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Musa Bernard Komeh '15Musa Bernard Komeh '15
Freetown, Sierra Leone
B.A., Exercise Science

Musa Komeh didn’t need to read brochures about Skidmore. He found out on his own that the College has a thriving exercise science major (unusual for liberal arts colleges), perfect for his goal of earning a master’s degree or a doctorate in public health and returning to Sierra Leone to improve his country’s healthcare system. He also heard through friends that Skidmore was an "international-friendly college."

The best part of Skidmore, he says, is the "close relationships" he has developed with professors, students, and staff. Says Komeh, who is the president of the International Student Union, "If you want a college where you can receive solid academic and social support, Skidmore is the right place. Here, you will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone and to truly develop your personality."

Salome Egas '14Salome Egas '14
Quito, Ecuador
B.A., Dance-Theater

Salome Egas spent a summer documenting the dances, stories, and fables of the indigenous people of her native Ecuador, in addition to teaching at the Dance-Theater School in Quito. It was the kind of experience she hoped for when she applied to Skidmore because of its strong reputation in the performing arts.

But what she didn’t necessarily expect was how much she would enjoy campus life. Says Egas, "Skidmore has given me so many opportunities to grow personally, academically, and socially. Sharing life experiences with students and faculty and learning from each other has been so rewarding and so fun."

Egas, who plans to pursue a career in the performing arts, also credits Skidmore with "encouraging students to choose from a wide range of educational options, allowing them to both rediscover old passions and uncover surprising new ones."

Feryaz OkacliFeryaz Okacli
Ankara, Turkey

Associate Professor of Government

Government professor Feryaz Okacli says Skidmore is an “amazing place to teach” because professors and students are “committed to the pursuit of knowledge in a free environment.”

One of his favorite courses to teach is “Nationalism and Politics in the Middle East,” because this area of the world has seen it all—monarchies, authoritarian republics, nationalisms, entrenched conflicts, socialist experiments, religious fundamentalism, democratization, revolutions, and more. “Just about anything political science attempts to explain as a discipline can be studied in the Middle East,” he says.

A native of Turkey, Okacli also relishes the opportunity to address common stereotypes about the Middle East: “I challenge my students to go beyond simple dichotomies such as eastern vs. western, developed vs. developing, radical vs. moderate, and to develop a more empirically grounded understanding of some of the key political problems and puzzles concerning the Middle East.”

Pushkala PrasadPushkala Prasad
Chennai, India

Professor of Management and Business

There's no more global professor than Pushi Prasad. She’s taught in her home country of India, as well as in Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Finland, and the U.K. She says, "I bring this background to the classroom—my international business course, for example, in which I introduce cultural variation and blindness. Sometimes my students have a hard time defending American business practices abroad when they see them through another culture’s eyes."

She also brings this experience to Skidmore's Inter- national Affairs program, which stands out because it balances political, cultural, economic, and environ- mental perspectives, in contrast to programs that focus only on the political. Says Prasad, "Our IA program goes outside the traditional policy trajectory to include human rights and environmental-based organizations, even corporate research wings and consulting."


For questions about applying to Skidmore as an international student, please contact 
Dean Mendes.

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