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Skidmore College
Career Development Center

The Fact Internship

The Furthering Awareness Community and Technology (FACT) internship offers Skidmore students an opportunity to explore the field of disability services or disability studies. Each summer, two students will be selected to participate in this internship opportunity. This opportunity allows students to advance an individualized plan based on academic interests and career goals. Interested students are welcome to work with the Career Development Center to develop a proposal and the placement may be local to Skidmore or elsewhere in the United States or abroad. Each award will provide a selected student with a total of $4,000 each for a minimum of a 250 hour summer internship experience with the majority of students interning between eight and 12 weeks over the course of the summer. Stipends may be used at the student’s discretion to cover participation fees or tuition, travel expenses, and summer room and board and will be paid in three installments as described below. The Leavitt Family Internship will support:

  • Career development in a field that serves people with disabilities, particularly learning disabilities;
  • Research in disability studies;
  • Comparative public policy; or,
  • Research in the areas of assistive technology such as robotics, computer programming, or prosthetic design

The above are only meant to serve as suggestions. Students are encouraged to think creatively. Any experience that fosters an opportunity to transform class room learning into practice or deepen knowledge and understanding will be considered. Interested students must:

  • Be a current full-time first year, sophomore, or junior at Skidmore College;
  • Have a 2.80 or higher cumulative GPA;
  • In good social and financial standing with the College

To Apply
Students must complete an application form and submit a full description (one to three pages, single-spaced) of the internship proposal with an attached resume by April 21, 2017.

Application materials should be submitted via email to the Director of Student Academic Services (SAS) via email to

Internship proposals must clearly describe how the internship will advance the student's studies or career goals. The proposal must also include a plan for disseminating the results of their findings, learning, or project to the Skidmore community. Again, students are encouraged to think creatively about this aspect and may choose to write an article, deliver a presentation, develop a workshop or engage in any other meaningful method of cultivating community awareness.

Submissions will be reviewed by an independent committee and will be evaluated according to the quality of the proposal in relation to stated goals. More specifically, proposals will be evaluated by the substance of the internship, the overall value of the internship, and written quality of the proposal and resume. At the time of application submission, students must also submit a confirmation from an internship supervisor confirming acceptance into the institution, organization, or program and indicating support for described learning outcomes. Students selected to participate will be notified on or before April 10.

Additional Information
Stipends will be paid in three installments: $1,875 at the beginning, another $1,875 at the end of the internship experience, and $250 following the completion of a Skidmore community awareness event described above.

In the event that a student does not complete the full commitment of the internship, volunteer experience, or community service project, they may be required to reimburse the College for the number of weeks they did not work. Students must complete all requirements of the internship, volunteer experience, or community service project prior to receiving the last payment check.

Please note: Students will be considered independent contractors and will receive a 1099 form indicating the amount of the payment early next year. A copy of the IRS Form 1099 is sent to the IRS. Students will be responsible for paying income and social security taxes on the award amount when they file their tax returns.

This internship is supported by private gifts from the Leavitt and Sperber families.