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Q&A with Grace Juneau ’20

Grace Juneau '20

Hometown: Weston, Connecticut
Major: Studio Art

Why did you decide to transfer to Skidmore?
I decided to transfer to Skidmore for many reasons including size, location and academics. I wanted a small, liberal arts college with a real community beyond campus. Skidmore provides all of this and more. Saratoga Springs is a fun place to explore and with campus being so close to the Adirondack Mountains I'm able to spend time venturing past the borders of the school.

What does Skidmore offer you that your previous college did not?
My previous school was heavily focused on providing the best resources for science majors, which meant a lack of support and interest in the arts. At Skidmore, there is a wide variety of majors and it's easy to find things you're interested in.

What advice do you have for others considering transferring to Skidmore?
I highly recommend visiting and getting a feel for the school. While on a tour here I was able to compare Skidmore to the school I was attending. Being able to walk on campus can help in deciding if it's the right fit. Another helpful thing is finding Skidmore students to talk to about the transfer process or Skidmore life in general. By emailing Admissions, anyone interested in transferring can get set up with a student to answer all of their burning questions.

Are you glad you transferred?
I am so happy I transferred. Skidmore allows me to explore my interests and hobbies inside and outside of the classroom through a wide variety of courses as well as clubs. Skidmore is an incredibly accepting place filled with open-minded and kind people. As a transfer, I was nervous starting over again at a new school, but the Skidmore community welcomed me with open arms and made it possible to transfer in a smooth and easy way.

What's the best part of Skidmore so far?
My favorite part of Skidmore is the accessibility I have to the art studio. I am able to do ceramics or painting at any hour of the day with ample supplies and equipment at my disposal. I didn't have as much expressive freedom at my last school and Skidmore has given me many artistic opportunities that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Another cool thing I did was spend the past summer traversing the 5,000-square-mile Juneau Icefield in Alaska with the Juneau Icefield Research Program, an eight-week research expedition. As the student artist, I participated in research while creating artwork and exploring science communication. My drawings and paintings will help others visualize life on the icefield. It was a challenging and a gratifying experience. Spending two months without cell reception, internet, running water, mirrors, vehicles, fresh food and a real bed meant stepping out of my comfort zone in nearly every aspect of my regular lifestyle.

What are your future hopes/plans?
After Skidmore I am hoping to get my masters in art therapy and work in a private practice in the West. I also hope to someday have my own studio and continue to produce artwork, specifically ceramics work.