Career Development Center

Acceptance of Awards

Please email immediately upon accepting an award and call the Career Development Center at (518) 580-5790 to make an appointment to meet with Penny Loretto. Please bring the forms below to your meeting.

Once an internship offer is finalized, funding recipients who cannot come into the office must submit the following documents via email to, within 1 week of accepting the award. Please send all 4 documents in one email so we can easily check that all requirements have been met, with the subject line: Funded Internship Acceptance.

  1. Internship Confirmation Form to describe details / job description of summer plans
  2. Internship Contract
  3. Proof of acceptance from employer (may be email or formal offer letter)
  4. W-9 Form (IMPORTANT: please include address of where you would like your funded internship check to be sent.) This form must be submitted prior to any payments for awards.
  5. International students do not have to complete a W-9 Form; but will complete a W-BEN Form.

No late employer changes will be accepted after the deadline.  

All offers are based on the student securing a summer experience from those opportunities listed on the original application form. If a different internship is secured, it must be submitted to, no later than March 23 so Selection Committees can base selections on employers/organizations submitted prior to the deadline. If notification is received regarding your summer opportunity, please contact, to advise of your summer plans.

If a student has been selected as a recipient of an award and their summer opportunity was not submitted to CDC by the deadline, the student will have to forfeit the award. No late applications or changes will be accepted after the deadline. 

Upon Completion of the Summer Experience

All reports, essays, photos, and videos will become the property of the Career Development Center and may be posted on the Skidmore website or used in other promotional literature.

Final Report

At the completion of the summer experience, students will be required to write a short essay (approximately 500 words) that includes their class year, major/minor, home location, organization, a full description of how the experience was secured, responsibilities, what was learned, and how the experience related to their academics and will benefit them in their future career.

Student Presentations

Students are also required to plan a presentation to bring their summer experience back to the Skidmore Showcase of Stars (Celebration Weekend), classroom presentations, or other CDC events as planned. If you would like to schedule a presentation in one of your classes, please let the CDC know about this prior to the presentation, and we will count this towards the fulfillment of this requirement. Completion of a presentation to be posted online or posting throughout the summer on social media, will meet this requirement for graduating seniors or students studying abroad. Photos and videos are a great way to capture your summer experience.


Final Reports are due to be submitted via email to, no later than Friday, August 10, 2018.

Thank You Notes

Students are expected to send a thank you note to their site supervisor and their donor upon completion of the internship. Please send all thank you notes to

Final Payment

Students will receive final payment of the award upon submission of final reports and final evaluation to be submitted by your supervisor.

Photo Contest 

Photos are a great way to highlight your internship experience and to help to support our program. Each year we run a PHOTO CONTEST! and we look for entries that capture a great internship moment, whether it be a beautiful location, cultural landmark or tradition, event, meeting, or a photo of you or you and your CEO, mentor, or colleagues working on the job. Creativity is encouraged!  Prizes will be awarded. Short video presentations will be acccepted as well, but will be separate from the photo contest.