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Peer Mentor Live Chat 04/09/13

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Skidmore -> Everyone Hello and welcome to the live chat! We'll begin in 20 minutes. Please submit your questions now.
Skidmore -> Everyone Keep those questions coming! We'll begin in 15 minutes.
Skidmore -> Everyone Five more minutes!
Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome everyone! Tonight Emma C. '13 and Heather L. '15 are here and Randy C. '15 will be joining us a little later. Before we begin, the panelists will introduce themselves.
Emma_Student -> Everyone Hi, I'm Emma! I'm a senior from Rhode Island, majoring in English and minoring in Government. As a person who has had an incredible four years at Skidmore, I am excited to answer any of your questions and share with you some of my experiences!
Heather_Student -> Everyone Hi, I'm Heather! I am a sophomore, majoring in Sociology with a minor in IGR (Intergroup Relations). I'm from Boston, MA. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
JoshNorton -> Heather_Student Longboarding? Is there a club? Anyone I could shoot an email?
Heather_Student -> JoshNorton Hi JoshNorton, I'm not sure if there is a longboarding club, but I see people on longboards everyday. A lot of student ride them around campus, especially on nice days! There's always the possibility of starting a club, too.
Jana -> Emma_Student Do you recommend doing the first year in London Program? Why, or why not? Thanks!
Emma_Student -> Jana Hi Jana! I did not do the first year London Program myself, but I had a very close friend who did. As someone who loved to travel, she actually opted to do the program, and she loved it. She loved the learning experience, the professor, exploring London as a student who was living there for an extended period of time (and not a tourist), and she felt the city offered many educational, cultural, and social opportunities. She did have a bit of an adjustment period when she returned for second semester on campus, as any first year does who comes to the campus for the first time. Many people who start on campus go through orientation exercises and the first year experience seminar differs from what is offered in London. So, at first she felt overwhelmed by all the new people who had met months before. However, she got involved in a lot of clubs and activities, met good friends in classes, and adjusted well back to Skidmore campus. Everyone here is always eager to meet new people, especially those who had the amazing experience in London, so London first years usually do not have much trouble adapting back to learning at Skidmore.
Oskar -> Emma_Student Journalism is a strong interest of mine, I knew this before applying but I notice there's no listed major for it. That doesn't necessarily bother me since I'll be going into Skid, for the most part, undecided. However, I'm curious to whether or not there is a program/similar major that could set me on that path if I so chose.
Emma_Student -> Oskar Hi Oskar! I was also interested in journalism when I came to Skidmore. I started in the Skidmore News Pre-Orientation, offered every year before the full Freshmen Orientation, which allows you to get to know the newspaper staff and how the paper functions on campus. They are always excited for new writers and they are very involved with campus activities and culture. While there is no journalism major, there are many classes in the various departments that are related to the media and how it impacts society, and many classes will discuss journalism in different the contexts of different disciplines. Also, the interdisciplinary department offers classes such as "Global Media," which talk about journalism all over the world, so you can still expand your knowledge for journalism while majoring in other departments.
ColinStayna-Wynter -> Emma_Student Is finding an internship or job easy? Is the school helpful with finding internships and jobs?
Emma_Student -> ColinStayna-Wynter Hi Colin! I'm actually doing two internships now, both for credit. One internship I found with the help of my academic advisor, and the other I found on my own. However, we have an excellent Career Development Center which helps students find internships, both during the summer and during the school year, and individual major departments also assist in this process. Skidmore loves students to be learning both on and off campus, so they are very encouraging of internships!
Emily -> Heather_Student I have 2 pretty different questions: 1) What are weekends like? Is it mostly hanging around in dorms or are there parties, etc? 2) Have any of you taken any psych classes? Are they mostly lecture style or is there discussion?
Heather_Student -> Emily Hi, Emily. 1) There is always a lot going on during the weekends, depending on what you want to do. There are places you can do work and a lot of people around who you can hang out with. It is also fun to go downtown to Broadway and explore the restaurants and stores. Sometimes I like to bring homework with me to Starbucks and get work done there. At night, there are parties, as there are at most schools. However, if you do not want to go to parties, there are plenty of other activities to do such as going to dances, comedy shows, A capella concerts, etc. Weekends are a lot of fun here, and are always a great time to unwind.
I have not taken any psych classes, but a lot of my close friends are psych majors. As far as I know, the intro class is more of a lecture than the upper-level courses. However, there are really interesting elective psych classes that tend to be more discussion based, as well.
glubitz -> Emma_Student Is there a sketch comedy troupe or club? If not, how easy is it to start one?
Emma_Student -> glubitz Hi glublitz! There are three sketch comedy troupes (Ad-Libs, Skidomedy, and Sketchies), so you can pick which one you would want to get involved in!
Emily -> Emma_Student I have 2 pretty different questions: 1) What are weekends like? Is it mostly hanging around in dorms or are there parties, etc? 2) Have any of you taken any psych classes? Are they mostly lecture style or is there discussion?
Emma_Student -> Emily Hi Emily. For your first question, the weekends are very much what you make of them. Some people can spend a lot of time hanging out in dorms, but there are also social events both on campus and off. As at other colleges, there are always parties, which you can choose to go to or not. There are also so many events on campus every weekend (comedy performances, film screenings, a capella concerts, dances, etc) so you really can pick and choose what you want to do with your weekends, as everyone is different here and has their preference. Saratoga is a great college town, with amazing restaurants and performance venues that are right at your fingertips, so it's always fun to take advantage of those on the weekends as well. For your second question, I have not taken any psych classes, but many of my friends are psych majors. You start out with intro courses in a lecture style, but as you take more classes, they are much smaller and discussion based. The beautiful thing about Skidmore though is that no classes, even lectures, are bigger than 100 people. For the smaller classes, there's no more than 15-30, so you really feel like you have a role and presence in every class.
Jana -> Emma_Student What made you choose to go to Skidmore over the other schools you got into?
Emma_Student -> Jana I actually applied early decision to Skidmore, so for me it was an easy decision. Two things sold me about choosing Skidmore as the perfect place for me. First, when I drove into town the night before I went to an informational meeting, I fell in love immediately. Saratoga Springs is an amazing little city, with so much history and culture, amazing restaurants and performance venues, and it really is the perfect college town that can easily become an exciting second home. I loved the vibe immediately. That set the stage for the second thing that sold me. I loved my experience on campus. It was a sunny day and everyone was out on the green. Everyone I met was very friendly and wanted to know all about where I was from and why I was visiting Skidmore. There was so much life and energy on this campus; it was palpable. I really felt like I could have be a true part on this population, not just a number, and leave my mark. I loved hearing from professors and students, who were all very engaged and unique and I felt this would be a perfect academic and social setting for me.
Olivia -> Emma_Student Hi guys, I was wondering if there are an dance classes for students who are more beginner (I've only been doing dance for 2 years).
Emma_Student -> Olivia Hi Olivia! There are a wide range of dance classes for students who are beginners. There are level 1 classes for many different types of dance offered by the Dance Department, and there are also student dance clubs that welcome people of any level to audition!
Gaby -> Heather_Student Hey! So how would a student like me, completely undecided about anything, be helped at Skidmore? What would you say are the positives and negatives about residential life? What's the social scene like and how would you describe the environment? Why do I write so many questions? Will this end? Haha, thanks! :)
Heather_Student -> Gaby Hi Gaby! There are many resources on campus that could help you figure out a potential major, find clubs you might be interested in, etc. Your RA (Resident Assistant) is a great person to talk to about opportunities. Perhaps you might also want to take classes in a variety of disciplines during your first few semesters. Doing this could help you find out what you are interested in studying. Your Scribner seminar professor is also a great person to talk to about the different opportunities available to you at Skidmore. I find that it is helpful to talk with other students, as well, about what they are involved in and what they are studying.
Skidmore guarantees housing for full-time students all four years, which is really helpful. All first year students live in the dorms, and sophomores have the option of living in the the dorms or living in on-campus apartments. Juniors and seniors also have the option of living on campus, either in the dorms or in any of the on-campus apartments. They are also allowed to live off-campus if they choose. First-year students fill out a questionnaire and Res Life creates room assignments based on the responses they receive. As a sophomore, junior, and senior, you can choose who you live with. Most first-year students are placed in a double or a triple. There are also single rooms, but those are generally taken by the sophomores and upperclassmen.
I have found the social scene at Skidmore to be really inviting and friendly. There is also a lot to do on campus, so it is easy to find someone who shares similar interests as you!
Hallie -> Emma_Student How are room mates chosen at Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie! In the first year, Residential Life assigns you a roommate based on an in-depth questionnaire that you fill out in the summer before you start. With that questionnaire they will set you up with one or two other roommates who seem to fit with your sleep, hygiene, academic, and social needs.
SophieRW -> Heather_Student Hi guys! (Im from boston too, heather!) What are the rules on having a car freshman year?
Heather_Student -> SophieRW Hi SophieRW! At Skidmore, you are allowed to have a car freshman year. You just have to fill out a form notifying the College that you will have a car on campus. There is a $50 fee per semester to have a car, and a lot of close parking lots. (There are also a lot of places to get gas nearby, too!)
Olivia -> Heather_Student Hi guys, I was wondering if there are an dance classes for students who are more beginner (I've only been doing dance for 2 years).
Heather_Student -> Olivia Hi Olivia! Yes, there are dance classes for beginners. There are many intro classes, such as Ballet I, intro to modern, and one I am taking right now called the Dance Experience. In my class, we spend half of the semester doing beginning ballet, and the remainder doing modern. My experience with the Dance Department has been great! I would definitely recommend signing up for some dance classes.
Katelyn_L. -> Heather_Student What does the typical schedule look like for a first year student?
Heather_Student -> Katelyn_L. Hi Katelyn! Unfortunately, there is no "typical" schedule for a first year student. It depends on the classes you are taking and what times they meet. However, most students tend to take 15 credits each semester (12-18 are allowed). Depending on how often your class meets each week, the classes might be shorter/longer. Most classes either meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday. There are some courses that meet once a week, though, and classes that meet a few times a week but also have a subsequent lab.
Hallie -> Emma_Student Do either of you have a work- study job or job in town? Was it difficult to find your job? And how do you juggle your job with school work and other activities?
Emma_Student -> Hallie Hi again! And hi to James, who also had a similar question! I have had a work study job all four years and I have also had a job off campus. In terms of work-study, Skidmore assigns you to work in dining services as a freshman, so it is not hard at all to find this job. In that capacity, you could work within the dining hall, but also at the Spa (a smaller dining hall) and the cafes on campus (Burgess and Atrium). I worked in the Atrium cafe my first year, so I made coffee and rung people out when they purchased food or supplies. After your first year, you then have the option to apply to several different places on campus to fulfill your work study; Skidmore will not assign you to a work study job after your first year. I first worked at the Office of Off-Campus Studies and Exchanges as an office assistant and now I work at the Writing Center, where I help students edit, revise, and brainstorm their papers. There are many different work study options available on campus, so after your first year, you can find one that can work well with your interests or schedule. I have never had a problem balancing my work study with classes, other work, or activities. The most you can work as a student is 10 hours a week, so working on campus really does not take that much time away from your studying and socializing. Plus, it's nice to have a steady paycheck coming in!
Emily -> Heather_Student Hi! How are the science labs? Also how are the dorms and the food?
Heather_Student -> Emily Hi, Emily! A few of my friends are Bio or Chem majors, and they all have very positive things to say about the department, including the labs.
We've talked a lot about the dorms and the food, and I hope our positive experiences with both are evident. :)
bubbleblower95 -> Emma_Student Is there a Christian/Catholic club or association? and also, do most students do study abroad programs through Skidmore, if so what countries most commonly?
Emma_Student -> bubbleblower95 Hi bubbleblower95! There is a Christian Fellowship club and the Newman Club for Catholics and Non-Catholics on campus that hold meetings and sponsor events! In terms of your second question, many students at Skidmore study abroad, either through Skidmore programs, or outside programs approved by Skidmore. In terms of where, it is all over the world! Many do Spain, England, France. Some go to South America or Asia or Africa! My housemates went to Morocco and Costa Rica, to name a few. I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and loved it! Skidmore encourages students to study abroad for a semester or year and the Office of Off-Campus Studies and Exchanges makes it very easy to do so!
Hallie -> Heather_Student What clubs are most popular on campus and which ones would you recommend trying?
Heather_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie, that's a tough question! There are over 80 clubs on campus, so there's certainly an abundance to choose from. I know that Benefaction, the community service club, is very popular. Also, comedy clubs, A capella groups, and outing clubs are well-liked by the student body.
I would recommend signing up for a bunch of clubs and seeing which one(s) interest you the most. There is a Club Fair during the beginning of the year in which all of the clubs have a table on Case Green. Representatives from each club are available during the fair for students to ask questions of. It is a great time to put your name on their email lists so you find out about upcoming events/projects!
Katelyn_L -> Emma_Student What's there to do in Saratoga Springs?
Emma_Student -> Katelyn_L There is SO MUCH to do in Saratoga Springs! I love to explore the different coffee shops and do work there, as there are so many. Broadway is full of amazing restaurants and shops, so many that in my four years here, I still have not gone or tried every single one! There are many different performance venues, like Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Caffe Lena, which are famous and have many different performers come town. Saratoga Springs has many different events during the year; for example, in the winter before Christmas, they close down Broadway for the Victorian Streetwalk, where everyone comes and walks around to see street performances, check out the deals going on at local shops and restaurants, and participate in holiday activities. There's also ChowderFest in February, where almost every restaurant lets you sample homemade chowder for $1.00 and there are many different types of entertainment going on. Saratoga is a smaller city, but it is full of heart and exciting things to do. Saratoga was a big part of why I decided to come to Skidmore and it has been the perfect college town in my eyes!
Matt -> Heather_Student Can you tell me a bit about the horse-riding on and off campus?
Heather_Student -> Matt Hi Matt!
The Skidmore Riding team actually just earned a trip to the IHSA Nationals after coming in second in the Zone 2 Championships!

Personally, I have never taken horse-riding classes, but I know many people who have and who love them. There are classes you can sign up for (for credit) such as Beginning Riding. There is also a horseback riding team you might be interested in!
Rachel -> Heather_Student How's gay life on campus?
Heather_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel! Many of my friend are involved with the LGBTQ life on campus. There was actually just a dance this past weekend, "Diva," which was a gay-pride dance. Skidmore's Center for Sex and Gender is a great resource, and Skidmore also does ally training. In addition, there are many openly gay people (and couples) on campus.
Taylor -> Emma_Student I'm an accepted student, and I was offered a lot of money by another college. I think Skidmore is the right place for me, but I also have to think about paying for college and what I care more about. I'm wonderingâ?¦why Skidmore? What makes Skidmore different from most small, private liberal arts colleges in New England?
Emma_Student -> Taylor Hi Taylor! That is a hard question, but for me Skidmore stood apart. The "Creative Thought Matters," ideology really shapes the entire campus, students and faculty alike. People are encouraged to step outside the box and try new things everyday and everyone's ideas are embraced, both inside and outside the classroom. The people here are so diverse, from so many different backgrounds, with varying interests and passions, and yet we all mesh as a cohesive, proud campus. The academics really set it apart for me; I have loved every single class I have taken and every single professor. I have loved the encouragement and in-depth help I have received from my professors and I have made long-lasting bonds with many of them. We are respected as both learners, but as independent adults, and I have been challenged in ways I never thought possible. For me, the most unique part of Skidmore is the town of Saratoga Springs, if you couldn't have guessed. Skidmore is an amazing campus, but combined with the resources and life of the Saratoga Springs community, you are not just choosing a school, but a place where you can really makea life for yourself and build a second home. Both Skidmore and Saratoga Springs have contributed to my growth as a student and as a person.
Porter -> Emma_Student Would a fish tank with a turtle in it be allowed in the dorm?
Emma_Student -> Porter Hi Porter! Unfortunately no, a fish tank with a turtle is not allowed in the dorm. Fish are allowed though! But not an aquarium.
Matt -> Emma_Student How many different languages are taught at Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Matt Hi Matt! Skidmore offers education in Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Latin, Chinese, and Self-Instruction. I took Italian in my first year and I loved it!
Mike -> Heather_Student Is having 2 roommates common/what is it like living with 2 roommates
Heather_Student -> Mike Hi Mike! I had 2 roommates my freshman year, and it was actually really fun. Especially at the beginning of the year, when I was adjusting to college life, it was nice having people in my room when I came back from classes. I enjoyed the company.
I also found that I met a lot of people through my roommates, which was a great way to expand my friend group.

As a first-year student, most people are either placed in doubles or triples.
Grace -> Emma_Student Are bikes and skateboards commonly used at Skidmore? Or is the campus small enough that it isn't really needed
Emma_Student -> Grace Hi Grace! Bikes and skateboards are somewhat on campus, bikes more so that skateboards. It is a very walkable campus, everything takes about ten minute maximum to walk to, but it is nice to have a bike to go downtown or explore the area. There are many bike racks all around on campus. I've never had a bike, personally, but I know some people who do.
Lindsay -> Emma_Student Do people feel pressured to smoke pot at Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Lindsay Hi Lindsay. I have never felt pressured to smoke pot at all at Skidmore in my four years here. People are very free here to make their own choices, especially socially, and no one is ever judged for choosing to smoke pot, or not. Pressure in general on this campus is basically non-existent, in my opinion, which has really shaped my experience and my ability to grow and mature as my own person.
Judy -> Heather_Student What's significant difference between different residence hall?ã??
Heather_Student -> Judy Hi, Judy. Most dorms have suites, but one dorm does not. Each dorm room has a window seat, which is my favorite part of my room!
I'd say the most significant difference between res halls are their locations. Those on South Quad are closer to the athletic center, and those on North Quad are closest to the dining hall. However, nothing is too far, regardless of where you live on campus!
Randy_Student -> Everyone Hi! Sorry I'm late. I had a meeting for a summer internship. My name is Randy Castillo, I'm a sophomore, I'm studying Social Work and Studio Art and I am from NYC but I grew up in the Dominican Republic.
Giovanna -> Heather_Student How accessible are professors and what is the average class size you would typically see as a freshman? Also what kind of research opportunities are there for science majors?
Heather_Student -> Giovanna Hey, Giovanna! In my experience, professors are extremely accessible. Professors have office hours, which means that they will be in their office for a certain period of time. During this time, you can stop by and ask them any questions you might have. They are also reachable by email, and if you are not free during their office hours, I would recommend emailing them and setting up another time to meet.
The average class size is 17 students.
I am not sure what research opportunities there are for science majors, but you could look on the Skidmore website under the Science Department to find out more. You could also email a professor or the head of the department!
Grace -> Emma_Student Do you think that Skidmore's reputation as a "stoner school" is accurate?
Emma_Student -> Grace Hi Grace. I would have to say that the "reputation" of Skidmore as a stoner school is false. Just like any other college, Skidmore has its share of people who choose to smoke pot, and those who do not, but there is no overwhelming or overpowering majority. You are free to do what you want in terms of what types of activities you choose to participate in and this is no different!
EliG -> Emma_Student In parties, do you feel that Skidmore is more of an alcohol school, or pot school?
Emma_Student -> EliG Hi EliG! To answer your question a bit differently, I would say that Skidmore is neither a mostly alcohol school or mostly pot school. Both these environments are prevalent, just like on any college campus, but everyone is very different and chooses to participate in the types of activities they prefer. It is very easy to find the space where you feel you fit best.
Katelyn_L -> Randy_Student How are the studio art facilities here at Skidmore? I didn't get a chance to look at the art building since it was under renovation during the summer.
Randy_Student -> Katelyn_L Hi Katelyn, I'll start by saying that I love the art studio-- its like my second home specially since its open 24/7. The classes are awesome and the professors are really supportive. If you're asking about facilities i would have to say that the studio is very comforting. It is under construction, but it hasnt impacted our classes. I would have to say that the best thing about it is that you get your own personal space so you dont have to worry about having to carry your stuff back to your room.
Judy -> Heather_Student How about Skidmore's foods? Is there many different types of food? and "sugar free" food?
Heather_Student -> Judy Hi Judy, Skidmore's food is great. We have many different options at every meal, and several stations within the dining hall which each serve different types of food. There is a pasta station, a fruit station, a salad bar, pizza, a deli, a hot meal, and many more.
I am not sure if there is "sugar free" food in the dining hall, but I know there is a "test kitchen" where students who have specific dietary needs can cook food for themselves.
Jackie_C. -> Emma_Student Do most juniors and seniors live in the "apartments" on the edge of campus rather than in the dorms? And does it cost extra to live there?
Emma_Student -> Jackie_C. Hi Jackie_C! Most juniors and seniors do live on those apartments on the edge of campus, called Northwoods, which are SO NICE! They cost a little bit more to live there, but you also don't have to pay for a meal plan, as you have your own kitchen to make your food.
Jessica -> Heather_Student How is the International Affairs major set up? Do you have to major or minor in another language?
Heather_Student -> Jessica Hi Jessica! I am not an International Affairs major, so I am not entirely sure how it is set up. However, as far as I know, you do not have to major or minor in another language. I would encourage you to look at the International Affairs major web page, and contact the department with any questions you might have!
Here is the link:
Rula -> Randy_Student Since Skidmore is pretty close to New York City, do a lot of students go into the city during the weekends or free time?
Randy_Student -> Rula Hi Rula, yea i'm from the city and I go home very often. I also have a lot of students that are not from the city that go just to explore. Saratoga springs is now connected to the megabus, which is very affordable if you dont have a car.
Cem -> Emma_Student What grad schools have recent past Skidmore graduates been accepted to?
Emma_Student -> Cem Hi Cem! According to the Career Development Center, about 19% of Skidmore grads go on to grad schools. Some of these schools include Boston University, Columbia, Harvard, NYU, London School of Economics, Dartmouth, and Notre Dame, for just a select few.
Hallie -> Heather_Student Is it possible to avoid super early classes (before 8:30) even as a freshman/
Heather_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie! It is possible to avoid super early classes, even as a freshman. The days and times that classes meet are specific to the courses, themselves. In my experience, I have planned my schedule by signing up for classes I am most interested in (in terms of the content), but many people register for classes based on the times they meet. There are certainly many aspects to think about when picking classes, and I know how tempting it is to avoid early classes!
Lindsay -> Emma_Student Is Skidmore's food organic?
Emma_Student -> Lindsay Hi Lindsay! Not all of Skidmore's food is organic, but there are many organic options in the dining hall, and sold at the Atrium Cafe for purchase! We are also lucky enough to have many grocery stores that sell organic food nearby, including a Healthy Living Market, which just opened in town, so if Skidmore doesn't have it, there are close places who do!
Matt -> Heather_Student Are freshmen able to apply for single rooms?
Heather_Student -> Matt Hi Matt, freshmen can put in a special request for single rooms due to medical or other health/mental reasons. However, Reslife does not guarantee that they will grant a single room. They read over the applications, and will let you know if you have been approved/disapproved for one. You can certainly apply, but I would recommend calling Reslife if you have specific concerns!
Katelyn -> Randy_Student I heard we can suggest menu items in the d-hall. Has the d-hall ever taken any suggestions and actually put them on the menu?
Randy_Student -> Katelyn We have system here where students write their suggestions on a napkins and pin them on a board in the dining hall. Personally, I haven't put up any suggestions. However, I have seen the chefs looking at the napkins and taking notes.
Katelyn -> Emma_Student Is it mandatory to take a language at Skidmore? I'm fluent in Mandarin and have also taken the AP Chinese exam.
Emma_Student -> Katelyn Hi Katelyn! It is mandatory to take a language at Skidmore, and even with AP tests, you still need to take at least one language class while you're here. We have an amazing foreign languages department here and I loved my experience with Italian!
Jackie_C. -> Randy_Student Are incoming freshmen automatically given a meal plan that is included in all the tuition and fees?
Randy_Student -> Jackie_C. Hi Jackie, yes! thats one of the awesome things about our school. As long as you live in the dorms, youll have an unlimited meal plan to our dining hall, which is a buffet.
dankness -> Emma_Student Is it easy/common to get in trouble for smoking weed/drinking/partying
Emma_Student -> dankness Hi dankness! I do feel that in the past years, there has been a larger crackdown on weed/ drinking/ and loud parties, particularly in the dorms. Basically, if I can give one piece of advice, if you're making those decisions, you must also be prepared to face the consequences and Campus Safety provides clear directions and regulations on discipline and punishments for some of these activities.
EliG -> Heather_Student I am interested in Computer Science or Engineering, should I come to Skidmore?
Heather_Student -> EliG Hi EliG! One of my best friend is a Computer Science major, and he is really enjoying his classes here! From what I hear, the department is popular and students love it.
Four alumni came to campus today to speak about interactive designing! Check out this link:
Adebare -> Randy_Student When do classes generally end on a week day.
Randy_Student -> Adebare Hi Adebare, it depends on your schedule, but generally classes run until 5pm. Some students do have classes at night, but most of our courses are offered during the day.
Teddy_Bear_Mona -> Emma_Student Hi guys!If I did not apply scholarship this year, could I apply scholarship next year? How to apply? I'm an international student.
Emma_Student -> Teddy_Bear_Mona Hi Teddy_Bear_Mona: We only have two scholarships that you can be given, either the Porter Scholarship for Math and Science, which is awarded to about two students and the Filene, for music, which is awarded to about five people. For the rest, Skidmore is a needs-based institution which awards students financial aid that they may need. For more information, you can check out, which might give you some better answers!
Skidmore -> Everyone We are nearing the end of the live chat. This is the final call for questions.
shan -> Heather_Student Hi, I have been accepted into Skidmore and tommorow I will be visiting for the discovery program! I am very interested in your "Pulse" percussion club, and I would like to know how active they are on campus, as well as to how I can join :)
Heather_Student -> shan Hi Shan! I don't know much about "Pulse," but I have seen them perform a few times. The students who are part of "Pulse" seem to really enjoy it, and many people love to watch them perform.
Christina -> Heather_Student I know that Skidmore offers an optional pre-orientation. Do many incoming freshmen choose to attend or just wait until regular orientation?
Heather_Student -> Christina Hi Christina! I chose to do a pre-orientation before beginning my freshman year. I found it to be a really great experience--it was fun and a great way to meet people. It was also nice to be able to settle into my room and get acclimated to campus before classes began. Pre-orientations are very popular, and there are a variety of options to choose from.
Rachel -> Randy_Student What are the most creative ways to fulfill the core requirements?
Randy_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel! If I could start over, I would explore more. Definitely worry about fulfilling your core requirements during your first two years. By doing that, you will also be giving yourself more time to explore majors outside of your interest and change your mind if you have to.
Chelsea -> Emma_Student What is/ how big is the biggest class you've ever taken/ heard of?
Emma_Student -> Chelsea Hi Chelsea! The biggest class I have ever been in was about fifty students and that was a lecture for an intro-level Art History class. Otherwise, I have mostly been in classes with around 15-25 students, which I feel is the perfect size. Students are always encouraged and expected to speak and contribute and everyone's voice is important in these settings.
Skidmore -> Everyone We are no longer accepting questions. Our students will answer the questions in their queues, so stay tuned to see if your question is answered.
Hallie -> Heather_Student Do you guys feel that in general you have more free time in college than you did in High school?
Heather_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie! That is a great question. I think that it depends on what you are involved with during your time here at Skidmore. If you are working or taking a Yoga class or something off-campus, you might find that your free time is consumed by other activities.
For me, I have more free time here than I did in high school because the amount of time I am in class each day is significantly less. I also have more work, though, and spend a lot of my free time getting that done. It is certainly nice to be surrounded by people who I can hang out with during my free time, though!
Hallie -> Emma_Student Do you guys feel that in general you have more free time in college than you did in High school?
Emma_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie. This is a difficult question. You do have more free time during the day, depending on how many classes you are taking. However, you are expected to complete a higher volume of work for these classes that can take up a lot of this free time. You can have longer readings and sometimes 1-2 papers a week, so it is up to you to find the best way to use your free time daily for work, socializing, extra-curriculars, and to find the right balance!
Katelyn_L. -> Heather_Student Is there a martial arts club at Skidmore? I've been practicing martial arts for over 10 years and am really looking to keep up my skills
Heather_Student -> Katelyn_L. Hi Katelyn_L! There was a martial arts club last year, but I am not sure if it still exists. You can always start a club, though!
Lindsay -> Heather_Student What are the core requirements?
Heather_Student -> Lindsay Hi Lindsay! Here is the link to the web page that explains the core requirements:
Julianna_Q. -> Emma_Student What is the level of support given to students feeling challenged academically? Are there outlets for those who are having a hard time adjusting to college life?
Emma_Student -> Julianna_Q. Hi Julianna_Q! There is a great deal of support for students feeling challenged academically. Both the Academic Advising and Student Academic Services offices offer assistance for students in planning their schedules, finding tutors, making arrangements for extra time or extra help on tests and papers, or anything related to academic assistance. In terms of support for college adjustment, your peer mentor in your first year seminar is an older student, trained to help make these process easier, and your professor of your first year seminar also is there to assist in the transition. The Counseling Services also offer free appointments for students who need help or are struggling to adjust. All in all, there are many different offices and outlets to help students who feel they are struggling and they are always reaching out and offering their services.
I_am_Jewish -> Randy_Student What are the requirements for picking first semester classes like and when do you do that/what are the best seminar classes? seminar teachers?
Randy_Student -> I_am_Jewish Hi I_am_Jewish, I don't think that there are any specific requirements, but I advised to pick to courses to explore my interests and two courses that fulfilled my requirements. Definitely look into courses that full under both categories. As an opportunity Student, I worked with an academic adviser during the summer, but other students received an email and a call over the summer from a professor to help them plan out their schedule. The one requirement is that you have to take a seminar during your first semester. I was in Sheldon Solomon's Human Dilemmas Course. It was the most enlightening course that I have ever taken. It really does broaden your perspective about life. I also worked with Peter McCarthy, who is also a Human Dilemmas professor, his class was just as great.
Katelyn_L -> Emma_Student What are the traditions here at Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Katelyn_L Hi Katelyn_L! Skidmore has many different traditions! There are various dances held yearly at Falstaffs. There are different festivals, sporting events, and social events such as Junior Ring (a formal dance in the winter), Moorebid (a Halloween dance), Fun Day (a day of fun in the spring the last weekend before classes end), and many more! Skidmore loves to keep its traditions alive and it is always looking to make more!
Julianna_Q. -> Heather_Student What would you say has been your most memorable experience at Skidmore?
Heather_Student -> Julianna_Q. Hi Julianna_Q! My most memorable experience at Skidmore has been being a peer mentor. Peer mentors help first year students with academics, attend a Scribner seminar class, and are resources for the freshmen (whether it be for social, academic, or personal concers).
Interacting with and getting to know the freshmen in the seminar I was a peer mentor for (Human Dilemmas) was truly rewarding. I loved learning from my mentees and watching them grow as they adjusted to college life. I am still in touch with them, and love when they contact me and ask me for help or ask to hang out.
Katelyn_L -> Heather_Student I'm undecided but am considering going into Exercise Science, does that I mean I have to take a Chemistry placement test? I'm not good at science...
Heather_Student -> Katelyn_L Hey Katelyn_L, I am not positive, but do not think that you need to take a Chemistry placement test in order to take Exercise Science. I know many first year students take Intro to Exercise Science and really enjoy the class.
Rachel -> Randy_Student Things you don't like about Skidmore?
Randy_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel! To be honest, every college, as well as any place you go to, has its downside. I think that it all depends on how easily you adapt. I learned to love everything about my school in a very short time, but because I grew up in a tropical environment, the one thing I cannot adapt to is the weather haha. We have beautiful summers, but its going to be cold for the most part.
Grace -> Emma_Student What is the most common activity for a Skidmore student to do on a friday or saturday night?
Emma_Student -> Grace To Grace and to Claudia, who asked similar questions, the nightlife at Skidmore can be exactly what you make it. You could go out to dinner downtown with some friends, as there are so many restaurants to choose from. You could go to a comedy show, musical performance, or movie showing, as the various clubs and organizations are always sponsoring something! You could go to a concert nearby as well, or go shopping! Just like at any other colleges, there are always parties going on that you can choose to attend, and when you're of age, the downtown social scene is also very fun! The options are endless and there truly is something for everyone!
Naader_Bajwa -> Emma_Student Hi guys, I'm currently trying to decide which college to attend. Do you feel that Skidmore has allowed you to pursue ALL of your interests?
Emma_Student -> Naader_Bajwa Hi Naader_Bajwa! I do feel that Skidmore has allowed me to pursue all my interests, particularly in my passions for writing, tutoring, and helping others. But I feel everyone has an opportunity to pursue their passions, no matter what they are! Both classes and clubs offer chances to get involved and expand your mind and interests and Skidmore is extremely encouraging of creating spaces and vehicles for people to pursue their own individual passions!
Grace -> Heather_Student How often do students travel to NYC or Boston?
Heather_Student -> Grace Hi Grace, many students travel to NYC or Boston on the weekends. There are buses and trains that can help you get there. Also, a lot of students visit their friends at other schools, many of which are in New York or Boston. There is also a Ride Board in the student center where people can ask if anyone is driving to a specific place on a certain day. People love to carpool!
Rachel -> Emma_Student what sorts of opportunities are there for singer-songwriters?
Emma_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel! There are a couple of a capella groups on campus, as well as other singing groups! The Zankel Music Building is a great space, with rehearsal and practice rooms for student use. There are also some great music classes at Skidmore for all different types of levels and instruments!
Matt -> Emma_Student I love to play golf and I know that Skidmore has a Golf team but no intramural golf club. I'm definitely not good enough to play at the collegiate level but is there some way I can take lessons or classes at Skidmore so in the next four years I can try out?
Emma_Student -> Matt Hi Matt! First of all, I would recommend trying out for the golf team! You never know! Secondly, Skidmore does offer golf lessons and classes at Skidmore, as well as intramural opportunities I believe!
Judy -> Emma_Student Hello! I'm an international student from China. If I arrive in New York by airplane, what is the most convenient way to get to Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Judy Hi Judy! You can fly into New York and then take another flight to Albany. From there, you can get a taxi or bus to Saratoga Springs. Otherwise, you can take a train or bus from New York City to Albany or Saratoga Springs!
Katelyn_L. -> Heather_Student How big is the International student population here, particularly from Asia? I'm from Singapore and I'm the only Singaporean that I know in the incoming freshman class.
Heather_Student -> Katelyn_L. Katelyn_L, there are 141 students currently at Skidmore who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. There are also a lot of resources for international students, including an Asian cultural awareness club.
Teddy_Bear_Mona -> Randy_Student Hello, Randy, If I graduate from Skidmore college, will I easy to find job? Some people told me that the students who graduate from liberal art college is more difficult to find jobs than the students who graduate from national universities. Is he right? or not?
Randy_Student -> Teddy_Bear_Mona hi Teddy_Bear_Mona! Im only a sophomore, but so far I've been connected to really good internships and jobs. We have a career development center, which works to ease the transition from college to "the real world". From what I've heard(from some of my senior friends) they're really helpful. Coincidentally, I just came from meeting with my future boss for this internship that the career development center connected me to, so that's definitely thumbs up. I don't know if the person who told you that is right from a general perspective, but from the perspective of a student at a liberal arts college, I haven't found it hard at all.
Jana_B -> Emma_Student Hi! I'm interested in double majoring in theater and neuroscience. How easy is it to double major? And if you know anything about either of those programs could you tell me more, especially about the arts?
Emma_Student -> Jana_B Hi Jana_B! I am not a double major myself, but I know many students who are, and I would say it is easy to manage two majors. Of course, at the college level, making the time and commitment to complete all the work requirements is up to you, so as long as you're willing to put in the necessary effort to fulfill both these expectations, then you can definitely double major. To get more information, on these programs (most of which I don't know explicitly), check out and!
Katelyn_L. -> Heather_Student How often do they have Asian food options at the d-hall? Will be really homesick without my precious Asian food.
Heather_Student -> Katelyn_L. Hi Katelyn_L! In addition to my response to your previous question, 5.8% of the student body identifies as Asian/Pacific Islander, just to give you an idea of what the number is in a percent.
Also, in response to your question about food, one of the food stations in the dining hall is called "Global Cafe," and it serves food from all around the world. They are open during lunch and dinner everyday. Some of my favorite dishes they serve are Orange Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas.
Rachel -> Heather_Student Does the meal plan only apply to the dining hall, or does it also apply to all the food places on campus?
Heather_Student -> Rachel Hi Rachel, the meal plan only applies to the dining hall services. The other places on campus, such as Burgess Cafe, the library cafe, and the Atrium, can be paid for using the money on your Skidmore ID, but are not included in the meal plan.
Lindsay -> Emma_Student Is Skidmore environmentally friendly?
Emma_Student -> Lindsay Hi Lindsay! My housemate is an Environmental Studies major and often talks about the strides Skidmore is making in being environmentally friendly! There have been many initiatives, just within the past four years I'vebeen here, especially with the help of groups like Environmental Action Club. Since I don't know much specific information myself, check out their website!
Davis -> Randy_Student What is freshman orientation like?
Randy_Student -> Davis Hi Davis! The first year experience program developed the orientation to get you to know your future class mates and your new home, so that the transition is easier. Its long, but its definitely Memorable.
Lindsay -> Emma_Student Are there a lot of bands/performances that come to Skidmore?
Emma_Student -> Lindsay Hi Lindsay! The Student Entertainment Committee hosts two "big shows" per year that host large artists coming to perform at Skidmore. Otherwise, there are many different smaller performances that happen throughout the semester and are well-attended by students on campus! We love music we love to bring musicians here! And support student musicians!
ssmith -> Randy_Student Is there a particular scribner seminar you would recommend?
Randy_Student -> ssmith Hi ssmith, I would recommend Human dilemmas with either Peter McCarthy or Sheldon Solommon. The course is really enlightening. The class had a huge impact on my perspective on life. I worked with both professor and I can guarantee you that you will really like both of their classes.
Katelyn_L -> Emma_Student What do people usually do during that period after Orientation and before the first day of classes?
Emma_Student -> Katelyn_L Hi Katelyn_L! In the period after orientation and between the first day of classes, you usually have a couple meetings with your peer mentor, your advisor (the professor of your First Year Seminar), and the rest is up to you! I spent my time exploring Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs, organizing my room, getting to know my roommates, and going to a party or two! At that point, it's just time to settle in and enjoy your new home!
Emma_Student -> Everyone That's all for me folks! I have really enjoyed talking to all of you and answering all your great questions! I hope I was able to help and I hope you've gotten good insights into the amazing place that is Skidmore College! Goodnight...and Good Luck! The best is yet to come!
Hallie -> Randy_Student HI I am interested in art (mostly painting and drawing)but do not wish to pursue this passion as a career by an means. Will I still be able to take art classes and get involved in the arts without it getting too serious?
Randy_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie! I'm minoring in studio art, which might be perfect for you. As a minor, you can take four art classes-- so far I've taken two drawing and two painting classes-- and two art history courses. The experience so far has been great! I've grown so much as an artist and I dont feel the pressure that art majors feel.

But you don't have to minor, you can just take art classes to explore the field if that is what you want.
dankness -> Randy_Student is signing up for classes competitive or is it uncommon to get closed out of classes
Randy_Student -> dankness Hi dankness! I'm not sure what you mean by competitive, but it is a rigorous experience. I've never been closed out of a class, but last year three of my classes got filled up by upper classmen. The awesome thing about the professors here is that you can shoot them an email or meet with them in their office and if you give them a good[logical/genuine] reason for why you need to take the class, they'll let you in-- atleat in my experience.
Hallie -> Randy_Student Do you guys feel that in general you have more free time in college than you did in High school?
Randy_Student -> Hallie Hi Hallie! it depends. You definitely have a lot of free time, but you have to learn to manage it.
Randy_Student -> Everyone Night everyone! Thank you for coming! Hope to see you all at skidmore next year!
Skidmore -> Everyone That's it for tonight, folks! Thank you for joining us. This transcript will be available online tomorrow. If we didn't get to your question, feel free to contact the First-Year Experience Office at or 518-580-8111. For Admissions-related questions, e-mail or call 1-800-867-6007. Thanks again!