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Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Academic Affairs

Prestigious Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants - How to Apply

The first step in the application process is to make an appointment to discuss the  fellowship, scholarship, and grant process and your eligibility with Marla Melito, Student Academic Development Coordinator. Ms. Melito works closely with students throughout the application process and the Associate Dean of the Faculty for Academic Policy and Advising, to identify and assist applicants throughout the nomination process.  If you are not on campus, but are interested, please send Ms. Melito an email to let her know about your interest.  

Please remember that all of the scholarships and fellowships OAA works with are extremely competitive and applications require several months to craft, so you will need to contact Ms. Melito the semester before the application deadline.  If you have missed the deadline, please contact her as soon as possible.  In some cases, you may still be able to work on an application, but in others you may need to wait until the next cycle.   Almost all of the scholarships and fellowships supported by OAA have a nomination process and several have a limited number of spots.  In cases where there are more students qualified and interested in an application than spots available, Skidmore will select the strongest candidates based on a draft of their application.     

While the majority of the fellowships and scholarships the Office of Academic Advising supports are for juniors, seniors, and recent graduates, if you are a first-year or sophomore who fits the criteria for these opportunities,  please make an appointment to come in.  It is never too early to start thinking about these opportunities. 

Contact Information:
Please contact Marla Melito, Student Academic Development Coordinator, with questions regarding merit scholarships and fellowships. She can be reached on campus at x 8112 or by email.

Please note
The scholarships, fellowships, and grants that the Office of Academic Advising supports are not part of Skidmore Financial Aid.

For other scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities, please visit the Career Development Center.