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Skidmore College
Alcohol & Other Drugs

Social Norms Campaign

Skidmore Social Norms campaign posterDid you know that most Skidmore students make healthy and responsible choices? We’ve got the facts to prove it!

The Department of Health Promotion uses a social norms campaign to show the Skidmore community just how awesome they really are.

We know that many students overestimate the negative behaviors and underestimate the positive behaviors of their peers. This ends up creating a false reality, so we’re here to set the record straight! The aim of the campaign is to dispel the misperceptions about what is “normal” student behavior at Skidmore by providing true and accurate data to the community.

The information comes straight from you, the students here at Skidmore.

We’ve worked alongside students, just like you, to create a fun, interactive, approachable way to share the truth about students’ drinking habits. Our team uses images of Skids Scribner, Skidmore’s beloved mascot, and friends.

Be on the lookout: Every month throughout the year, we’ll have a different message for you.

Each message will feature a healthy behavioral norm that your peers identify as typical for them. The messages will be highly visible around campus, and you will have the opportunity to partake in entertaining activities and contests.

Our team hopes to empower you to continue your healthy, sensible behaviors and, in turn, build a wider campus culture that mirrors these values and habits.

Social Norms Out and About on Campus

Social Norms Goodies!Our artist being featured at a Student Affairs eventSocial norms swagSocial Norms at Club Fair

For More Information

For more details about the campaign and to get the scoop on how it all began, check out the article that was featured on Skidmore’s homepage or visit the Skidmore College Social Norms website.

To learn more or to collaborate on future projects, contact Kimberly Golemboski at 518-580-5484.

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