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Skidmore College

Clarification on Travel and Quarantine Requirements

October 26, 2020

Yesterday, Dean Banks forwarded a message that was sent to all students regarding new Saratoga County Public Health quarantine recommendations for students traveling from New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  These recommendations apply only to students and do not apply to employees.  However, in accordance with the Governor's recent announcement and Saratoga County Public Health guidance, all nonessential travel between NY and the three states involved (NJ, PA, CT) should be avoided.   

Rising infection rates across the country has resulted in [http://all nonessential travel between NY and the three states involved (NJ, PA, CT) should be avoided.]40 states being placed on the state's travel advisory.   The increase in infection rates, wide-spread travel advisory and Governor's announcement regarding our neighboring states underscores the importance of avoiding nonessential travel to protect the health and safety of all College community members.  Please heed these cautions and avoid travel to any states with a positive test rate higher than a 10% test positivity rate or that is trending in that direction.  In addition, please remember and continue to adhere to the following health and safety measures, which are a condition for working on campus:

  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Always wear a mask covering your nose and mouth while on campus
  • Respect other people's space and safety by maintaining appropriate social distance
  • Complete the Daily Health Certification every day you come to work on campus
  • Adhere to any isolation or quarantine orders or requirements set by state or local governmental or health officials

Thank you for your continued commitment and diligence to these health and safety measures and for all you have done throughout the semester to help ensure the College could continue in person instruction through the fall.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the HR Team.