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Skidmore College
Office of Academic Advising

Creative Thought in the classroom

Treuhaft Fund for Art Technology

Each year the Treuhaft grant awards funds designed to provide technology in support of student opportunities to work with faculty in new and innovative ways in any art form or medium. Please reference our current and past award recipients below, and information detailing each of the individual projects.


Fall 2013

Student: David Jacobs
Project: Effects of Symmetry and Abstraction on Aesthetic Judgement and Gaze Patterns
Major: Neuroscience
Faculty Sponsor: Flip Phillips
Materials needed: Yarbus Eye Tracking Software

Fall 2012

Student: Rivkah Gevinson
Project: Projected Photographs: Experiments in Viewing Photographic Images
Major: Studio Art 
Faculty Sponsor: John Weber
Materials needed: Canon REALiS SX7 Mark II projector

Fall 2011

 Elizabeth Kennedy
Project: Exploration of Family and Memory
Major: Art and Classics
Faculty Sponsor: Sang Wook Lee
Materials needed: Epson 7700 24 in. Film Output package

Student: Gabe Weintraub
Project: Interactive Art via the Xbox Kinect
Major: Art and Computer Science
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Eckmann
Materials needed: Xbox Kinect camera, Nyko Zoom lens

Spring 2011

Student: Ariel Levine
Project: Wearable Knitted Art
Major: Studio Art and Art History Minor: Honors Forum
Faculty Sponsor: Sang Wook Lee
Materials needed: SilverReed Knitting Machine - SK55

Fall 2010

Jared Greenbaum
Project: Marketing Plan for Academic Art Departments at Skidmore College
Major: Self-Determined in Arts Administration
Faculty Sponsor: Christine Page
Materials needed: Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard Student and Teacher Edition

Student: Jared Spencer
Project: Interpersonal Sensorimotor Synchronization in Snare Drummers
Major: Psychology Minor: Music
Faculty Sponsor: Flip Phillips
Materials needed: Alesis 8-input audio-to-USB box, piezoelectric drum sensors, etc.

Student: Elizabeth Umbrino
Project: Home Away From Home
Major: Studio Art Minor: Art History
Faculty Sponsor: San Wook Lee
Materials needed: 4-color Passap knitting machine

Fall 2009

Student: Brendan Gaffney
Project: Design and Construction of an Analog Synthesizer
Major: Physics
Faculty Sponsor: Jill Linz
Materials needed: Electronic Component parts, electronic supplies, aluminum faceplates and printing materials, wood, and speakers

Student: Haley Wulfman
Project: This is What Remains: Former Sites of the Textile Industry in Troy and Cohoes
Major: Art
Faculty Sponsor: Kyle Ford
Materials needed: 2 types of lenses, a light meter, tripod, film and film holders

Spring 2009

Student: Matt Caldamone
Project: An experimental documentary experience in the form of a video triptych
Major: Art
Faculty Sponsor: Evangelos Courpas
Materials needed: 3 - 40in. LCD TV's

Student: Nicholas Curcio
Project: Creating an Ableton Live tutorialMajor: Music
Faculty Sponsor: Anthony Holland
Materials needed: Ableton Live 7 software license 

Spring 2008

Student: Meredith Mowder
Project: Multi-Speaker Monitoring and Installation
Major: Studio Art and Art History Minor: Honors Forum
Faculty Sponsor: Evangelos Courpas"Voice Boxes," Senior Thesis Exhibition in Studio Art.
Materials Needed: Apogee Ensemble, Channel Receiver, cables, and hardware.

Student: Sean Mattison
Project: Le Musee Hypothetique
Major: Spanish Minor: Art Studio
Faculty Sponsor: Evangelos Courpas
Materials Needed: 4 projectors, lumber and rear projection screen 

Fall 2007

Student: James Ayers
Project: The Teabox
Major: Music
Faculty Sponsor: Anthony Holland
Materials needed: Teabox that includes Tap. Tools, four light sensors.

Student: Eric Egan
Project: Visual and Haptic Perception of  3-D Objects
Major: Neuroscience
Faculty Sponsor: Flip Phillips
Materials needed: RapidWorks software, Desktop 3D Scanner System

Fall 2006

Zach Gage
Project: The Other Opening
Major: Studio Art
Faculty Sponsor: Evangelos Courpas
Materials needed: DSM-1S/x binaural microphone, DSM-Windscreen Headband Accessory, PA-24XP Preamplifier, Mini-XLR plug upgrade option, M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 Compact Flash Recorder, HUKE USB 2.0 MP3 Player, SANDISK 1GB SD cards, SONY Studio Monitor Headphones

Fall 2005

Caitlin Hinz
Project: Podcasting Technology
Major: Art History
Faculty Sponsor(s): John Weber and Susan Kerr
Materials needed: iPods and iTalk microphones.

Student: Ashley Stoddard
Project: 2D and 3D animation, projection and painting enclosed with a constructed environment..
Faculty Sponsor: John Danison
Materials needed: projector, black rear-projection screen, construction materials

Student: Matthew Belsky
Project: Integrating Cartography, Computers, and the Fine Arts
Major: Fine Arts
Faculty Sponsor: John Danison
Materials needed: Vue 5 Infinite Software

Fall 2004

Sean Mattison
Project: Interactive Video Art Installation
Faculty Sponsor:
 Tom Lewis
Materials needed: Apple Powerbook, MaxMSP plus Jitter bundle, Digital Performer, I-Cube X System with extra sensors.