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Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for graduating seniors with exceptional academic records and are the first in their family to graduate from a four year college or university. The Davies-Jackson Scholar will be admitted to Cambridge as an Affiliated Student. An Affiliated Student is a graduate holding an approved degree from another university who is admitted to work for the Cambridge BA degree. As this is essentially a second BA, Affiliated Students take the more advanced parts of a Cambridge degree course and qualify for the B.A. in two years instead of the usual three. As a result of its academic rigor, the international travel opportunities that are available, and the overall preparation that the course of study provides towards a career, the “Cantab” degree is often viewed as the equivalent of a Master’s degree in the United States. Some past Davies-Jackson Scholars have also chosen, following their first year at Cambridge, to opt into a one-year M. Phil (Masters of Philosophy) program at the discretion of the St. John’s Senior Tutor. Up to two scholarships are awarded each year.


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