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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing

Social Media Handbook
General Guidelines

Social media are a great way to get your audience more involved in the message you are communicating by offering a chance to support that message with "real time" interactions. Those that we have opted to officially use at Skidmore include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, InstagramPinterest and Google+— plus our Skidmore Connect community for alumni.

Human Resources has crafted a policy to guide Skidmore employees in how to interact on social networks while representing Skidmore College and how to be certain that when you are not representing Skidmore, you are able to make that clear in your profiles and postings.

This handbook, developed by the Office of Communications and Marketing, is intended to offer you tools for creating a Skidmore-branded official social media outlet for your department, program or group. It will also offer information about customizing privacy settings, using our Informz tools for HTML emails and a great deal more.

If you have questions or suggestions, or before you create your social media profile, contact the office of Communications and Marketing at