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Skidmore College
Project on Restorative Justice



Restorative Justice for College Student Misconduct

Restorative Justice is gaining popularity on college campuses as a philosophical and practical response to student misconduct. This project offers resources for learning about campus restorative justice including research publication, training resources, and a list of campuses where RJ is being implemented.



Promoting Restorative Initiatives for Sexual Misconduct on college campuses

Campus PRISM is a project to incorporate restorative justice principles into responses to the problem of campus sexual violence.

Goals of Campus PRISM:

  • Consider the potential and challenges of RJ in light of the national controversy about campus sexual misconduct.
  • Apply lessons from the use of RJ in criminal justice sex offenses, e.g. CoSAs, conferencing, and other trauma-informed practices.
  • Gather and disseminate knowledge about RJ practice and research.
  • Explore the potential for multicampus RJ pilots.



Prescribing Restorative Justice for Education in the Health Professions

The Rx for RJ Project is intended to introduce restorative practices in professional education in the health professions as a way to address learner mistreatment and provide a community-building response to improve the learning environment. Restorative practices foster ethical development and interpersonal communication skills consistent with medical ethics and professional standards for lifelong success in medicine.



Creating Safe Schools and Support for Conflict Resolution and Responsible Conduct

Restorative justice is growing rapidly in K-12 schools. This project supports the development of RJ in schools, particularly in the New York State Capital Region.


RJNCC banner

Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses

Recognizing a natural alignment between the philosophy of restorative justice and the guiding ideals of the Catholic social tradition, the RJNCC encourages Catholic campuses to articulate and cultivate restorative principles and to assist each other in strengthening interest, commitment, and implementation of restorative practices on their campuses.



RJ and Criminal Justice Reform

Community justice is an approach to crime that explicitly includes the community in criminal justice processes. It is expressly concerned with improving the quality of community life and the capacity of local communities to prevent crime and to effectively respond to criminal incidents when they occur. Community justice integrates community policing, community corrections and restorative justice.



Raising Public Awareness About Injustice and Restorative Solutions

The goal of this project is to increase overall awareness of legal policy and to facilitate discussion toward the reform of the criminal justice system.