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Skidmore College
Biology Department


BI237: Plant Biology 

A laboratory, field, and lecture course which studies the following topics: anatomy, morphology, physiology, development, and spring flora. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisite: BI 190 or permission of the instructor. Offered in the spring semester. D. Domozych (lecture); S. Van Hook, C. Domozych (lab). Offered every Spring.

BI337: Plant Physiology

The behavior, growth, transport processes, and environmental response of plants. Topics include membrane dynamics and function, plant cell development and polarity, solute and water transport, mineral and vitamin nutrition, respiration photosynthesis, hormone action, photoperiodism, taxes, and stress biology. Two hours of lecture, four hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisites: BI 237 and CH 106. D. Domozych.

BI338: Plant Biotechnology

A modern analysis of humankind's use of plants and fungi and their derived products. Major subjects covered include: ethnobotany, plant genetic engineering, plant biochemistry, techniques of plant production, agricultural practices, horticulture, and medicinal botany/mycology. Three hours of lecture, three hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisite: BI 237 or permission of the instructor. D. Domozych.

BI 180: Economic Botany

An introductory plant biology and mycology course that provides students with the bases of agriculture, horticulture, poisonous and medicinal plants and economic mycology. The lab entails hands-on field, laboratory and greenhouse work.  D.Domozych (lecture); C. Domozych (lab)