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Skidmore College
Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Academic Affairs

Internship Credit


Earning academic credit through an internship can be particularly rewarding to students as an application of their academic work to other life situations, as an exercise of their liberal arts skills and perspectives, and as a bridge between college and career. In recent years Skidmore students have earned valuable experience and academic credit in government agencies, retail and industrial organizations, publishing houses, banks, law firms, radio and television networks, and art, music, and theater organizations. Internship affiliations can be arranged by students themselves or in consultation with the Career Development Center, or be made available through alumni and friends of the college.

Shannon Melvin, manages the internship credit guidelines and proposal process at Skidmore. An electronic library of internship opportunities is maintained by the Career Development Center. Once they have completed a first semester at Skidmore, qualified students may apply for internship experience, and academic credit, during any semester of the academic year, including both summer sessions. Note: Students will be charged the regular application and tuition fees as for any other credit-bearing course taken during the academic year or a summer session at Skidmore.

The IN-100 Exploration Internship is available as an introductory experience to qualified students in any academic discipline. IN-100 internships for credit can be approved for 1-4 credits. See the guidelines for a breakdown of the number of weeks and contact hours required. Many departments and programs at Skidmore offer professional internships for credit at the 299 or 399 level. These opportunities are centered on a specific academic discipline, are offered at a more advanced level than IN-100, and often carry prerequisites. Grading may be on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Consult the course descriptions in the Catalog for departmental and program listings for details.

Deadline Dates

  • IMPORTANT: For those studying on campus, only internships that can be completed remotely (i.e., can do from home) will be approved for credit during Spring 2021. For those studying remotely, both remote and in-person internships will be approved for credit during Spring 2021.
  • Spring 2021: Please Note: Completed proposal and supporting documents are DUE TWO WEEKS BEFORE the internship is to start to allow time for review and approval.
  • The last day to submit a proposal for spring internship credit is February 12.


Please contact Shannon Melvin (518-580-5715) for all questions regarding internship credit.