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Skidmore College
Office of Campus Life and Engagement

CLE Fall 2020 Plan and FAQ's

Student engagement outside of academic and residential spaces on campus provides important enrichment and is a central component of the student experience. A wide range of events, including artistic and cultural programs, student club activity, religious life, and social interactions all constitute for many some of the most important interactions of their college years. Adapting these experiences in light of public health guidance as we respond to COVID-19 requires significant changes that mitigate risk while maintaining, wherever possible, Skidmore’s unique strength as a residential college. In light of that, the Offices of Campus Life, including Community Service, Leadership Activities, Religious and Spiritual Life, Student Diversity Programs, and our Student Government Association are planning to offer in-person, virtual, and hybrid student programs and late-night social events this fall. 

Clear and standard practices have been established so that students know, in advance, how to manage meetings and social events. We have incorporated this new information into our fall leadership training. We will align programming and events with Skidmore, CDC, and NY State guidelines that include limiting gatherings to ensure social distancing, with a maximum attendance of 50 people or fewer, and require attendees to wear face coverings. Limits on the number of people assembled may change as CDC guidelines evolve.

While large-scale social events will not be possible this fall, we will be working with student clubs, organizations, and campus partners to provide ample opportunities for student engagement that reflect the diverse interests of our students and that capture some of the traditions that students have come to know and love.

Mariel Martin, Associate Dean

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We will use your questions to populate our FAQ page. If you provide an email, we will get back to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will clubs and organizations be active?
A. Yes. In consultation with student leaders, Campus Life & Engagement will be developing guidance on how students can gather in a socially distanced manner and/or remotely.

Q. Will student clubs and organizations be able to have in-person club meetings and host in-person event?
A. Student groups will be encouraged to hold their meetings and events virtually. Space will be limited on campus and we want to ensure the safety of all members of our community. We also know that in-person gathers are important. All in-person events must comply with state and college guidelines as it pertains to private gatherings and must be approved by a member of the CLE team prior to hosting. We anticipate fewer events taking place this fall then have occurred in the past but are working hard to offer a well-rounded student experience. Club leadership will be receiving more information directly from the Office of Leadership Activities in the coming weeks.

Q. What extra cleaning measures will be taken in common spaces?
A. Full cleaning will be performed once per day (24-hr period) in common areas and classrooms. Additionally, disinfecting stations, with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, will be available for occupants to clean seating areas before/after use.

Q. Will student groups be able to travel to off-campus events, programs, or competitions?
A. College-sponsored travel is suspended for Fall 2020. Student club travel will not be permitted and expenses related to travel will not be reimbursed.

Q.Will Club Sports be active this fall?
A. Club sports practice, play, and competition will be suspended for Fall 2020. Club Sports student leaders will hear directly from Leadership Activities about meeting and programming options.

Q. Will Performance-Based Clubs be active this fall?
A. Working on these protocols and what is possible.