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Office of Community Service Programs

Service Learning Information

Service-learning coursework includes community service as an experiential learning technique to deepen students’ understanding of course content, to build their skills in the application of theory to practice, to increase their experiences with diversity and to develop their interest in and commitment to social action and social problem-solving. Service learning is focused on student development but also provides volunteer and technical resources to communities and strengthens town-gown relations.

If you would like support from the Office of Community Service Programs, please contact Michelle Hubbs, and complete this form:

Application for Service-Learning Support

Service-Learning Courses at Skidmore

Explore Service-Learning Syllabi by Discipline

Three Tip Sheets from The Center for Service Learning, IUPUI

1. Common Questions Faculty ask about Service-Learning Courses

  • What is service learning?
  • How is service learning different from other types of practice-based education?
  • How do student benefit by taking a service-learning course?
  • Is the service component a required part of a service-learning class?
  • How much service should I require students to compete in a semester?
  • Will planning a service-learning course take too much of my time?
  • Does service learning take too much class time?
  • How do I evaluate the students’ performance?
  • How can involvement in service learning strengthen my professional research?
  • What risks are involved in service learning?

2. How to Design a Service-Learning Course

3. Reflection Activities: Connecting Service to the Classroom

Resources from the Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit

10 Principles of Effective Service-Learning Course Design

Toward a Theory of Engagement: A Cognitive Mapping of Service-Learning Experiences (Discusses the experience of students doing service learning and three phases of learning and discovery)

Pedagogy and Engagement (A pedagogical theory of learning in service learning)

Service-Learning Toolkits

SUNY Service-Learning Toolkit
Cal State Long Beach Toolkit
Faculty Toolkit for Service Learning in Higher Education (National Service Learning Clearinghouse)

Video Clip: See a clip about service learning at Dickenson College