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Skidmore College
Art Department

Senior Art Exhibit Guidelines

  1. The Tang will provide all standard hanging tools and hardware: hammers, drills, levels, tape measures, ladders, hanging hooks, nails screws etc. Students are responsible for specialty hardware.
  2. The Tang will provide pedestals, bonnets, shelves and platforms as available! Pedestals requests should be part of your proposal. Specific pedestals are the student’s responsibility if they are not available through the Tang’s supply.
  3. In your proposals please include dimensions of EACH piece. 3D work must include height, length and depth, in this format, example: 7”H x 7”L x 7”D for each object. (Length is measured left to right. Depth is measured front to back) Consider putting smaller multiple pieces grouped on one pedestal.
  4. The Tang staff will light the show. Special requests should be part of your proposal and brought to my attention prior to space selection.
  5. Standard hanging height is generally 58”-60” from the floor to the center of the art work. Exceptions for large art work or stacking and grids. If you are hanging art works in a grid, give yourself extra time. This is a surprisingly time consuming type of install!!
  6. The Tang staff will paint the walls and pedestals with our standard white prior to install. If you are using your own pedestal or shelf, it must be brought to the Tang between 4/25 and 4/29 for our staff to paint.
  7. All art work should be ready to hang, framed with hanging wire, D-rings or cleats. Students provide and cut to size their own plexi glass for L-pin/plexi hang. Tang will provide L-pins. GLASS CAN NOT be used for L-pin installation.
  8. The Tang staff will run power to your installation and assist with wiring. Large holes for running wires are not allowed.
  9. The Tang does not provide A/V equipment. Consult your professors for equipment loan options.
  10. Students are responsible for construction of ‘site specific installations’. Construction and safety concerns must be approved by Tang staff.
  11. Plan early! Any special, atypical installations should be brought to my attention before your proposals are due. This includes large pieces, work hung from the ceiling, electrical needs, work installed outdoors.

Cynthia Zellner,, 518-580-5536

** Students are responsible for their own installations.
The Tang staff is scheduled May 3, 6 & 7 to ASSIST students with installation.