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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing

Do you need a Facebook page?

Please use this guide to determine if your department needs to create a new Facebook page. 

Who is your audience?

  • Students > Instagram
    • Is this something we can support on the college account? One-time event, student club, student feature/story?
  • Alumni > Facebook
    • Is this something we can support on our Alumni Facebook page? Alumni stories/features/news/awards, birthdays, weddings, department events for alumni, regional events, photos, etc. Is this something we can support on our Skidmore College Facebook page? National awards (Grammys, Emmys, etc.), events for current students, photos, videos, etc.
  • Community > Facebook
    • Is this something we can support with either the Alumni or Skidmore Facebook pages for all of the instances above?
  • News media > Twitter
    • Is there enough breaking news to warrant a specialized account or can the Skidmore account tweet for you?

What is the best way to reach your audience?

What resources are you willing to allocate to maintaining a social media presence?

  • The Office of Communications and Marketing requires that the Online Community Manager to be added as an admin to all official social media accounts, but departments are responsible for creating content to post.
  • Who in the office will oversee maintenance of the social media site?
  • Who will they be working with to operationalize maintenance (students/other staff/etc.)?

Do you have the appropriate content to create and sustain a robust social presence?

  • Inappropriate content that can be supported by the college's already established social sites:
    • One-time events
    • Annual events
    • Special student stories/features
    • Departmental awards
    • Content that meets the criteria stated above for audiences the established social media sites serve
  • Appropriate content for specialized Facebook page:
    • Your audience is so specific it requires its own presence (i.e. Skidmore Alumni in NYC posts events in the area, job opportunities, share news, etc., that is only relevant to Skidmore alumni in the area)
    • Your content doesn't fit on your departmental website (i.e. personal announcements/small awards/publications from alumni, notes from department chairs, etc.) Good examples: English Department's Facebook page and Government Facebook page.

 If your departmental needs and goals are not supported by any of the already established social media channels above, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing to create a Facebook page.