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Make Your Voice Heard

Skidmore Public Policy Prize 2023

Congratulations to the 2022 Winners!

First Place:

  • Kaitlin Katirachi and Ben Frank


  • Madelyn Friend and Hana Sparks-Woodford
  • Jackson Smith

“Letters are an extremely effective way of communicating with your elected officials. Many legislators believe that a letter represents not only the position of the writer, but also many other constituents who did not take the time to write.” American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Skidmore’s Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship is pleased to announce the 2023 Make Your Voice Heard Skidmore Public Policy Prize competition.  The competition is an opportunity to engage with a vital public policy issue that is important to you!  The application asks you to be a part of the political process by writing a formal letter to an official and a proposal for a grassroots effort to engage the public on your issue.  Many local, federal, and state policy issues are suitable for this letter. Possible issues include (but are not limited to):
Climate Change * Emergency Disaster Funding * Funding for Higher Education (Grants and Loans) * Gun Control * Tax Policy * Health Care * Immigration * K-12 Education * LGBTQ+ Advocacy * Criminal Justice Reform * Mass Incarceration * Economic Justice * Voting Rights.

Be a part of the political process and make your voice heard!

Program Highlights:

  • The letter can be on a local, state, or federal issue and should propose innovative solutions to difficult issues that are important to YOU!  
  • One winner and three runners-up will each be selected.
  • Awards will be given out in May of 2023.
    • First Prize: $1,000.00 
    • Runners-up (2): $500.00

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must be current Skidmore students.
  • Applications can be from individuals or from teams of two.
  • The application (see guideline) must include:
    • A properly addressed and formatted letter that does not exceed 1,200 words;
    • A one- to two-paragraph rationale;
    • A one- to two-page project proposal for a grassroots effort to advance your issue with a budget of $500.
  • Applications will be evaluated on: the quality of policy analysis and research, the clarity of presentation, the persuasiveness of the rationale, and the quality and feasibility of the proposal for a grassroots effort.  (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)

Students must submit their full application by email to Marla Melito by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 14.


Please submit all components of the application in one Word document using your last name as the heading.