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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing
Dear Members of the Skidmore Community:

The Skidmore Web site has become one of the most visible and important ways in which we communicate with both our internal and external audiences. Individually and collectively, the sites and pages within the College's overall Web presence play a key role in shaping our institutional image and message.  The publication of Skidmore materials on the internet presents a challenge when maintaining a consistent graphic identity for the college.  Since web presentations often have a wider audience and longer life than a printed publication, it is especially important that the Skidmore graphic standards also apply to college-related web pages and electronic media.  To facilitate these graphic standards, the college is employing the new CMS system to manage Skidmore websites.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for the design and content of the Skidmore home page and the related "top level" pages of the College, as well as the official web templates.  Major revisions to the design or content of these pages requires cooperation and approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Administrative offices, academic departments and student groups may create and design web pages to meet the needs of their specific audiences, within the templates created in the CMS system by the Web Development staff of the Office of Communications and Marketing.  These are considered official Skidmore web pages and are expected to adhere to the Skidmore graphic identity standards.   Pages not using CMS templates (i.e. Dreamweaver) must, at minimum, meet the Web Design Standards.


This policy is adapted from the RIT policy on web design standards.  This policy is subject to change as new standards are deeemed necessary.  This version is based on the 2009 edition of the Graphic Standards manual, but contains more up-to-date information and thus shall be considered the official statement regarding web design standards.  If you have any questions, or wish to report an error, please contact the Web Development team of the Office of Communications and Marketing.