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Skidmore College


Christina Fagan3
Take the pressure off of figuring out what your life's purpose is and just start trying new things that might make you happy. I was able to learn how to blog, figure out how to sell a product, foster my love of making things with my hands, and ultimately, start my company, without the pressure of "being in the real world" yet.

Christina Fagan ’12

  • Current Job
    Founder/CEO, Sh*t That I Knit
  • At Skidmore
    Art History Major | Business Minor | Study abroad program in Athens | Study abroad program in London
  • Internships
    Tang Teaching Museum
  • After Skidmore
    LevelUp - Sales Rockstar | Criteo - Account Executive

About Christina

I didn't graduate from Skidmore and jump right into being a small-business owner, or really have a dream job for that matter. I found a sales job at a fun, young startup and right off the bat got a lot of responsibility. I worked in sales for about three years before quitting my 9-5 to do Sh*t That I Knit full-time. Having sales experience before starting my own company has been instrumental in my success as a business owner. I am persistent, I don't take no for an answer, I have no issue picking up the phone to call on new clients, and when I get knocked down (which is quite frequent), I get back up right away and try again.