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Skidmore College
Art History

ThebaultNancy Thebaut

Assistant Professor of Art History


Office:  N/A 
Phone: N/A

*On Sabbatical for the 2023-2024 academic year.


  • PhD, University of Chicago, 2019
  • Diplôme de Muséologie, Ecole du Louvre, 2011
  • MA, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2009
  • BA, Agnes Scott College, 2008

Nancy Thebaut is a historian of European medieval art and architecture, and her research considers the interplay of works of art, ritual practices, and theology from 800-1200 CE. In her teaching, she focuses on material religion, cultural exchange, as well as queer and feminist approaches to the study of medieval art. Before joining the faculty at Skidmore, Nancy was a postdoctoral NOMIS fellow at eikones, the Center for the Theory and History of the Image at the University of Basel.  While writing her 2019 dissertation, "Non est hic: Figuring Christ's Absence in Early Medieval Art," which received the University of Chicago's Feitler Prize, she was  the Kress History of Art Institutional Fellow at the Institut national d’histoire de l’art in Paris and a Mellon Curatorial Fellow at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she curated an exhibition of medieval manuscript cuttings. Beyond the Art Institute, she has also worked with curators at the Musée Carnavalet and National Museum of the Middle Ages - Musée de Cluny (Paris) on the reinstallation of each museum’s permanent collection. Nancy’s academic interests extend beyond the Middle Ages, too; she has researched and published on the work of feminist artist Judy Chicago, for whom she briefly worked as an assistant, as well as on that of so-called ‘outsider’ and self-taught artists Joseph Yoakum and Eddy Mumma.


  • AH 110 -  The Middle Ages on the Move: Artistic Exchange in and beyond Europe  
  • AH 218 -  Holy Bones: Art and Architecture of the Medieval Cult of Saints  
  • AH 234 -  Parchment, Thread, Bread: Materials of Medieval Art  
  • AH 346 -  Queering the Middle Ages: Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Art  
  • AH 349 -  Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ecologies of Medieval and Renaissance Art  


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