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2007-08 Edition



Classroom Protocols offers reflections on the classroom practices that Skidmore faculty have shared with their faculty and administrative colleagues over the years, and by our collective experience with a wide range of student academic behavior patterns at Skidmore – both productive and troubling patterns. Classroom Protocols was first drafted by Jon Ramsey, the Dean of Studies, for use in new faculty orientation. A draft document was then reviewed and modified by the Academic Standards and Expectations subcommittee of the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP), and then brought for further consideration to CEPP. In the spring of 2002, CEPP gave the Dean of Studies Office permission to distribute Classroom Protocols to all faculty for their consideration and feedback. The Dean of Studies Office updates the document each year to reflect curricular and policy changes at the College. The current protocols have also been influenced by the interest among student leaders to improve the tone and tenor of academic life at Skidmore, to encourage all students to honor the expectations embraced both by the faculty and by committed students. We trust that these notes will contribute to ongoing efforts to enhance classroom experiences for everyone.

Michael C. Ennis-McMillan
Dean of Studies
August 2007