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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing

The College Wordmark

The Skidmore College wordmark is a general identifier for use on college publications, stationery, merchandise, web pages and other graphic treatments. The wordmark is designed to be used "as is"; the proportions should never be altered, nor should fonts be substituted to recreate a similar look. This logo can be reduced or enlarged as long as the proportions remain unaltered.

The wordmark must not be used in conjunction with other type, graphics or logos to form a combined graphic element (leave at least the proportionate height of the wordmark between it and any other type or graphics).

Digital copies of the wordmark are available from the Office of Communications and Marketing; the wordmark is available on the web for downloading in lower resolution. For more information, contact the senior graphic designer at 518-580-5739.

Official Skidmore colors for the wordmark 

Skidmore Gold Metallic PMS 871 requires coated stock and special attention for best result.

Skidmore green
PMS 3298
Skidmore yellow
PMS 109
Skidmore gold
PMS 871 metallic



Approved ways to use the wordmark with these colors

  • Use the wordmark in either black or Pantone Matching System (PMS) 3298 (green).
wordmark     green wordmark


  •  Use this version of the wordmark in either black or Pantone Matching System (PMS) 3298 (green).
wordmark bar style, black wordmark bar style, green


  • Use this version of the wordmark in either black, Pantone Matching System (PMS) 3298 (green), or PMS 871 metallic. This version may be used on a solid green or black background in PMS 3298, PMS 871 metalic, or reversed to white. In addition, this version may also be embossed but no smaller than 4 1/4" across.
wordmark_plain wordmark_plain_green wordmark_plain_metallic
wordmark_rev_gold wordmark_rev_grn wordmark_rev_met


  • Use this version of the wordmark in reverse in either white, PMS 109 (yellow), PMS 871 (metallic), or a screen of PMS 109 on a black or green background.
wordmark reversed, white on black wordmark reversed, yellow on black wordmark reversed, white on green wordmark reversed, yellow on green
wordmark reversed, light yellow on black wordmark reversed, light yellow on green wordmark reversed, gold on black wordmark reversed, gold on green



Do not use the wordmark in these color combinations

  • Do not screen the wordmark.
screened wordmark screened wordmark screened wordmark


  • Do not use the wordmark in PMS 109 (yellow) on a light-colored background.
yellow wordmark yellow wordmark yellow wordmark