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Skidmore Urgent Notification System

The Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS) -- is the College's urgent notification system comprised of the following methods by which notification or timely warnings can be communicated to the campus community in the event of an emergency:

Outdoor Siren/PA System - (located atop the library) will be activated to alert campus community members who are out-of-doors on campus of an imminent danger or emergency and they need to take notice of their immediate surroundings that may require seeking shelter or evacuating the area.

e2Campus - technology that sends mass urgent notification/alerts to enrolled email, voice mail, SMS/text message, Skidmore homepage, College Facebook & Twitter accounts. Note: information entered into e2campus will not be given or or sold to a third party.

  • Student's are automatically enrolled in e2campus based on their registration information. For student's who need to update contact information or who do not wish to receive alerts please use the "Already Registered" block below and click "Forgot Password". Input your Skidmore login name (the part before the @ symbol in your Skidmore email address). A temporary password will be sent to your email or cell phone. Then return to this page, login and update your preferences.
  • Faculty and Staff should self-enroll in e2campus using the "Create My SUNS Account" so they can receive emergency alerts and information of an emergency situation or incident.
  • To change or verify your notification options - please use the "Already Registered" block below and login using the password you set when creating your account. If you forgot your password, follow the "Forgot Password" link.


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