Creative Thought (Net)Works


"After attending the Creative Thought (Net)Works event in NYC, I did get a job only weeks later. Skidmore is definitely a life partner! It really is six degrees of separation. I actually met a partner to a firm that I had worked for at the beginning of my career whose daughter went to Skidmore. I was not expecting to get a job, but wanted to explore some options, have my resume reviewed, and understand the Career Development Center website portal and how it could be of use to me. I had stepped out of my career for some years to focus on family and wanted to start out for the New Year to see what was out there after my career sabbatical. I have been fortunate to meet up with some great people again and I am enjoying the work, and I am so glad that I attended the networking session from Skidmore!"

Malaika Wilson Patterson '97


"I had great success at the Skidmore Creative Thought (Net)Works event in NYC this past week. I was able to meet with a handful of Skidmore alumni from many different fields of work, and all were eager to help a fellow Skidmore community member. I was even lucky enough to get an interview and a job offer upon following up with one of the alumni I had been introduced to that night. The Creative Thought (Net)Works event was the perfect stress-free environment to meet new people and discuss jobs, life, aspirations, and more. I would suggest it to anyone looking to expand their professional (Net)Works." 

H. Will Rubin '16


"The Career Development Center at Skidmore is one of the greatest resources available to current students and alumni. I recently attended a New York City CDC event and learned how to leverage essential networking skills in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Reconnecting with a former classmate of mine, both socially and professionally, proved immediately rewarding: when a project-management role opened up at her company, I was the first on her list of people to contact. One month after the networking event, I landed the job. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I had my own professional knowledge and connections to offer younger students at the CDC-sponsored event. It feels great to give back to the community that continues to offer me so much support and guidance in the years after college."

Sarah Benson '14