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Aaron Pikcilingis3
Don't worry if you don't feel like you know what you want to do right away, or even for a long time -- try different things until you find something that energizes you. Take your time, I certainly took mine. More important than deciding quickly on a career is deciding well, and a willingness to repeat the process when, inevitably, you grow and change and your interests and needs change with you.

Aaron Pikcilingis ’00

  • Current Job
    Innovation Specialist, Brigham & Women's Hospital
  • At Skidmore
    Psychology Major | WSPN Radio | Jazz combos | Summer programs
  • Internships
    Website selling art as an examination of the psychology

About Aaron

I work as an Innovation Specialist for Brigham and Women's Hospital's Digital Innovation Hub (iHub), which is responsible for managing and fostering innovation in the digital health space at the hospital. Some of what I do involves operations for specific projects, but what most energizes me and where I bring the most value is in supporting ideation and strategy. Those tasks let me use my creativity and the many, flexibly-arranged associations in my brain. Such associations and my skill at lateral thinking have been built inadvertently, as a matter of course in choosing opportunities based on my interests and not the compensation or some formal career progression. Work and learning are so much easier when you're interested, and no amount of money or prestige can turn a boring job into an interesting one. I recommend taking a chance and following your interests, even as they change over time and even (or perhaps especially) when they seem to be carrying you off the path you had expected to take. Be prepared to be surprised.