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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing

Athletics Mascot

Skidmore unveiled a new mascot logo in 2004 to provide a bold, energized symbol for its athletics program. The logo has been designed for use on uniforms, publications, banners and merchandise related to athletics. The mark uses a thoroughbred image in conjunction with designated typefaces.

The athletics logo must be used in the approved form without modification. Though the artwork may be enlarged or reduced, the proportions must not be altered. Do not attempt to redraw or recreate the logo. The logo should always be treated as a single element. The mark must be surrounded by open spacing, so that it is not inadvertently linked to other elements.

The mascot logo may be reproduced using the following colors: PMS 3298 green, PMS 116 yellow*, a combination of PMS 3298 and PMS 116 (see samples), black, or white reversed out of any other colored background. When appropriate, a metallic gold ink (PMS 871) may be substituted for PMS 116. Approved colors are included with each sample provided in this section; these colors should not be altered.

*This yellow varies slightly from the PMS 109 recommended for the College seal and wordmark, in order to provide greater visibility on athletic uniforms.

The Skidmore mascot logo is available in digital formats and can be obtained from the Office of Communications and Marketing. Contact the Electronic Communications Manager at 518-580-5745.

Official Skidmore colors for athletics logo

Skidmore Gold Metallic PMS 871 requires coated stock and special attention for best result.

Skidmore green
PMS 3298
Skidmore yellow
PMS 116
Skidmore gold
PMS 871 metallic


Use these two primary mascot logos as provided and in the designated colors.

     athletics logo 1

athletics logo 2


Use the mascot logo without the Skidmore name.

     unacceptable logo 1
unacceptable logo 2

Use these additional versions of the athletics logo, as appropriate for your needs.


Athletics logo design 3Athletics logo design 8

Athletics logo design 9Athletics logo design 6

Athletics logo design 5Athletics logo design 5 (tennis)

Athletics logo design 10Athletics logo design jockey

Athletics logo design 12

Athletics logo design hockey jerseyAthletics logo design soccer jersey


Bend, curve or reshape the logo in any way.

unacceptable logo 3