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CDC SEF application process

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Application deadlineAward notification

It is recommended that students submit all application materials early so that you are able to contact The Career Development Center if you have any questions. Due to the large number of application submissions, we encourage students to apply early. No late applications will be accepted. Questions may be answered by calling the office at 518-580-5790 or by emailing

Application Materials

Application materials

Students must submit the following materials to apply for Summer Funded Internship Awards.

  1. Application form, found on each award listing on Handshake. Upload the application form as a “cover letter.” (Note: No cover letters are required when applying for awards.)
  2. Resume
  3. Essay (approximately 500 words). Thoroughly describe each internship in one essay as listed on application form. Multiple opportunities may require going over the 500 word limit.
  4. For those applying for the International Community Service and the Film Studies Awards, one faculty recommendation letter is required. Please have faculty email to The subject line should be: FACULTY RECOMMENDATION LETTER—Student Name.
  5. Please do not ask faculty members for recommendation letters when not required.

No application materials, except for faculty recommendation letters, will be accepted via email. No late applications will be accepted. Deadline to Apply: March 23, 2018, noon.

 Application Instructions

When applying for CDC Summer Experience Funds, please be sure to follow these instructions:


  1. Go to Handshake on the CDC website.
  2. Click on Jobs (at top).
  3. Enter “Skidmore College Career Development” in the search bar.
  4. Download, complete and upload application form (as a cover letter) from the listing on Handshake.
  5. Upload resume and essay on Handshake.
  6. Upload all three documents for each award on each listing when you hit Apply button.
  7. All three documents must be uploaded for each award listing in order to be considered for an award.

No application materials, except for faculty recommendation letters, will be accepted via email. No late applications will be accepted. Deadline to Apply: March 23, 2018, noon

 Application Submitted

Once you have completed the process, please return to the home page (top left) and see if all of your application materials have been submitted. Students will receive an email from Handshake confirming that their application has gone through. 

For information on other internships not affiliated with the Career Development Center (FACT, SEE Beyond, Levine, Environmental Studies, SGA, etc.), please go to Additional Awards and contact the appropriate department(s).

It is the students' responsibility that all documents are submitted on time for each award; late or incomplete documents will not be considered for an award.

Compressing large files

Student documents are limited to a maximum file size of 500 KB. In regard to document size limits, it is recommended that when editing larger files to remove unneeded graphics and/or background images, rescanning in black and white or perhaps compressing/zipping to reduce file size. Rescanning at a low resolution might also help. An internet search on "reducing resume file size" will bring up additional suggestions. The FastSave option in Microsoft Word will often increase the size of documents, so that option should be avoided.

Faculty Recommendation Letters

Faculty recomendation letters are not required for all awards (those applying for the International Community Service and the Film Studies Award do require a faculty recommendation). It is highly recommended that students give faculty ample time to write and submit a recommendation letter, and it’s important to check back with faculty to ensure that this recommendation letter has been submitted prior to the deadline. It is the student’s responsibility that faculty recommendation letters are submitted on time. All letters must be sent to, with a subject line of FACULTY RECOMMENDATION—Student Name. No late applications or letters will be accepted.

Essay Requirements

Please submit a 500-word essay that includes the following information:

  1. a brief description of the position, organization and the organization’s mission statement;
  2. what you hope to learn from the summer experience;
  3. what unique talents, knowledge, skills and previous experience you have that qualifies you for the internship, research, volunteer or community-service project;
  4. how the experience relates to your academics and your career and personal goals and how you feel the experience will better prepare you for life after college;
  5. which factors attract you as an applicant to the opportunity you have chosen; and
  6. any personal information you feel is relevant when being considered for an award, including financial need.

Applying to More Than One Internship

For students applying to more than one opportunity, please describe each internship in detail (it may be necessary to go over the 500-word requirement). Students who have not yet secured their internship must provide a brief synopsis of each internship they have applied for in their essay to substantiate the value of each experience. It’s important to back up the importance of each experience to provide the Selection Committee with enough information when evaluating the value of all internships.

Selection Process and Criteria

A Selection Committee composed of faculty, staff, alumni and internship donors will review and select the winners for all awards. The Selection Committee members will review all applications against a rubric (please see below). Each application will be reviewed by committee members and ranked accordingly.

Selection criteria:

  1. quality of essay, both content and writing (it is recommend that you meet with counselor/career coach in CDC);
  2. clarity of learning objectives as related to academics and future career goals;
  3. quality of resume (recommend meeting with a Career Coach in CDC);
  4. good academic standing (GPA above 2.0), not on academic probation, faculty recommendation for some awards;
  5. demonstrated financial need (for CDC's SEF and some individual awards); and
  6. overall value of the internship experience, to be considered when evaluating applicants.

Application Deadline

Applicants who do not submit all of the required documents (application, resume, essay) via your Handshake Account by noon on March 23 will be eliminated from the selection process.

Award Notification

Students will learn the status of their application no later than April 25 and must accept and have internship secured no later than May 4, at which time we will then proceed to offer the award to the next student on the list. It is advised that students contact the organization prior to this time to check on the status of their application (you may let them know that you’ve applied for funding through your college; and, if selected, you will need to accept the award no later than May 4). It is the student's responsibility to send an email to the Career Development Center at once an internship has been secured.