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Skidmore College
Office of Community Service Programs

About Us

Skidmore College is committed to offering students the opportunity to enhance their liberal arts educations through civic engagement. While helping to meet community needs, volunteer experiences also help students to develop into informed, responsible citizens. Students can participate in service projects throughout their time at Skidmore, during community-service pre-orientation programs, as individual volunteers for projects and causes they are passionate about, as members of a class, club or team, while studying abroad, interning at a nonprofit agency or collaborating with faculty on a community-based research project.

Skidmore’s strategic plan gives particular attention to civic engagement, calling upon us to create an institution that “empowers and inspires all of our students to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens throughout their lives.” Informed, responsible citizenship is the third goal (of four) in the strategic plan.

Office of Community Service Programs

The Office of Community Service Programs supports student volunteers in the community by identifying opportunities and facilitating placements. The office also supports service-learning projects in academic courses and helps faculty and students identify opportunities for research that meets community needs.

Michelle Hubbs

Michelle received her B.A. in American studies from Grinnell College and has completed postgraduate work at SUNY Plattsburgh in the field of higher ed management and administration. She has been at Skidmore for nine years. Before coming to Skidmore, Hubbs worked at the Doane Stuart School in Albany, N.Y., as director of administrative services and as  membership and marketing director at the Glens Falls Family YMCA.