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Office of Academic Advising

Students attending a conference

Guidelines for Student Travel Funds



Guesstimates and round figures are not compelling. You should research actual costs. You will need to justify each proposed expenditure in your proposal. Look for ways to save money. We encourage you to do this not only to make your project affordable for you but to stretch the available funds to assist as many students as possible. If travel is involved in the project, be certain to show why it is essential.  Consider not merely the cheapest modes of transportation but also the safest modes of transportation (i.e., consider traveling by train, bus, or airplane rather than by car). You should also explore the most inexpensive options for hotels and meals.

The use of personal vehicles for travel is not allowed. If you choose to travel by car, you need to arrange to use a Skidmore fleet vehicle. In order to do so, you must apply to become an authorized driver. Please complete the required steps described in the link below:

Motor Vehicle Policy

Once you are approved as an authorized driver, you may ask your faculty sponsor to reserve a fleet vehicle for your use on the date(s) or during the time(s) you require.

Students who travel by car must include in their applications estimates of the gas and toll costs of their proposed trip.

Criteria and Procedures

Applicants for funds must be full-time matriculated undergraduates and be able to demonstrate the merits of their travel to present research or creative projects at a conference or a professional meeting.  

Alumni may apply for funds up to one year after graduation if they plan to present work that was completed during their senior year.  Graduates are reimbursed for expenses after the conference rather than given awards before traveling to the conference.    

The applicant should describe how the activity will enhance his or her education, explain the potential benefit of the project to the larger Skidmore community, and provide a detailed budget. Funds may be used only for the purposes designated in the application; any unexpended funds must be returned to the College. Successful applicants agree to file a brief project report and expense report with Pat Choukeir in Starbuck 201 after completing their funded activity.

Review Process

All applications for Student Travel Funds should be submitted to Pat Choukeir in Starbuck Center 201 at least three weeks before the student travels to the conference. Application materials must be typed and must meet high standards of clarity and coherence to be considered. The Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs makes all final decisions, consulting as necessary with other staff and faculty. 


Rev. 7/17