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Skidmore College
Career Development Center

Alumni Outcomes Survey

In compliance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act, the Career Development Center is required to collect annual outcomes data from alumni. Please share with us what you have been doing since graduation.


Which of these options would you identify as your primary status post-graduation?
When did you begin to pursue your primary post-graduation occupation?
Please choose your expected total annual income. (This information, like all collected, will be entirely confidential. This question is required by the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard.)
Which of the following best describes the industry of the occupation you do or will hold?
What region did you primarily target when searching for your post-graduation occupation? (select one)
Please indicate how you initially learned of the position you accepted:
How helpful did you find each of the below resources when searching for an occupation?
Career Development Center:
Academic advisors and department faculty:
Family members:
Bosses, supervisors, or coworkers:
Professional contacts or organizations:
How many internships, assistantships, research experiences, or practicums did you complete?
What types of internships did you complete? Select all that apply.
Overall, how helpful were your internships in preparing you for the workplace or your career?
How related is your primary post-graduation occupation to your career goals?
How important to you is it that your primary post-graduation occupation or career is related to your program or area of study?
How satisfied are you with your primary post-graduation occupation?