Office of Communications and Marketing

Photo Policy and Guidelines

Skidmore’s user friendly library has more than 23,000 images of campus people, places, and events and is constantly updated.

The library features:

Skidmore also has a videos page. Subjects include collaborative research, academic experiences, internships, alumni, and athletics; and we continue to update the page as we produce new videos. Feel free to link to these videos in your own websites or emails.

Photography request policy 

Without a staff photographer, we must hire student or freelance photographers. Our budget simply doesn’t allow us to  pay for photo coverage for every event and purpose. To keep the process manageable, we’ve established the following guidelines to clarify which services we can provide through the Office of Communications and Marketing. In determining when we can arrange and pay for a photographer, we will be asking:

  1. Will the images be used for a homepage story or press release?
  2. Will they be used in one of the College’s publications?
  3. Will they be used for College news, web, social media, or marketing purposes?

If not, we will be happy to provide you with a list of freelance photographers whom you can hire at a reasonable cost.

Photo guidelines 

Because Skidmore is positioning itself as a creative institution, committed to excellence through integrative learning, our photos, particularly homepage photos, must engage our visitors through high-quality visual storytelling. The goal for homepage images is to communicate the intended messages to target audiences and inspire them to find out more. View our homepage story guidelines.

We will make you aware when relevant photos are available to you.

When the Office of Communications and Marketing adds photos and videos that may be relevant to your department or program, Idalia Sepúlveda will let you know, so that you can use them in your own webpages or for other purposes. If you have questions about this service, please call Idalia at ext. 5673.

We will provide opportunities for free faculty head shots.

Twice a year, in consultation with faculty leaders, we schedule a day when a professional photographer sets up in a central campus location to take new head shots of faculty members who would like an updated image. the Office of Communications and Marketing will also use these photographs, with permission, for our news and marketing purposes, including our faculty experts’ guide for the media. We will let you know when the next photo sessions are scheduled.

We are here to help.

If you have any questions about photos or videos please contact Vickie Riley: ext. 5252. 

July, 2016