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Skidmore College

Faculty preparation

Faculty members have prepared their spring semester courses to fit the instruction mode options listed below. They have individually determined which mode(s) of instruction will best suit their personal situations, pedagogical practices and disciplinary requirements. 

The instruction mode options are: 

  • In-person: Requires all students to attend in person (no remote learners)
  • Hyflex: In-person or Online (Synchronous): Allows for in-person or synchronous online attendance (available to campus and remote learners)
  • Online, Asynchronous: Online instruction that does not require class meetings in real time (remote learners do not need to consider time zones)
  • Online, Synchronous: Online instruction that requires class meetings in real time (remote learners need to consider time zones)
  • Online, Mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous: Online instruction that has a mix of synchronous and asynchronous meetings (remote learners need to consider time zones for the synchronous portions of the course)
  • Hybrid: Mix of In-person/Online: Has in-person and online components (remote learners cannot take these courses because of the required in-person component)


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