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Derrick Yam3
Don't be afraid of unconventional career paths. Just because most of your class, friends or family work in a certain industry does not mean you have to. Combining your interests is easier than you might think. If you work hard and put yourself out there, you'll meet the right people to help you along the way.

Derrick Yam ’17

  • Current Job
    Manager, Data and Decision Science at Baltimore Ravens
  • At Skidmore
    Mathematics and Management and Business Major | Admissions Ambassador | Skidmore in Spain | Soccer
  • Internships
    See Beyond Grant - funding research in biostatistical methods.
  • Awards
    The Seymour and Sylvia Goldman Memorial Prize | The Gladys Gillman Taylor '48 Prize | The Skidmore Athletics Leadership Award

About Derrick

I'm a Quantitative Analyst in the Player Personnel Department of the Baltimore Ravens. My main responsibility is data-driven player evaluation, but my job can encompass anything data related, from sports science to football strategy.

I never anticipated working in American football, nor did I have any experience in the sport. But I've always loved sports, and after my playing days ended at Skidmore I was adamant about staying involved in sports one way or another. After graduation I went on to get my Master's in Biostatistics at Brown University, knowing that if I didn't end up in sports I would want to work in public health. During my last year at Brown, I started working for a start-up soccer data and analytics company called StatsBomb. This was my first real experience in sports analytics as a career and I loved every second of it. Knowing that I wanted to be back in a team environment, I left StatsBomb after a year for my current role with the Ravens. 

Sports Analytics was not a possible major at Skidmore, nor do I think it should it be. At the time, Statistics was not even a minor at Skidmore, which it is now. Nonetheless, I took courses that I was interested in and courses that I thought would be useful later on. Eventually, I met my advisor, Michael Lopez, who introduced me to all of the career options a statistician can have, including sports analytics, where I could combine my passion for numbers and sports into a career.