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Skidmore College
Office of Academic Advising

Mission Statement and Office Functions

Mission Statement 

The Office of Academic Advising oversees Skidmore’s academic advising services and disseminates information about academic policies, procedures, and programs of study. Staff in the office work closely with students, faculty, staff, and families to inform students’ academic decisions, to guide them to support services as necessary, and to enrich their intellectual lives through special program opportunities.


The Office of Academic Advising provides information and guidance for the following resources, questions, programs, and issues:

  • The philosophy and quality of faculty advising; faculty advisor assignments and change of advisor
  • Academic policies, degree requirements, and procedures
  • Advice for developing course schedules
  • Student academic difficulties
  • Choosing a major or minor
  • Self-determined majors
  • Graduate fellowships (national competitive fellowships)
  • Leaves of absence (academic, personal, medical)
  • Internships for academic credit
  • U.S.–based academic leaves of absence
  • Academic integrity and the Honor Code
  • Student opportunity funds
  • Academic honors and prizes at Skidmore College
  • Probation and disqualification
  • Readmission to the College

Office Philosophy and Relationships

Students: We treat students as emerging adults who are capable of making intelligent decisions regarding their futures. Our role is to offer information and guidance to students so that they can make informed choices, take advantage of academic opportunities, and overcome academic difficulties. The Office of Academic Advising also supports research and study opportunities for students with strong academic records.

Faculty: The faculty in their roles as teachers, scholars, and academic advisors are at the center of the mission of the College. The Office of Academic Advising seeks to help faculty effect the most informed and productive relationships with their students, especially in the faculty’s role as advisors and teachers. The Office of Academic Advising develops and provides information on academic policies, opportunities and procedures, and holds workshops to promote effective advising practices.

Parents: The Office of Academic Advising encourages students and parents to sustain good lines of communication regarding academic options and progress. We are glad to respond to parent inquiries regarding academic resources, programs, opportunities, and support services, with the understanding that we maintain a confidential relationship with students as they determine the best academic course of action as young adults in a college setting.