre program. Also how is it living in Campus?
Gina_Student -> Nathy Hi Nathy! I am great, how are you? That is so exciting that you are thinking about majoring in Theater. I LOVE the Theater Department. The department is great because the training is wonderful, intensive, and eye opening. Whether you're an actor, director, stage manager, or technician, the department requires that you dabble in all areas of making theater. This semester, I'm acting in a workshop, taking the Intro to Directing course, painting on the scenic design crew, and working in both the costume and scene shops. The theater community is so open and fun to be around, and it really feels like a family (cheesy but true!) There is a ton of great info on the website, so I would definitely recommend checking that out, too.
SheStoleMyHart1313 -> James_Student Do people go home on the weekends regularly?
James_Student -> SheStoleMyHart1313 Hey SheStoleMyHart1313, people do go home for the weekends every now and then. My favorite part is that the campus is never empty and there is always a lot to do on the weekends!
SheStoleMyHart1313 -> Noam_Student Do people go home on the weekends regularly?
Noam_Student -> SheStoleMyHart1313 SSMH1313 (I hope you don't mind, I gave you a nickname), people do go home but I wouldn't say that it happens more than once or twice a semester. Students sometimes go on ski trips in the area or travel to Montreal for a weekend (only 3 hours away)!
shainarobin -> Noam_Student Is it easy to start a club at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> shainarobin Shainarobin, it's super easy! James just did it a few weeks ago! He filled out a petition and started the Chess Club! We have over 100 clubs on campus that students have started!
shainarobin -> Gina_Student What attracted you to Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> shainarobin Hi shainarobin! Skidmore is the best. I was attracted to the community at Skidmore. Everyone is so open-minded, creative, supportive, and fun to be around, which makes it a great place to spend time!
SheStoleMyHart1313 -> James_Student I know there's no football team, so is there a homecoming? What are the big sports at Skidmore? Is there a true "football-like
James_Student -> SheStoleMyHart1313 We host a big green scream, which riles students up with school spirit. It hosts basketball, soccer, volleyball and much more. Hockey games are very popular and there usual good turnouts at most sporting events.
Joseph -> Maddie_Student On top of studying classical/romantic music as well as music theory, I also enjoy composing my own music and writing my own piano improvisation. Is there a way I can incorporate piano improvisation into my music minor at Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Joseph Hey Joseph, my fellow musician!

There is definitely opportunities to explore your own compositions and improvisations. A lot of the majors and minors here like to do a composition concentration. We also have a lot of ensembles that you can be a part of. There are some jazz ones that focus on improv music. Hope that helps.
spiegelr -> Jessica_Student Can you talk more in detail about options for study abroad?
Jessica_Student -> spiegelr Yo spiegelr, Skidmore has programs in London, China, Spain, and Paris, but there are also a ton of approved programs you can choose from that aren't necessarily through Skidmore. For example, my program is technically hosted through Franklin & Marshall, but since it was affiliated with Skidmore it was easy to apply. There is also the London FYE program, where about 35 first-year students go to London for their first semester at Skidmore! One of my best friends went to London (and went to Bath with me as well), and she loved it! About 60% of students travel off campus at some point, so it's definitely a popular choice.
Caroline -> Gina_Student Hi guys! Is the uneven male/female ratio noticeable? Does it affect social life at Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> Caroline Hi Caroline! The ratio isn't noticeable. Social life is fun! You can hardly notice the difference in ratio :)
Caroline -> Maddie_Student Hi guys! Is the uneven male/female ratio noticeable? Does it affect social life at Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Caroline It is okay.... not very bad. The guys that we do have are the good ones though :)
Gabe -> Noam_Student How often do students go on ski/snowboarding trips? Does the Outing Club take any group trips to resorts?
Noam_Student -> Gabe Hi Gabe, the outing club does weekend trips in the Adirondack mountains, as well as longer trips over winter and spring breaks. Right now we have some snow, so students go skiing almost every weekend! Outing Club and Ski Club are some of the largest clubs on campus!
sspiller -> Gina_Student What made you choose Skidmore over other schools?
Gina_Student -> sspiller Hi sspiller! Skidmore is the best. I was attracted to the community at Skidmore. Everyone is so open-minded, creative, supportive, and fun to be around, which makes it a great place to spend time!
Noam_Student -> jlloyd Jlloyd, pre-med can be done all at Skid!
shainarobin -> James_Student How diverse race-wise is the faculty at Skidmore?
James_Student -> shainarobin In my experience our faculty is comparable to other liberal arts schools race-wise. Our students are very diverse, and we are trying to diversify our staff even more.
c.hill -> Noam_Student What is your favorite thing about Saratoga Springs? I've visited before, seems like a lovely town!
Noam_Student -> c.hill C.hill, it is beautiful! My favorite thing about Saratoga Springs is the racetrack that is open at the beginning of the Fall semester. Brings a lot of life to the whole town!
Noam_Student -> FutureSkidKid FutureSkidKid,

Sara -> Jessica_Student How is the English department at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Sara Sara, the English department is absolutely amazing! We have two types of classes, literature based and creative writing. I've taken classes about Women in Literature and Shakespeare, and I'm currently taking a course on Pastoral poetry. I'm also a creative writing concentration, and we have classes in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. There are also readings, events, and amazing professors!
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student Within your theatre major do you offer a focus in theatre design?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B Hi Hannah.B! You can choose to focus on design in our Theater major. We have and Intro and Intermediate design course. As a senior, you are able to design one of the department's major shows, which is really cool!
goldieemma -> Noam_Student Is there a film program?
Noam_Student -> goldieemma Goldiemma, there isn't a film program at Skidmore, but we have had several students who have self-determined in film studies or film journalism. Also, you can get involved with the SkidTV or media services :)
Ami -> James_Student How is the workload for varsity athletes?
James_Student -> Ami Ami, the workload is challenging at times for all students, but as an athlete myself it just takes a bit more time management. The academics come first for student athletes, and both academics and athletics have to be a point of focus. There is never any amnesty towards the athletes in terms of academics so it is up to them to balance their busy lives.
Kelsey -> Gina_Student Are there student run productions as well as faculty run ones?
Gina_Student -> Kelsey Hi Kelsey! Yes! Our mainstage and black box productions each semester are directed by faculty. In the spring, a senior directing student can direct the black box, which is a great opportunity. In addition to these shows, there are about 3 or 4 workshops per semester, which are directed by students. I acted in a worksop last year and am currently in one now, and they are such fun experiences.
Ken -> Noam_Student Can anyone tell me about environmental studies/science at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> Ken Hey Ken!

The Environmental Studies department is heavily invested in studying the surrounding area of Albany, specifically the Adirondack region. Most of the students in the department go abroad for at least one semester, and bring back with them many projects that can make Skidmore more sustainable!
c.hill -> James_Student What is your favorite thing about Saratoga Springs? I've visited before, seems like a lovely town!
James_Student -> c.hill C.hill! It is a lovely town. The best part is the restaurants. There are so many different options and I have never seen so many restaurants in one small place.
KatieSteph -> Maddie_Student Maddie, thank you for answering my questions :) Do you happen to know of any current students that board their horse? Should I contact the coach in order to get in touch with them? Also, could you tell me a bit more about the accepted student's day?
Maddie_Student -> KatieSteph hey KatieSteph,

I don't know for sure about who has their horse here. But I definitely encourage you to contact the coaches to get more information!

ACCEPTED STUDENT'S DAY is a lot of fun.. you get to meet students and faculty. You get to sit in a mock Scribner Seminar lecture by the amazing Sheldon Solomon. There is also a huge EVERYTHING Skidmore fair. You also get to eat in the dining HAll... FOR FREE!!!!!!!!! YUM
dani -> James_Student As Skidmore students, have any of you met transfer students? Do you think they acclimate to the environment well?
James_Student -> dani Hey dani, I am friends with a few transfer students and I think they adjust quite well. People are welcoming here so if they put themselves out there they can have a wonderful social life.
Megan -> Jessica_Student Is studio art a popular major? Is art big at Skidmore? Thank you!
Jessica_Student -> Megan Hi Megan, studio art is a pretty popular major! Students can choose from a variety of concentrations, like painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, metalworks, jewelry, and communication design, among others. Art is really big at Skidmore-we have five galleries on campus, including the Tang, our professional museum on campus!
LarryBoatengAsante -> Noam_Student how does the Skidmore community support international students academically and socially?
Noam_Student -> LarryBoatengAsante About international students, they play a HUGE part in making Skidmore the academically and ethnically diverse place that it is! International students have a great support system and are some of the most active on campus, as they join Student Government and start clubs all the time!
FutureSkidKid -> Gina_Student This really goes out to all of you, what has been a memorable experience for you at Skidmore thus far?
Gina_Student -> FutureSkidKid Hi FutureSkidKid! One really memorable experience for me was when I put on my own show, with a couple friends, for AIDS Benefit last year. We picked a play, asked some friends to act, direct, and stage manage, and ended up having a ton of people come see the show. We raised a lot of money for AIDS charities in Saratoga, and it was just really cool to be able to make something all on our own. So that was a great experience at Skidmore so far.
FutureSkidKid -> James_Student This really goes out to all of you, what has been a memorable experience for you at Skidmore thus far?
James_Student -> FutureSkidKid Some of my most memorable moments at Skidmore are racing with the crew team. We spend all year training for races and representing the school we love feels great!
RenatoDornelasBRAZIL -> Noam_Student Does Skidmore have UN Model Club? If so, does it participate in competitions and attend UN events in New York area?
Noam_Student -> RenatoDornelasBRAZIL Renato! Our Model UN just participated in a national competition in Montreal and represented the Phillipines and USA! We also have a model EU club!
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student If you don't major in theatre are you still welcome to participate in the program as more of an extracurricular?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B Hello Hannah.B! Yes, definitely! You can perform or take any classes in the department without being a major.
SarahR -> James_Student I live in Westchester too! How easy is the commute home, and how often do you visit?
James_Student -> SarahR Hey SarahR! I'm from Rye. Skidmore is only 3 hours away so it is pretty easy to get home. In Saratoga there is a bus station and train station. I don't visit too often because I'm busy on the weekends, but my mother is coming up this weekend :)
FutureSkidKid -> Noam_Student Waiting for my Skidmore admission decision is extremely nerve-wracking, do you know when decisions will be mailed?
Noam_Student -> FutureSkidKid FutureSkidKid, you should hear back by late March!
Kit -> Jessica_Student Is it difficult to adapt to having a roommate? I'm a very messy person who has a very unpredictable sleep schedule, and also struggles with waking up in mornings... Am I likely to have any issues?
Jessica_Student -> Kit Hey Kit, living with roommates is a really informative experience, and Skidmore does a really good job of making sure you're paired with people who have similar characteristics as you. The RAs are also really great at helping roommates set up boundaries and talk to people if anything, for whatever reason, something isn't working between roommates. Having been in a triple my freshman year, I learned a lot and I'm thankful for the experience.
Hannah.B -> James_Student Is there anything about Skidmore that you can't find in the pamphlets and websites? Some super awesome, or maybe not so awesome secret that only students know?
James_Student -> Hannah.B Hey Hannah. B! So what I can tell you is that my time at Skidmore has been so much fun :) I love it here and I'm so pleased with my decision and the pamphlets are not falsely advertising.
lgenovese -> Noam_Student How does signing up for classes for freshmen work? First come first serve?
Noam_Student -> lgenovese Lgenovese, yes it works on a first-come, first-serve basis. But if you absolutely must get into a class, feel free to approach professors and ask them to save a seat in the class for you. Class schedules aren't too hard to accommodate!
Karina -> Maddie_Student What is the First-Year London experience like?
Maddie_Student -> Karina Karina and Olivia,
the FYE London experience:
they still have a scribner seminar. Two professors from Skidmore also goes out with the kids. they get a great experience in an urban environment. ALSO IT IS LONDON! I have a lot of good friends that went.
I wish I went as well.

when they get back on campus, it is always exciting to meet them.
FutureSkidKid -> Jessica_Student This really goes out to all of you, what has been a memorable experience for you at Skidmore thus far?
Jessica_Student -> FutureSkidKid FutureSkidKid (awesome name, fyi), I ran for Student Government my sophomore year. Going so far out of my comfort zone was a great experience, and Student Government has been one of my favorite activities at Skidmore.
sadielewis -> Gina_Student I know that most people live on campus all four years. Does this get boring? Do many people live off campus?
Gina_Student -> sadielewis Hi sadielewis! About 95% of people live on campus all four years, and this is because the housing offered by Skidmore is so awesome. The dorms are super fun to live in, and Northwoods, Scribner, and Hillside are mostly brand new and SO nice. This semester, I am living off campus, in a house about 5 minutes away from school. I really like it, and it's a bit of a change. Basically it's whatever your preference is!
Griffin -> Jessica_Student where did you go abroad
Jessica_Student -> Griffin I went to Bath, England, which is 90 minutes outside of London. Jane Austen lived there, and the city itself is featured in "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion" by Miss Austen herself.
Noam_Student -> Hannah.B Hannah.B, the academic buildings are connected so you don't have to walk outside in the cold to and from class! Fun Fact of the day!
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student Is there anything about Skidmore that you can't find in the pamphlets and websites? Some super awesome, or maybe not so awesome secret that only students know?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B Something awesome about Skidmore that you might have seen in a pamphlet is that we were ranked one of the happiest schools in the nation by NewsWeek, and this is totally true! :)
AnnaHocker -> James_Student What major is Skidmore most known for? How are the dormrooms and campus life? Thank you!
James_Student -> AnnaHocker English and Business are the most popular majors here, but others are quickly challenging for the top spots. The dorms here are 100 percent wifi, have a kitchen, study rooms, common rooms and the dorms are generally just a great place to live. Campus life is excellent, each year we have thousands of events and things to do :)
Martin -> Jessica_Student Is the student body open and accepting to gay students at Skidmore? Is there a big and active LGBT community there?
Jessica_Student -> Martin Hi Martin, our campus is diverse in terms of sexual orientation, and we have a pretty open campus. There is Skidmore Pride Alliance, which is our LGBT club on campus, as well as the Center for Sex and Gender Relations.
ameera309 -> Noam_Student what are the hardest classes in Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> ameera309 Ameera309, some of the more challenging classes are Intro to Business and Organic Chemistry, but both are always helping students by providing tutors and group leaders, so I wouldn't worry!
Xueyang -> Noam_Student Skidmore in one word?
Noam_Student -> Xueyang Xueyang: CTM!
annor -> Maddie_Student good evening everyone,I'd like to know more about the music technology and recording arts program. Thanks
Maddie_Student -> annor Hey Annor!

that's really cool!

We have a really nice state of the art recording studion in our beautiful Zankel Music Center. The music technology program is still being developed, but we do have classes that pertain to these subjects. The recording class is a lot of fun. You get to learn about everything music techno-wise.

Can you ask me a more specific questions about the program? That way I can give you a more detailed answer.
Sara -> Gina_Student Can you tell me a little about work study?
Gina_Student -> Sara Work study is great. As a freshman, you have to work in dining services as your work study, so either in the dining hall or in one of the cafes on campus. There are lots of different types of jobs you can apply for, in addition, too.
Raquel -> Jessica_Student Are the teachers available for extra help and are classes more discussion based or lecture style?
Jessica_Student -> Raquel Hi Raquel, teachers are really open to meeting with students outside of class by appointment or office hours! I've always been able to meet with professors when I need help. The style of the class depends on the professor and the class itself--right now I'm in two lecture classes and two seminar classes.
Kelsey -> Gina_Student Do any of you work while going to school?
Gina_Student -> Kelsey We all work as tour guides! Also, last year, I worked as the Box Office Manager for the Theater Department.
jlloyd -> Maddie_Student I've looked a couple of bigger schools and want to know if there is any benefit in going to a smaller school
Maddie_Student -> jlloyd jlloyd:

1. smaller classes with accessible professors
2. one on one time with advisors and professors
3. community feel with friends
4. makes meeting people easy
OliviaS -> Gina_Student Hi guys! Is studying abroad strong at Skidmore? Have any of you studied abroad? If so, how does it count towards your major?
Gina_Student -> OliviaS Hi OliviaS! Skidmore has one of the top amounts of students who study abroad out of most schools in the nation. I just studied abroad in London last semester, and it was SO GREAT! The classes I took there counted towards both my Theater and English major.
lgenovese -> Jessica_Student What is the art program at Skidmore like? Is it mostly strictly traditional/studio art? and what kind of facilities can be used to work in?
Jessica_Student -> lgenovese The art program is great in that it gives students a lot of freedom in focusing on what they want to do. There are four preliminary classes, but students also take classes in a variety of concentrations, like painting, drawing, ceramics, jewelry, metalworks, ceramics, and communication design. There are many facilities for each concentration, such as studios and specialized classrooms.
AnnaHocker -> Gina_Student What major is Skidmore most known for? How are the dormrooms and campus life? Thank you!
Gina_Student -> AnnaHocker The top three majors are English, Business, and Studio Art, which is really cool because these majors are all so different - humanities, pre-professional, and arts. Dorms are super fun and campus life is always busy and exciting!
Janna -> Noam_Student Hi, I'm Janna from Bhutan. How long is the FYE(scribner course)? Do we choose our course of study only after completion of it? I'd like to know if the facilities offered by the various clubs and organizations are free for students? How much monthly allowance should one have to live quite comfortably in campus.
Noam_Student -> Janna Hi Jenna, let's answer some of those great questions!
1) Scribner Seminar is taught Fall semester, but it doesn't dictate when you can declare your major. Try to pick one that you find interesting, regardless of your academic field of study.
2) Most club events are free! Some ask for a donation or $5 cover charge, and theatre events are usually less than $8. Worth seeing!
3) If you add all the snacks, coffee, and occasional SkidShop shopping spree, I would say that I spend around $15-20 a week.
Nathiel -> James_Student Hey James_Student, How are you? Why did you decide to study Spanish? I am Dominican so I am fluent in Spanish and get so happy when I see others learning.
James_Student -> Nathiel Hola mi amigo, estoy excelente y tú? Me interesan los culturos y las linguas de la mundo. Por eso me encanta estudiar español y es una lingua muy bonita. También, puedes usar español en muchos países y quiero usarlo después de la universidad. Tengo un amigo de Madrid aquí y solo hablo con él en español. Es una oportunidad excelente para practicar y aprender más.
Holly -> Jessica_Student When writing essays for any class, is there a huge difference in the grading rubric compared to high school? Do you go out of your way to sound sophisticated or write a little more formal than everyday conversation?
Jessica_Student -> Holly Hi Holly, everybody has to take an expository writing course during their time at Skidmore. Most students take it during their first year, and this gives them a sense of college writing. Each professor also has their own specifications about writing, but they will go over this in their classes and are always willing to meet with you to go over papers.
RenatoDornelasBRAZIL -> Noam_Student How do students take advantage from New York City?
Noam_Student -> RenatoDornelasBRAZIL Renato, there are buses and trains from Saratoga Springs to NYC a few times a day. Clubs take trips to the city all the time and students spend time there at least one a semester!
Maddie_Student -> Everyone JUST A REMINDER!

There is no Greek Life on Campus
danim594 -> Gina_Student In regards to financial aid how wold you describe the work the financial aid office does, I mean how helpful are they?
Gina_Student -> danim594 The financial aid office at Skidmore matches your family's demonstrated need. They are super helpful in helping you to come here if you need help financially!
SkierSam -> Noam_Student Hey everyone! Speaking of skiing, what options are there nearby? Is there a club racing team on campus?
Noam_Student -> SkierSam SkierSam (woo skiing!),
There is a ski club and a ski team, both of which spend a lot of time on West Mt. and Gore Mt. There races are usually on the weekends and are a great opportunity for non-varsity athletes! Also, students travel to VT all the time!
Susana -> James_Student What foreign languages are offered at Skidmore? Personally, I am very interessed possibly being able to continue my Italian studies.
James_Student -> Susana Italian studies are offered at Skidmore. In addition we have Spanish, Asian Studies, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, Latin, Greek, and maybe a few more.
CarolineK -> Jessica_Student Do Skidmore students get involved in social activism?
Jessica_Student -> CarolineK Hey CarolineK, Skidmore students have a lot of involvement in issues of social activism. I work for the Center for Sex and Gender Relations, and we do a lot of activism regarding the prevention of sexual misconduct. There is also EAC, which does a lot regarding the environment, and VOX, which is a campus group affiliated with Planned Parenthood.
CarolineK -> Maddie_Student What type pf musical opportunities are there?
Maddie_Student -> CarolineK We have a lot of ensembles and classes that you can be a part of. We also have an amazing orchestra and chorus. We have 6 different a'cappella groups: 2 female 1 male 2 co-ed 1 all inclusive co-ed.

If you are interested in percussion, we have a found object percussion group called pulse. Kind of like Stomp.

We also have a cabaret troupe that focuses on musicals.
Skidmore -> Everyone Hi everyone, we've been getting a lot of the same questions (about greek life, admissions requirements, party scene, etc.). Please take a look back through the previous responses before you ask the same question. Thanks!
Rachel -> Noam_Student Are gap years common?
Noam_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel,
There are always a handful of students returning to Skid after a gap year, and the group is really supportive and inclusive, so that students have a network to ease them into the Skid environment. Are you planning on spending a gap year?
MeganTresca -> Jessica_Student Do studio art seniors have an art show?
Jessica_Student -> MeganTresca Studio art seniors have an art show May of their senior year in the Tang, which is our museum on campus!
goldieemma -> James_Student Do you guys have a girls ice hockey team?
James_Student -> goldieemma We do have a girls ice hockey team, I think it's on a more casual basis. Also I think it might need some reviving, but that's well within your ability at Skidmore. If you want it go get it. I created a chess club out of nothing, so if I could do that I think you could help make the team meet more etc.
Xueyang -> Jessica_Student Skidmore in one word?
Jessica_Student -> Xueyang Lovely :)
Caroline -> Gina_Student I do not plan on majoring in theater, but I'd like to continue acting and being involved with it. Are there a lot of opportunities for non-theater majors to participate in the theater community? (Kind of like intramural theater?)
Gina_Student -> Caroline Hi Caroline! Yes, anyone who is interested in theater and acting, regardless of major, can take any class in the department and can audition. Non majors have all of the same opportunities as majors do for performing, so tons of ways to perform and be involved!
Xueyang -> Jessica_Student Hey! How popular is abroad programs here?
Jessica_Student -> Xueyang About 60% of students study off campus at some point within their four years at Skidmore.
SarahR -> Noam_Student Noam, what is fun day? lol
Noam_Student -> SarahR Hey, SarahR. You ask what is Fun Day? Only the best day of the semester! It's a music festival with bouncy castles and great food! Almost all of the Skidmore students come to have fun before finals in the Spring!
SarahR -> Maddie_Student Do you ever feel like skidmore is too small?
Maddie_Student -> SarahR Hey SarahR
Not really, the campus itself is really big with the northwoods. It is actually over 800 acres. There are a lot opportunities on campus so it is not that small.
Emma -> James_Student What are the biggest sports on campus that students like to go watch?
James_Student -> Emma Hey Emma, my best friend here is called Emma :) Hockey, Basketball, and Volleyball get the biggest turnouts but you will find that there is a lot of school spirit and people go to all kinds of events!
XimeBuller -> Jessica_Student Hi Jessica! I was wondering if you think your experience abroad had any negative effects on your social life when you were back at Skidmore and had to mingle once more with the community there. thanx!
Jessica_Student -> XimeBuller Hi XimeBuller, that's an interesting question! There definitely is a bit of an adjustment coming back, but luckily people were really welcoming, and so that helped the process. I also had commitments I had planned before I came back, and getting right into activities helped a lot too.
Neil -> Noam_Student Roughly, how many students are involved in SGA?
Noam_Student -> Neil Neil, SGA has room for everyone! Right now, I'd say that 80 students are SGA reps, but, in all honesty, every student, club president, etc. is an SGA member and has a voice! Regardless, it is one of the strongest bodies on campus!
Jafreidy -> James_Student Was skidmore anyone's "reach" school?
James_Student -> Jafreidy Hey Jafreidy, my guidance counselor said Skidmore might be a reach school for me, but I got in and I'm enjoying it a lot.
Hannah.B -> Noam_Student What are your plans for after college?
Noam_Student -> Hannah.B Hopefully to go to a Public Health program to get my Masters in Public Health!
daniela -> Maddie_Student Hi Maddie! I attended the Los Angeles informational session on Skidmore at Ms. Goldstein's house. I remember you mentioned that you're in a few intramurals. What intramurals are available to students?
Maddie_Student -> daniela daniela,

THAT IS SO AWESOME. thanks for remembering me.

WE have tons of intramurals:
Basketball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, softball, and outdoor soccer.
Xueyang -> James_Student Skidmore in one word?
James_Student -> Xueyang THEBESTPLACEEVER!#CTM
sadielewis -> Noam_Student Noam, would you recommend taking a gap year? I have been thinking about that a lot.
Noam_Student -> sadielewis Sadielewis, I would definitely go on a gap year if you want to take a small break before studying again. What are you thinking of doing?
Holly -> Jessica_Student Do you have more free time than you did in high school? How many hours do you spend in class on a week day?
Jessica_Student -> Holly Hi Holly, I spend about 3 hours in class on a typical day. I don't know if I have more free time because I do some extracurriculars outside of class, but there's definitely time used differently than I used it in high school, and that was a big change to make.
Xueyang -> Maddie_Student Are students able to collaborate with professors on research projects?
Maddie_Student -> Xueyang Xueyang,

YES! you can start working on projects with professors starting your second semester FRESHMAN year.
sspiller -> James_Student james, where did you get your boat?
James_Student -> sspiller Hey spiller, I got this boat at our boathouse on Saratoga Lake. This picture was taken at our fall home race this year!
goldieemma -> Gina_Student If I'm interested in pursuing acting and film, where do I start? Is there a separate program and application process?
Gina_Student -> goldieemma Hi goldieemma! Skidmore has a wonderful Theater department. I believe there is an optional Arts Supplement, so, if you want to, you can submit a video or your acting resume in your general Skidmore app. However, there is no separate application or audition or anything. Once you get accepted to Skidmore, the first step that I recommend is Theater Pre Orientation. This is a program you can come to right before orientation where you get to meet other students studying theater, learn about the shows we're putting on that semester, and get acquainted with professors and faculty. Doing Theater Pre Or was one of the best decisions I made coming to Skidmore! Then, first semester, you take Intro to Theater (only offered in the fall), and go from there!
goldieemma -> Noam_Student Do you have an International Affairs Major? If so, what's it like?
Noam_Student -> goldieemma Goldiemma, the Intl. Affairs program also started as a self-determined major and is now a very popular field of study. The major requires a semester abroad and an in-depth regional or global exploration. In senior year, students complete a research capstone project that can be about any interest you might have!
JoelUnzain -> Maddie_Student I am an international applicant for admission to Skidmore College. This is my question: Are there any clubs or activities that encourage integration among all students in general (Domestic+International)?. Thank you!
Maddie_Student -> JoelUnzain JoelUnzain,
Office of Student Diversity Programs
bridgette -> Jessica_Student Does Steven Millhauser still teach at the college? If so, have any of you taken his class?
Jessica_Student -> bridgette Hey bridgette, Steven Millhauser still teaches here! He teaches the senior capstone class, so unfortunately I haven't taken a class with him yet, but if all goes according to plan I get to take my last creative writing class at Skidmore with him next year! He did a reading last year, and it was wonderful to see him read (this was after his We Others collection had come out).
Xueyang -> Noam_Student And how is the food?
Noam_Student -> Xueyang Xueyang,

DELICIOUS! Come on a tour, and we'll give you a cookie!
c.hill -> Maddie_Student What is your favorite thing about Saratoga Springs? I've visited before, seems like a lovely town!
Maddie_Student -> c.hill c.hill:

Arlynn -> James_Student could you share more information on the crew team? and your experience on it
James_Student -> Arlynn Hello Arlynn! I love answering questions about my sport. I love crew here, it has given a newfound purpose to my life and has provided me with great friends. I lost 30 pounds freshman year rowing so it gets you extremely fit. It's a tough sport and it has taught me discipline and has been one of the most enjoyable things in my Skidmore life so far :)
Declan -> Noam_Student I love to ski and hope to continue in my years in college. Do any of you ski or know anyone who races? What are the mountains like on the east coast?
Noam_Student -> Declan Hey Declan (woo skiing!),
There is a ski club and a ski team, both of which spend a lot of time on West Mt. and Gore Mt. There races are usually on the weekends and are a great opportunity for non-varsity athletes! Also, students travel to VT all the time!
danim594 -> Gina_Student How do students how have studied abroad at London describe their experience?
Gina_Student -> danim594 Hey danim594! I just studied abroad in London last semester, fall of my junior year, and it was so much fun! I loved living in the city, getting to travel, and seeing sooo much theater! I saw 50 shows when I was in London. Also, all museums are free, and the culture and history of the city is just wonderful. Also, I got to travel to Paris, Dublin, Rome, Venice, and Amsterdam, which was so cool.
James_Student -> averyr I have a friend on the Skidmore swim team. He has actually broken the school record for 500m twice and he loves the team. He tells me they have a great community too!
Nathiel -> Gina_Student Thank you so much Gina_Student. That was really helpful. I will love to be involved in all aspects of the Theatre and by what you have shared with me,I believe Skidmore is the right fit :)
Gina_Student -> Nathiel YAYYY!! That is so great to hear!! Can't wait to meet you :)
Emma -> Maddie_Student Is there a cheer team?
Maddie_Student -> Emma emma,

Sorry we don't have a cheer team. but we have a great dance department that offers a lot of different dance classes.

We also have two different dance clubs that focus on hip hop. They are pretty cool :)
Jessica_Garcia -> Panelist(s) Hi! I was wondering what is the coolest class you've taken at Skidmore?
Martin -> Noam_Student What is your favorite campus tradition?
Noam_Student -> Martin Martin, there's a whole Traditions Committee at Skidmore that makes sure we keep the old ones and make new ones. My favorite is the bonfire (last weekend) with fireworks by the pond!
Skidmore -> Everyone Last call for questions everyone! Our students will try to answer the questions we already have, but will stop accepting new questions at 8:45pm.
XimeBuller -> Jessica_Student What is there for students after Skidmore? what are the advantages of having graduated from there, and does the college help you with taking the right path after college?
Jessica_Student -> XimeBuller Hi XimeBuller, students have a lot of opportunities after Skidmore! Career Services helps students prepare for life after graduation by helping with resumes and networking. We have a pretty large alumni network, and alumni are always really helpful and willing to talk to current students. However, there are also students who go straight to grad school--it's really a personal choice, but Skidmore is there to help you make that decision.
alessa -> Gina_Student Hi. What do you think of the London experience?
Gina_Student -> alessa I just studied abroad in London last semester, fall of my junior year, and it was so much fun! I loved living in the city, getting to travel, and seeing sooo much theater! I saw 50 shows when I was in London. Also, all museums are free, and the culture and history of the city is just wonderful. Also, I got to travel to Paris, Dublin, Rome, Venice, and Amsterdam, which was so cool.
jlloyd -> James_Student is being involved in varsity sports a major distraction from studies
James_Student -> jlloyd Hey jlloyd, it's hard to ballance the two, but the student athlete must focus on academics before athletics.
TiTi -> Noam_Student Are a good portion of the science classes labs?
Noam_Student -> TiTi TiTi, all of the natural science courses have lab requirements!
Raquel -> Gina_Student Is there a dance club or non-major dance classes?
Gina_Student -> Raquel For all of our performing arts departments, you can take any classes without being a major. I'm not a dance major and I took a Jazz class last year, which was so much fun! We also have tons of dance clubs - swing dance, tap, contemporary, hip hop, and more!
dawn.rose -> Jessica_Student Is there an active gay straight alliance or pride group?
Jessica_Student -> dawn.rose Hi dawn.rose, there is Skidmore Pride Alliance, which is our active LGBT group on campus. They host events like our annual Drag Show (hosted by Pandora Boxx from RuPaul's Drag Race this year!) and Ally Training.
Sadie -> James_Student Hi - I want to major in English and also interested in playing varsity softball. How do you get recruited for Skidmore or do you just tryout?
James_Student -> Sadie Hey Sadie! My advice would be to talk to the coach. Each team has tryouts at different times and it'd be best to get in contact with the coach to find out more information. You can definitely be an English major and a softball player!
Jafreidy -> Noam_Student Can parents come and visit while one is living on campus?
Noam_Student -> Jafreidy Jafreidy, Celebration Weekend (in October) is a big hit and brings tons of families to experience Skidmore classes and events. On other weekends, parents visit all the time! The more the merrier!
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student What are your plans for after college?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B After college, I plan on studying at a regional theater somewhere in the US to continue my studies and training in acting, as well as to get some experience in professional performances. Yay!
Karina -> James_Student I am looking into Business as a major and want to minor in Studio Art. Is the Business department very challenging academically?
James_Student -> Karina Karina, every major presents different challenges. I find the business major to be hard but reasonable. There is a lot of group projects so you need to be able to work with other people. This is just a practice for the real business world.
Samuel -> Jessica_Student Jessica I see you're into writing and I myself do a lot writing in my free time. Is there any sort of literary magazine at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Samuel Hi Samuel, there are a ton of writing opportunities on campus! We have writing clubs such as Folio and the Skidmore News, which both publish online. Students have also started their own writing groups and publications such as Palimpsest and Scribe.
FutureSkidKid -> Noam_Student How accessible are your professors? Are you able to approach them with class related easily both in and out of office hours?
Noam_Student -> FutureSkidKid FutureSkidKid:

Every professor has an open-door policy with office hours, so it's super easy to schedule appointments (or just visit) a professor. They are always eager to help students!
RJ -> Gina_Student I just saw that there are unlimited swipes in order to get food. In that case I want to ask...Is the freshman 15 true?
Gina_Student -> RJ Hahaha I don't think it's true! There are so many great healthy options in the dining hall that I found myself possibly eating healthier than I did in high school. Cookies are ice cream are great, but if you balance them with lots of veggies and salad, you'll be all set :)
Skidmore -> Everyone Thanks everyone, we will now stop taking questions. The students are working on answering the questions that have already been submitted. Please stay online to read their answers.
Hannah.B -> Jessica_Student What are your plans for after college?
Jessica_Student -> Hannah.B Hi Hannah.B, I'm hoping to work in PR for either an arts organization or a publishing company and get both an MFA in creative writing and MA in arts management. We'll see after that though!
Azazel -> James_Student Is there a gym on campus? How are the facilities?
James_Student -> Azazel Azazel and patfraser 802, there is a gym on campus and the facilities are great and . We have a cardio room, two weight rooms, a pool, and so much more!
daniela -> Noam_Student What are your transportation systems like? Is there a public bus system? Do you recommend bringing a car? If students choose to bring their own car, is there a place to store them?
Noam_Student -> daniela Hi Daniela,

We have a bus stop on campus that can take you downtown, to the mall nearby, and to Albany. Students are allowed to bring cars, and there is always enough parking! We also have access to the Albany airport, and local train/bus stations.
Hannah.B -> James_Student What are your plans for after college?
James_Student -> Hannah.B My plan is to get a job in Marketing and hopefully live in New Zealand!
GG -> Noam_Student Is there a ski team/casual ski club at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> GG Yo GG:

There is a ski club and a ski team, both of which spend a lot of time on West Mt. and Gore Mt. There races are usually on the weekends and are a great opportunity for non-varsity athletes! Also, students travel to VT all the time!
deewalsh13 -> James_Student How popular is the business major?
James_Student -> deewalsh13 The Business major is the second most popular major at Skidmore and the program is very strong.
Hannah.B -> Gina_Student Gina, How strong is the theatre program at Skidmore? How many shows do you guys do every year?
Gina_Student -> Hannah.B Hi! I've answered a bunch of questions about the theater department, so you can scroll around and look for those responses for more info! But the theater department is wonderful and really strong. We do one show on the main stage (a traditional proscenium arch) and the black box (a black box style theater) each semester, as well as 3-5 student directed workshops, that take place upstairs in the theater in our studios. There are also opportunities to perform in directing classes and extracurricular clubs.
EmmanuelAnnor -> Maddie_Student Can you please throw some light on the men's soccer team?how competitive is the team? I recently heard about the hazing issue too.
Maddie_Student -> EmmanuelAnnor Hi emmanuelannor,

The hazing issue is very tough. The Skidmore community was just recently informed of the situation. What I do know is that the administration is taking it very seriously and has made sure to make the appropriate decisions. The soccer team has thus been not allowed to compete during their spring season. They will, however, be back to play in the fall.

The soccer team is very competitive. They have made multiple appearances in the playoffs.
jlloyd -> Noam_Student was skidmore a first choice, or was it "love at first sight"?
Noam_Student -> jlloyd Jlloyd,

I applied to Skidmore ED I after falling in love with it during the tour I took. I would definitely suggest taking a tour if you can!
jlloyd -> James_Student are the sports teams at skidmore competitive? does skidmore recruit for sports?
James_Student -> jlloyd Jlloyd, the sports teams at Skidmore are fun and competitive. As a Division III school we cannot recruit.
Kristen -> Jessica_Student How hard is double majoring? Specifically I am interested in a communications and acting double major.
Jessica_Student -> Kristen Hi Kristen, double majoring can be done, and a lot of students do it. We don't have a communications department, so you would have to do a self-determined major, but I know people who are Theater-English double majors, so there are definitely possibilities.
Joseph -> James_Student Is the student life predominantly on or off campus (in Saratoga/elsewhere)?
James_Student -> Joseph 84 percent of students live on-campus
Samuel -> Noam_Student Is there a broad course selection at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> Samuel Samuel,

There are so many different courses to choose from! Anything that you are interested in specifically?
FutureSkidKid -> Maddie_Student This really goes out to all of you, what has been a memorable experience for you at Skidmore thus far?
Maddie_Student -> FutureSkidKid FutureskidKid:

I have to agree with Noam: FUN DAY and Fall Fun Day
Xueyang -> Jessica_Student Does Skidmore encourages students to study abroad?
Jessica_Student -> Xueyang Xueyang, yes! About 60% of students study abroad at some point, so it's definitely a popular option that is easy to do.
RJ -> James_Student hah and also how are the facilities for the swimming team? I definitley plan on joining! I have been swimming all my life.
James_Student -> RJ Great you should do it RJ! The pool is great and our swim team has just had their best year yet!
mara -> Gina_Student How is the artistic collaboration
Gina_Student -> mara The different art departments at Skidmore collaborate in really cool ways. This semester, the Theater Department is collaborating with the Music Department to put on Sweeney Todd. Last year, the Music Department and Dance Department collaborated to put on Swan Lake, which was stunning.
Davida -> Noam_Student Are there any opportunities for students who want to major in pre-med but focusing more on veterinary things? Such as working hands on with animals, internships, etc.
Noam_Student -> Davida Davida,

The Health Professions Advisory Committee advises for pre-vet students as well! Lots of opportunities for internships in the Saratoga area!
Korbinkh -> James_Student Hello. How is the Business/Economics major and how do they help you find internships?
James_Student -> Korbinkh I love the major, and the career services helps you find internships. If you graduate Skidmore you can use them as a resource for life.
Jake -> Jessica_Student All right, here's another one. How are entry-level classes managed in terms of size and structure?
Jessica_Student -> Jake Hey Jake, it really depends on the class. I've had entry-level classes with nine students, and entry-level classes with 60 students (that class had a separate lab component with 15 students, however). However, most classes have 30 or fewer students, so you're getting an intimate experience.
Arlynn -> Noam_Student what has been the best class that you have taken at skidmore?
Noam_Student -> Arlynn Arlynn,

Since you don't have to be a specific major to take most of the classes offered, I was able to take a music class called "British Rock of the 1960s" and it was wonderful! A great experience, lots of fun stories, and I even got to meet the balance engineer that worked with the Beatles and The Who!
shainarobin -> Maddie_Student As a student at Skidmore, do you find that you have the opportunity to get internships or summer jobs if you want too?
Maddie_Student -> shainarobin Hey Shainarobin,

I definitely think that it is very easy to find internships and summer jobs. skidmore helped me find an internship back at home that pertained to the wine industry. They knew that I was very interested and found an age appropriate internship. There are a lot of opportunities in Saratoga Springs as well as New York City. We have a great connection with our Alumni group. A lot of Alums try to recruit Skidmore students to intern at their firm, company, etc.
Riya -> Noam_Student What is the best advice you can give to a incoming freshman? :)
Noam_Student -> Riya Riya,

Kira -> James_Student Someone already asked a question about the clubs, so I clicked on the link you guys provided and am now interested in joining somewhere between three and nine clubs (oops!). Since you've already mentioned how much there is to do, I'm curious--how involved are you?
James_Student -> Kira I am an athlete so that takes up a lot of my time. However, I did find the time to found my own club, the Skidmore Chess Club. You can do that too! Good luck doing so much Kira :)
Gabriel -> James_Student How easy/difficult was it to make friends your freshman year?
James_Student -> Gabriel It is soooooo easy to make friends freshman year. I was worried about this, but pre-orientation programs help, and our scribner seminars give you and immediate group of like 40 friends.
RJ -> Jessica_Student How would you describe the school culture amongst the kids at Skidmore. (i.e) Where they are from, attitude of classmates, their ideals/interests.
Jessica_Student -> RJ Hi RJ, there is no typical Skidmore student. People overall are very passionate about what they are doing, which is a pretty unifying theme at Skidmore. They're also pretty friendly and creative (CTM)!
Rachel -> Noam_Student Is extra help common among professors?
Noam_Student -> Rachel Hey Rachel!

All of the professors take a great deal of time to work with students on work, research projects, academic advising, etc. Also, Teacher's Assistants and upper-classmen tutors are always around to help!
Jade -> Maddie_Student Hi! I'm Jade and I'm an exchange student from Italy. Right now I'm leaving in Skaneateles and attending Skaneateles High school. Do you guys know what's the percentile of foreign students in Skidmore college?
Maddie_Student -> Jade ciao Jade! come estai?

In total, 21% of the whole campus body is international. 6% are dual citizens.
Mica -> Gina_Student How would you describe the classroom atmosphere/dynamic for the most part?
Gina_Student -> Mica Classes are small, so the dynamic of class is really engaging. I learn so much and it is so exciting to do so!
AllyS -> James_Student Hello everyone! What is the tryout process for the Skidmore equestrian team?
James_Student -> AllyS AllyS, that is a question you'd have to ask the coach for more information.
Noam_Student -> lcc95 lcc95:

The library will soon become your best friend! Embrace it!
AllyS -> Jessica_Student What is the general size of a class at Skidmore? Also, what is the relationship like between the students and the teachers?
Jessica_Student -> AllyS Hi AllyS, the average class size is 16 students. I've had great relationships with my professors, and many students have as well.
Emma -> James_Student What levels of girls tennis do you have?
James_Student -> Emma Emma I have a friend on the varsity girls tennis team and I think that's the only level. I'm sure you could find a way to play casually.
Jake -> Maddie_Student Hello, everyone. Here's my first question. How accessible is Chem Free Housing (i.e. 3rd floor of Rounds) to incoming freshman?
Maddie_Student -> Jake Hi Jake,

The Substance Free Housing is offered to the freshman. It is very accessible. When you get your acceptance package, it will ask if you want to live in that environment.
Kmorgan -> Noam_Student I'm visiting Skidmore again soon. What is one thing that I should do/experience/see while I'm there?
Noam_Student -> Kmorgan Hey Kmorgan!

Take some time to sit in on some classes, walk around downtown, have a nice meal, and talk to any students you see on campus!
RJ -> Gina_Student did any of you get to or have friends that went to the London program freshman year? How was it like?
Gina_Student -> RJ I have lots of friends that went and they loved it! It's definitely different from coming straight to college, but it is such a great experience to live and learn in a European city, if it's something you're interested in. Also, the transition back to Skidmore is easy and fun, because everyone will be excited to meet new people!
Kelsey -> Noam_Student I am almost out of time...thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions! I also liked seeing what others said. I think this kind of a forum was a great idea!
Noam_Student -> Kelsey Kelsey, glad to help!
Karina -> Maddie_Student you guys have quidditch? That's so cool.
Maddie_Student -> Karina Karina!

QUIDDITCH IS SO COOL. we are actually very competitive. We have competed in the North Eastern Tournament. or something like that. It's really cool.
Jessica_Garcia -> James_Student Hi! I was wondering what is the coolest class you've taken at Skidmore?
James_Student -> Jessica_Garcia Hey Jessica_Garcia :) My favorite class was my freshman seminar on Ireland. My professor was very passionate and the class was exciting!
Jessica_Garcia -> Noam_Student Hi! I was wondering what is the coolest class you've taken at Skidmore?
Noam_Student -> Jessica_Garcia Jessica,

British Rock of the 1960s. Lots of fun!
pmorabito -> Gina_Student Do you find that Skidmore students are very competitive with each other academically?
Gina_Student -> pmorabito Not at all! Everyone definitely wants to do their best and learn as much as they can, but not at the expense of other people.
spiegelr -> Jessica_Student How well does Skidmore offer opportunities for students to participate in internships?
Jessica_Student -> spiegelr Hi spiegelr, internships are very possible! You can do internships for credit, which I did last summer, and you can do an internship during the school year as well. What's great about Skidmore is that there is funding for students who are doing unpaid internships to cover travel, housing and other expenses. These funds make internships possible for a lot of students, which is amazing.
Kelsey -> Maddie_Student I am interested in theater and it possible to do both at Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Kelsey Kelsey:

HECK YEAH!!!! One of my best friends is a theater and environmental science double major. She LOVES IT
Martin -> Jessica_Student What is your favorite campus tradition?
Jessica_Student -> Martin Martin, we have a tree lighting ceremony every December and it's gorgeous!
Mischa -> James_Student Are there any skateboarding clubs?
James_Student -> Mischa Currently there is not Mischa, but you should create one. It's easy to do, I created a chess club.
Martin -> Maddie_Student What is your favorite campus tradition?
Maddie_Student -> Martin Martin,

Martin -> Gina_Student What is your favorite campus tradition?
Gina_Student -> Martin Fun Day! I think someone already wrote about that on here. It is just a great and FUN day when the weather gets nicer and everyone hangs out outside and plays on bouncy castles :)
Zach -> Noam_Student Are there any classes that allow for cross discipline studies? For example a mix of biology and drawing or business and english?
Noam_Student -> Zach Zach,

There are tons of interdisciplinary courses, such as Intl. Affairs, Business, and Gender Studies.
lcc95 -> James_Student Hello! What are your favorite places to study?
James_Student -> lcc95 I like the library there are a lot of study rooms where I can focus. There are so many places on campus to do work ranging from your dorm room to the college center.
Evan -> Jessica_Student Is it practical to have a car at Skidmore if living on campus?
Jessica_Student -> Evan Hey Evan, I have a car now and it's super helpful! However, you don't need to have a car--downtown Saratoga is about 10 minutes walking distance, and there is a bus that comes every half-hour that takes students to Saratoga.
Azazel -> James_Student What's the job prospects of a business major after Skidmore?
James_Student -> Azazel Azazel, there are many prospects for us business majors after Skidmore. Many people here can help you get your foot in the door as well!
Amy -> Noam_Student What is the work load like? Do students often find it difficult or overbearing? Are there tutoring opportunities?
Noam_Student -> Amy Amy, tutors are always offered and are very helpful! Work is challenging and it definitely helps to get ahead on assignments!
Allison -> Maddie_Student As a junior just starting the admissions college search process, would it be possible to contact any of you guys later on this year, via email or facebook or another way? I would love to have a student to ask questions when they come up
Maddie_Student -> Allison ALLISON!

yea totally!!!!!

If anyone wants to ask more questions here is my email:

or follow me on twitter @CTMaddie with the hashtag #SS2S
you can also read the students blogs at to get other views about skidmore :)
Gabriel -> Jessica_Student How easy/difficult was it to make friends your freshman year?
Jessica_Student -> Gabriel Gabriel, super easy! People are super friendly here :)
lgenovese -> Gina_Student Do you have any advice for someone struggling financially for Skidmore? My older sister is graduating from a very expensive school, and my parents can only afford so much. I was a little bummed out when I found I didn't qualify for any of their scholarships (for music, etc) and I'm not sure how much I will qualify for need-based since Skidmore is a small school, usually making giving out money not too common.
Gina_Student -> lgenovese With financial aid, Skidmore works to meet whatever your family needs in order for you to come here. The size of the school doesn't really affect the amount of aid Skidmore can give out. I would suggest just waiting to see what package you're offered, and, if you need help still, talk to the people at the Financial Aid office. They will be willing to work something out, and chat with you about options.
Joseph -> Gina_Student Is Skidmore LGBT friendly? If so, how so?
Gina_Student -> Joseph Very friendly! THe campus is totally open, accepting, and filled with love for every type of person!
Azazel -> Jessica_Student How's the atmosphere for the LGBTQ?
Jessica_Student -> Azazel Azazel, Skidmore has a pretty open campus in terms of LGBTQ students. We have clubs like the Skidmore Pride Alliance and resources like the Center for Sex and Gender Relations.
Andrea -> Noam_Student Are there varied study spaces/areas around the campus?
Noam_Student -> Andrea Andrea, the library, case center, and dorm study rooms are pretty popular. The academic buildings are open till 11pm, too!
jlloyd -> Maddie_Student are there research labs at skidmore, if not are there research opportunities in the area
Maddie_Student -> jlloyd jlloyd:

we have a lot of research opportunities on and off campus. What is great about skidmore is that we are so close to the Adirondacks and Albany (urban city). There are so many opportunities.
Davida -> Noam_Student Thank you all for y'all time. The wait for decisions is so nerve racking! Hope I get accepted. Skidmore is AMAZING.
Noam_Student -> Davida Davida, good luck!
mara -> James_Student How easy is it to make a club?
James_Student -> mara Hey mara, in order to create a club you need a petition of 300 signatures (not a lot at college) and then you need to meet with the club affairs committee and they will vote on your trial period. After that the senate votes on it. It sounds stressful but its very manageable!
Alyssa -> Gina_Student I love yoga, have any of you guys taken yoga before?
Gina_Student -> Alyssa Yes! I love yoga too. We have a yoga club on campus, which is awesome. There are also places to do yoga and hot yoga in town!
Josh -> Jessica_Student What sort of networking opportunities are available at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Josh Josh, we have a ton of networking opportunities. Among my favorites are the Alumni network, which connects current students with alumni. Career Services is great with helping students network.
Claudia_B. -> James_Student What is one negative and one positive about Skidmore? :)
James_Student -> Claudia_B. The positive is the people are so awesome. The negative is that there isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.
islebon -> Maddie_Student Are there any student-run music groups?
Maddie_Student -> islebon islebon:

Yea totally. we have:
cabaret troupe (musicals)
6 a'capellas
Pulse (found object percussion)
on campus bands
Riya -> Jessica_Student Does Skidmore have a kitchen facility for students to use if they want to cook/bake?
Jessica_Student -> Riya Riya, we have the Test Kitchen, a part of the dining hall, which students can reserve and use to cook meals together. A lot of our on-campus apartments also have kitchen space--I cook every night in my apartment and I love it!
Riya -> James_Student What is the best advice you can give to a incoming freshman? :)
James_Student -> Riya Riya, my advice is manage your time and get involved in clubs!
Xueyang -> Maddie_Student Wow! Sounds awesome! thank you Maddie :)
Maddie_Student -> Xueyang XUEYANG!

No problem
Kira -> Gina_Student Someone already asked a question about the clubs, so I clicked on the link you guys provided and am now interested in joining somewhere between three and nine clubs (oops!). Since you've already mentioned how much there is to do, I'm curious--how involved are you?
Gina_Student -> Kira I'm very involved! I do a ton of stuff in the theater department, and I write and edit for Skidmore Scribe (check out our website!). In high school, I did a million clubs and activities. I have enjoyed focusing on the things I really love here at Skidmore! But I am still extremely busy, but a good kind of busy :)
Skidmore -> Everyone Just a reminder, we are no longer taking questions. The students are working on answering the questions that have already been submitted and this transcript will be available online tomorrow. Please stay online to read the answers, but we aren't taking any more questions.
Gabriel -> Gina_Student How easy/difficult was it to make friends your freshman year?
Gina_Student -> Gabriel So easy! Everyone is so excited to meet each other and have fun!
lcc95 -> Jessica_Student Hello! What are your favorite places to study?
Jessica_Student -> lcc95 lcc95, I love the window seats in each room in the residence halls--my room last year had a view of the Tang, our museum, and it was gorgeous!
glevin -> James_Student Who has been your most inspirational professor and why?
James_Student -> glevin Professor Kennelly has been my favorite teacher. His passion for his subjects is undying and he loves to connect with his students.
Caroline -> Maddie_Student What are the most popular types of music on campus? Do you guys have a radio station?
Maddie_Student -> Caroline Caroline,

We have a student run radio station: WSPN

Beyonce is definitely a hit. Can you blame us?
Kelsey -> Jessica_Student What was one of the most surprising things about Skidmore that you love but were not expecting?
Jessica_Student -> Kelsey Kelsey, I didn't know Arts Administration was an academic department before I came to Skidmore, and now I want to possibly go into arts management for the rest of my life :)
Andrea -> James_Student What has been your favorite experience at Skidmore?
James_Student -> Andrea Andrea my favorite experience at Skidmore has been on the crew team :)
Kmorgan -> Jessica_Student I'm visiting Skidmore again soon. What is one thing that I should do/experience/see while I'm there?
Jessica_Student -> Kmorgan Kmorgan, you should absolutely eat a meal downtown! I recommend Circus Cafe, Cantina, and Max London's (my dad's favorite place).
Gabriel -> Noam_Student How easy/difficult was it to make friends your freshman year?
Noam_Student -> Gabriel Gabriel, if you get involved and are open to new experiences, you should be fine! Pre-oientation is a great way to meet some people before joining the rest of the student body on campus!
Vic -> James_Student Hi, how strong are the business program in Sikdmore?
James_Student -> Vic Hey Vic, we have a lot of strong programs and that's why we are a liberal arts college. Our business program is one of our strongest :)
Korbinkh -> Gina_Student What programs or activities are available for serving the community is Saratoga?
Gina_Student -> Korbinkh Benefaction is our community service extracurricular, which does community service work in the community. Lots of opportunities to get involved!
Sara -> Noam_Student Are there any classes that are mandatory for the first year?
Noam_Student -> Sara Sara, scribner seminar, but they each have different themes!
depstein -> James_Student Is there any club/ league volleyball at Skidmore?
James_Student -> depstein There is a varsity volleyball as well intramural!
bridgette -> Jessica_Student What would you say are the best and most defining features of this college?
Jessica_Student -> bridgette bridgette, Skidmore is a wonderful, friendly, creative place which is so committed to personal growth, discovery, and achievement.
Riya -> James_Student Where do you see yourself after Skidmore?
James_Student -> Riya Riya, I want to live in New Zealand!
Riya -> Noam_Student Is there an International Student orientation for incoming freshmen? How about a club?
Noam_Student -> Riya Riya,

ISU is the International Students Union, really strong!
ISU orientation is a great way to meet all of the new students from around the world and talk to some current ISU students and their transition to Skidmore!
Jessica_Garcia -> Gina_Student Hi! I was wondering what is the coolest class you've taken at Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> Jessica_Garcia The coolest class I've taken at Skidmore was the Chekhov class I took in the English department. It combined both of my majors (theater and english), and I loved my professor, April Bernard. Now I'm obsessed with Chekhov. He is amazing!
Kelsey -> Gina_Student I am almost out of time...thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions! I also liked seeing what others said. I think this kind of a forum was a great idea!
Gina_Student -> Kelsey Thanks Kelsey!
KatieSteph -> Maddie_Student don't think this has been asked yet, how easy is it to get involved in the music scene at school?
Maddie_Student -> KatieSteph KatieSteph:

there is always something going on. Zankel is a beautiful outlet. We also have a DJ Anonymous Club where you can learn to be a DJ.
Arlynn -> Jessica_Student what has been the best class that you have taken at skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Arlynn Arlynn, my Foundations of Arts Administration class was a blast, and every creative writing class I've taken has made me fall in love with writing all over again.
Migy -> Noam_Student How many international students there in your campus?
Noam_Student -> Migy Migy, approximately 21% of students are "international". A HUGE NUMBER!
Kit-su -> Maddie_Student Everyone I hear from at Skidmore seems to really, really like food... Any surprise options you would reccomend trying from the canteen?
Maddie_Student -> Kit-su Kit-su:
I definitely encourage you to have a cookie or 10
Alex -> Jessica_Student what is the arts program like?
Jessica_Student -> Alex Alex, the arts at Skidmore are great! We have programs in theater, dance, studio art, music, art history, and arts administration.
Riya -> Maddie_Student Where do you see yourself after Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Riya where do i see myself?

either singing somewhere or Working on at winery!
Lea -> James_Student James, I am very interested in being on the crew team but I have never been a part of one before. What do you suggest I do to train so I can be more prepared to tryout?
James_Student -> Lea Oh good question Lea. I would recommend running, cycling, and swimming if any of those suit your fancy. Try to train 4-6 days a week and you should be all set. You're going to need a strong cardio base so that's why I suggest those three. I'm zoo excited for you to join!
Gabriel -> Noam_Student Has your experience with advising been good?
Noam_Student -> Gabriel Gabriel,

Your freshman seminar professor will be your adviser until you declare your major, and they are eager to help students find their academic interest!
HelloSkidmore! -> Gina_Student Gina, is it too late to submit a video of my acting?
Gina_Student -> HelloSkidmore! Not sure. I would check details on the common app, or just call Admissions and ask if you'd still be able to submit supplementary material. However, don't worry about it too much!
Becky -> Jessica_Student What would you say is the biggest difference between high school and college in regards to academics at Skidmore? Like the size of work loads or the difficulty of the work. Thanks! :)
Jessica_Student -> Becky Becky, there is definitely an adjustment between college and high school, but programs like the Scribner seminars and the first year experience are there to help you make that transition.
Kelsey -> Gina_Student What was one of the most surprising things about Skidmore that you love but were not expecting?
Gina_Student -> Kelsey I love the size of the school. It's small enough to feel like home (cheesy but true!) but big enough to always be learning and discovering something new.
SkierSam -> Maddie_Student Hey there! I am from Oregon, and was wondering if students that live far away face any extra challenges. Thanks!
Maddie_Student -> SkierSam SkierSam:

I am from California, and no not really. All of us are away from home so we all have something in common. skidmore has a great community of students that we always make sure to support one another
Riya -> Jessica_Student What is the best advice you can give to a incoming freshman? :)
Jessica_Student -> Riya Riya, be outgoing and take EVERY opportunity you can! You never know what you could end up falling in love with :)
lcc95 -> Gina_Student Hello! What are your favorite places to study?
Gina_Student -> lcc95 Library or my bed!
Kmorgan -> Gina_Student I'm visiting Skidmore again soon. What is one thing that I should do/experience/see while I'm there?
Gina_Student -> Kmorgan I would recommend seeing any theater or comedy or performances that are occurring. Also make sure to eat in Saratoga!
CCGerrity -> Noam_Student How many student-run plays/theatre productions are at Skidmore? This may have been asked already but I just got home and don't want the chat to end!
Noam_Student -> CCGerrity Hey CCGerrity,

Students produce and direct plays at least 2-3 times a semester, and you don't have to be a theater major to do so!
bridgette -> Gina_Student What would you say are the best and most defining features of this college?
Gina_Student -> bridgette Our motto is pretty defining of what we are like - creative thought matters! and it really does, in every aspect and area, which is so great to be a part of.
JeffC -> Maddie_Student For the music classes, at what level do you have to be to actually take a course?
Maddie_Student -> JeffC JeffC:

There is no required level that you need to be at to take a course. It is open to everyone. We have a ton of classes for the first time players and learners of music. Not to mention a lot of intense classes for all.
James_Student -> Everyone Thanks guys for all your questions, you have certainly kept me on my toes and I wish we could have answered more. Best of luck with the applications and I hope to see you guys here next year! 1800 867 6007 (phone) and are great ways to communicate further and continue learning more about the school. Night Guys!
MeganTresca -> Gina_Student I don't have any more questions, but I would like to thank you guys for answering all of them! This session was so informative. Thanks again!
Gina_Student -> MeganTresca Thank you!!
islebon -> Jessica_Student Hi, my name is Issy and I'm waiting to hear back from Skidmore in April! I am very interested in international relations and want to know how many people do full-year abroads? And I'd love to learn more about the London program for freshmen!
Jessica_Student -> islebon Hi islebon, there are students who do full-year programs abroad; however, most students only do one semester. The London FYE program takes about 35 students to London each fall. I had friends who did the program, and they absolutely loved it! It's not for everybody, but it's a great opportunity if you are interested in it.
Noam_Student -> Everyone Well this has been fun! If any of you have additional questions about ANYTHING, please feel free to e-mail me at or! Make sure to check out the website and try to take a tour if you can (and come say hi!). Good luck to all of you!
Jake -> Gina_Student Thank you all for the responses. I know I asked some tough questions, and I'm so grateful for the time and consideration you clearly put into answering them.
Gina_Student -> Jake Thanks! :)
Davida -> Gina_Student Thank you all for y'all time. The wait for decisions is so nerve racking! Hope I get accepted. Skidmore is AMAZING.
Gina_Student -> Davida IT IS AMAZING!
XimeBuller -> Gina_Student Thank you everyone for this great opportunity! it was really helpful! Have a nice evening! :)
Gina_Student -> XimeBuller You too :)
Riya -> Gina_Student Where do you see yourself after Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> Riya New York City, eventually :)
Kit-su -> Gina_Student Everyone I hear from at Skidmore seems to really, really like food... Any surprise options you would reccomend trying from the canteen?
Gina_Student -> Kit-su I love food! I am a big fan of coffee and blueberry muffins.
Mash -> Jessica_Student What can you tell me about working for student publications at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Mash Mash, there are a ton of student publications at Skidmore, such as the Skidmore News and Folio. There are also online publications, such as Scribe and Palimpsest.
Claudia_B. -> Gina_Student What is one negative and one positive about Skidmore? :)
Gina_Student -> Claudia_B. Positive: open, creative community. Negative: there's not enough time in the day!
Riya -> Gina_Student What is the best advice you can give to a incoming freshman? :)
Gina_Student -> Riya Be open-minded! Try everything!
glevin -> Jessica_Student Who has been your most inspirational professor and why?
Jessica_Student -> glevin glevin, David Howson in the Arts Administration department is the nicest, most wonderful professor. He made me realize that arts management is amazing, and that I can be involved in the arts in different ways.
glevin -> Gina_Student Who has been your most inspirational professor and why?
Gina_Student -> glevin My favorite professor has been my acting teacher since freshman year, Kate Kelly Bouchard. She's amazing and we have a really great relationship, which shows how easy it is to make real connections with professors here.
Andrea -> Jessica_Student What has been your favorite experience at Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> Andrea Andrea, doing student government last year was a great experience that allowed me to become more connected to the school as a whole.
Reece -> Maddie_Student What is the Zankel music center like? Are there classes etc. that utilize the space or is it strictly used for event?
Maddie_Student -> Reece Reece


There are a lot of classes and private lessons available. There are 14 different practice rooms most with different types of pianos. We also have a recording studio, different piano labs and classrooms with pianos in them. WE offer an eclectic variety of private and group lessons From piano, voice to sitar.

We also have classes about the different ages, composer etc. WE have a really cool Beatles weekend called Beatlmore Skidmania. It is mostly performed by students and faculty bands.

VanessaC -> Gina_Student How have you changed as a person because of Skidmore?
Gina_Student -> VanessaC I have become a more educated, self-assured, creative, happier person because of Skidmore. I have learned so much about myself as a person and about what I want to do with my life, and it's all because of Skidmore!
Sarah_O. -> Jessica_Student What sort of opportunities for creative writing are there?
Jessica_Student -> Sarah_O. Sarah_O, Skidmore offers classes in fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction which are open to students. There are also writing clubs you can join.
Gina_Student -> Everyone YAY! Thanks for all of your questions, guys. It was great talking with you and I hope you all choose Skidmore! Have a great night :)
James -> Maddie_Student I am interested in studying Music and Science as well as playing soccer. I also would like to participate in the First year London program. Has anyone attended the London program? What is the Music program like?
Maddie_Student -> James James:

I am going to be frank: you are going to need to choose between the London Program and soccer. they are in the same season. However, studying music and science is very common with the students here
Mica -> Panelist(s) Thank you so much for your insightful answers!
VanessaC -> Jessica_Student do you ever get really stressed out because of your school work ?
Jessica_Student -> VanessaC VanessaC, there are definitely stressful times, but there is a great Counseling Center which helps students with stress management techniques.
Kit -> Maddie_Student Hey guys! Is there a debate club available, do you know? Also is it easy to find groups of aspiring musicians to form a band with?
Maddie_Student -> Kit Kit,
It is super easy to find musicians to forma a band :)
VanessaC -> Jessica_Student How have you changed as a person because of Skidmore?
Jessica_Student -> VanessaC VanessaC, I have changed a lot in really great ways, and I thank Skidmore so much for that.
Maia -> Jessica_Student Can you tell me anything about the writing program?
Jessica_Student -> Maia Maia, the writing program is part of the English department; we offer classes in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.
Caroline -> Maddie_Student Does Skidmore have any renovation plans? What are your favorite and least favorite buildings?
Maddie_Student -> Caroline Caroline,

we are planning to renovate the science center and the student center.

We are also in the middle of renovating some of the on campus apartments.
Xueyang -> Jessica_Student Thank you Jessica! Do you mind me ask which off-campus program did you take?
Jessica_Student -> Xueyang Xueyang, no problem! I went abroad to Bath, England through a program called Advanced Studies in England.
Jessica_Student -> Everyone Hey guys, this has been great! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Admissions at 1-800-867-6007 or Have a great night, and hopefully I'll see some of you guys around campus!
Doug -> Maddie_Student I'm very into drums and percussion and have been involved in marching band, drum line, percussion ensembles, rock bands etc. I see that Skidmore doesn't have a marching band. What does it have to satisfy this craving?
Maddie_Student -> Doug Doug:

we have tons of opportunites:

we have a club called pulse that is a found object percussion group. they are really amazing and get a huge turn out for all of their performances. (kind of like stomp)

if you are interested, we have a taiko group too called Skidaiko (the japanese drumming).

we also have some percussions ensembles in the music department.
Emma -> Maddie_Student Hi Maddie, I'm interested in business and marketing as a major for college. What math classes did you take your senior year of high school?
Maddie_Student -> Emma Emma,

I excelled in math and ended up taking various calculus level classes at at local university during my senior year. But that was very rare.

Most students just end up taking the regular calculus classes and stats.
Juliae -> Maddie_Student Can you speak a little regarding what opportunities there are for research, and if there are credits or stipends are available?
Maddie_Student -> Juliae Juliae,

Tons a research on campus. They are both for credits and stipends depending on the project
Sam2 -> Maddie_Student I'm undecided about my major. How easy is it to take classes in different subject areas?
Maddie_Student -> Sam2 Sam2,

So easy, we have a lot of all college credit classes that have nothing to do with your major. This allows you to dip your feet in different subjects
Jessica_Garcia -> Maddie_Student Hi! I was wondering what is the coolest class you've taken at Skidmore?
Maddie_Student -> Jessica_Garcia Jessica Garcia:

MB107 (intro business management class) was the hardest and most rewarding class I have ever taken.
Riya -> Maddie_Student At Skidmore, do you receive help for life after college?
Maddie_Student -> Riya Riya,

Yes! our career development center will help us after college which is great!
Juliae -> Maddie_Student What opportunities are there for a cappella ensembles, are there courses in conducting?
Maddie_Student -> Juliae Juliae,

there are conducting courses as well as a capella groups
Davida -> Maddie_Student What if I applied to major in one thing and decide to change my mind?
Maddie_Student -> Davida Davida,

It is so possible to change your major. I've done it. Many of us have
lcc95 -> Maddie_Student Hello! What are your favorite places to study?
Maddie_Student -> lcc95 lcc95: My favorite place to study is in the LADD concert hall in Zankel. (I sneak in)
Kmorgan -> Maddie_Student I'm visiting Skidmore again soon. What is one thing that I should do/experience/see while I'm there?
Maddie_Student -> Kmorgan Kmorgan:

Eat a cookie. eat in the dining hall. come on my tour
fatima -> Panelist(s) thank to all the student who answer all those it was really helpful and increased my wish of joining skidmore i am more exited about the experience i wish i will have there
Henry -> Maddie_Student This might seem like an odd question but what's the quality of campus acapella groups like?
Maddie_Student -> Henry WE have amazing groups.

One of them recently just made it to the semi finals of the ICCA (international championships a cappella)

they are all unique and amazing
averyr -> Maddie_Student Are there classes or clubs at Skidmore that allow students to learn to play new instruments (i.e. piano)?
Maddie_Student -> averyr averyr:

YES. I recently took a class on learning to play the sitar :)
Lisa -> Maddie_Student What is the business program like at Skidmore ?
Maddie_Student -> Lisa Lisa,

The business program is very unique. It is not a separate school so it still is part of the liberal arts requirements. The program makes sure that everyone has a grasp on all aspects of what creates a business. A lot of the classes are case based but others are more discussion based. The intro class is the most informative in my opinion.
gio -> Maddie_Student Is there a Christian club or youth group at Skidmore? I know the school isn't religiously affiliated but I was wondering if there were clubs like that available.
Maddie_Student -> gio gio:

Yes there are religious groups on campus. they are very active in the community.
Hannah.B -> Maddie_Student How is the campus around Skidmore? Is the snow something to worry about going from class to class?
Maddie_Student -> Hannah.B Hannah.B:

the snow is nothing to worry about. Our academic buildings are close to the residential halls and are all connected. so it is very east
SkierSam -> Maddie_Student Hey! I am a DJ, and have enjoyed DJing for high school dances, along with private parties, to put some extra cash in my pocket. What opportunities are there on and off campus for me? Thanks!
Maddie_Student -> SkierSam SkierSam:

we have a group called DJs Anonymous that finds opportunities for the young DJs on and off campus
Lea -> Maddie_Student I saw an article about hazing in the Skidmore soccer team. Do you all feel safe at Skidmore??
Maddie_Student -> Lea Hi Lea:

The hazing issue is very tough. The Skidmore community was just recently informed of the situation. What I do know is that the administration is taking it very seriously and has made sure to make the appropriate decisions. The soccer team has thus been not allowed to compete during their spring season. They will, however, be back to play in the fall.

In terms of safety, I have not had any problems. We really strive to make Skidmore a safe place. in my opinion, the news of the team was very shocking.
Maddie_Student -> Everyone Alrighty guys!

Thank you so much for all of your questions. It is now time for me to start doing some homework.

If you guys have anymore questions, again feel free to email me or follow my blog.


THANKS GUYS! Good luck with everything. I know it may feel stressful but it will all be over soon :)
Skidmore -> Everyone Thanks again for participating everyone. We will post the transcript on the web tomorrow. In the meantime, if you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at 1-800-867-6007 or