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Skidmore College

Dean Banks welcomes students back

February 2, 2021

Dear Students,

Welcome back to the spring semester! We have missed you! All the staff in Student Affairs hope you had a safe, healthy and restful break. As we start the semester on this snowy, snowy day, I hope you are excited to begin. I also want to thank you for your responsible actions and the good decisions you continue to make in your everyday lives as we work to protect our campus community during COVID-19. Your mask wearing, regular handwashing, social distancing, limiting of travel and gatherings, and testing are paramount to keeping everyone safe. I write today to welcome you back and provide important information.

CAMPUS PLANNING 2020-2021: Spring semester 2021 classes begin today and end on Tuesday, May 4. There will be a break day on Tuesday, March 16.

During the first week of classes, we are operating in a “safe shelter” mode. For more information, please view the Return the Campus plan.

STUDENT FORUMS: Student Affairs staff hosted a number of important forums to provide specific information to various student cohorts. We have posted the recorded sessions on the Dean of Students website. If you have ideas for additional forums, please email:

STUDENT PLEDGE: As a reminder, a working group reviewed the student pledge over the winter break, resulting in changes. All students are asked to please read and sign the pledge by Tuesday, Feb. 9.

GUIDELINES AND SANCTIONS: As we begin classes, it is a good time to remind you of the importance of our health and safety protocols and the consequences when guidelines are not followed. Thank you to all who have made it a point to be diligent and safe.

UPCOMING EVENTS: There are a number of events scheduled for February. Please see the events calendar here.

STUDENT RESOURCES: Please make sure to reach out if you are having difficulty in any aspect of your life at Skidmore. The student resource list on the Dean of Students website can direct you to the appropriate office for support.

Thank you again for your continued, amazing efforts. Good luck with your classes. We look forward to seeing you around campus after “safe shelter” mode ends!

Cerri Banks
Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs