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Skidmore College
Biology Department

Catherine Domozych



Cathy Domozych is a Senior Teaching Associate in the Department of Biology. She teaches in such courses as Marine Biology (BI 140), Economic Botany (BI 180) and Plant Biology (BI 237).

Cathy earned her Bachelors degree in Biology from Glenville State College and her PhD in Botany from Miami University. Cathy's doctoral work dealt with the evolution of green algae and how modern ultrastructral studies could help elucidate evolutionary patterns. In addition to identifying the soil alga, Chlorokybus, as a land plant ancestor, she was the first cell scientist to discover that Mesostigma viride, a tiny, unicellular green alga, was the extant "grandfather" of all green plants. Cathy's recent research efforts have been in cell ultrastructure of desmids (Journal of Phycology, vol.29: 650-659 and 659-667).

Recent Publication:

Domozych, D.S. and Domozych, C.E. (2014) Multicellularity in green algae: upsizing in a walled complex.  Frontiers in Plant Science (doi: 10.3389/ pls.2014)