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Social Media Handbook
General Guidelines

What social networks should I use?

Academic departments may want to consider an official Facebook page for the ability to highlight special events, facilitate online discussions, and post videos and photos.  In addition, a Twitter account can be valuable if the department has a large number of public announcements to make each semester.  A group in LinkedIn and Skidmore Connect will allow departments to begin the process of introducing majors to networking opportunities with Skidmore alumni. 

Administrative departments may find value in a Facebook page for the same reasons as academic departments, and Twitter can be a useful medium for making public announcements of events.

Student groups will find use in Facebook and Twitter accounts, to publicize events and news.

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
Administrative offices

Campus Venues

Special Events

Student Groups

Academic Departments Administrative offices

Campus Venues

Special Events

Academic Departments

Student  Groups

Helps to manage a constant flow of news, events, photos and video Provides a way to begin the career networking process Helps to manage a constant flow of news and event notifications, in smaller segments

How do I know if my page/group is an "official Skidmore" entity?

Ask yourself these sorts of questions, "Is this social site being used for posting personal items, or am I posting things relating to my department/group?  Is the intent to showcase my department/group, or to highlight something in my personal life?"

If you're still not clear, you can meet with Jackie Vetrano to get help on deciding whether your page is "official" or "personal" in nature.

If my page/group is "official", what does that mean?

This FAQ offers extensive advice on maintaining an official Skidmore social media account here.

What if I don't want to be "official"?