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Do you have an injury or a question about your body?
Make an appointment to visit our new
Dance Injury Triage Center!

Professor Sarah DiPasquale DPT is a licensed physical therapist and will hold office hours each week to screen dance injuries or discuss any health/wellness questions that you may have.

During your screening session you can expect a discussion about how your injury occurred, a brief physical screen to assess the injury, and a collaborative discussion about your next course of action. Many dance injuries are treated easily with heat, ice, and movement modifications (example: no jumping), while other injuries may require outside medical assessment. All communication during your triage session is confidential and cannot be shared with other members of the department unless you sign a waiver to do so.

To make an appointment please click here.
If you would like more than a 15 minute session, please sign up for two consecutive appointments.

Fall Triage Hours
Monday, Wednesday 9–11 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday noon–2 p.m
228 Sports Center
(follow signs for the Dance Department offices)

Dancer wellness screening

On Sunday September 13, 2015, the Skidmore Dance Department offered its first Dancer Wellness Screening, led by Sarah DiPasquale PT, DPT in collaboration with the Dancer Wellness Project and Sage Graduate School Physical Therapy Department. During this first annual event, 24 Skidmore dancers were tested for the strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic capacity necessary to dance safely and efficiently. Teams of dancers and physical therapy students collected the measurements together to engage in an interdisciplinary learning process.

Following the screen, dancers were able to access their results using the Dancer Wellness Project. They also had a chance to meet individually with a licensed physical therapist to review their results create an individualized exercise plan based on their findings.

Visit the Dancer Wellness Project at www.dancerwellnessproject.com.

Visit the Sage Graduate School PT Department at www.sage.edu/academics/health-sciences/programs/dpt/.

     Dance Wellness Screening 3        Dance Wellness Screening 1
    Dance Wellness Screening 2     Dance Wellness Screening 4

Photos by Stephanie Hon, Class of 2016

Announcing SEE-Beyond awards…

Summer Educational Experiences—Learning Beyond the Campus

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Find more information at the SEE-Beyond website, along with information specific to how it applies to the Dance Department.

SEE-Beyond awards invite students to explore new techniques, technologies, or modes of inquiry or expression; to apply their academic-year learning to real-world challenges; and to clarify the interrelationship between their educational and post-baccalaureate goals.

Dance Major Recipients

Skidmore College named one of the top five dance programs in the country

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“Skidmore College’s dance department emphasizes technical training in ballet and modern dance as well as academic inquiry of the field through compositional studies and historical research. The program has around 500 students; most dancers are double majors and study areas as diverse as business and government.

"Programs: Classes are divided into four categories: Technique, Workshop/Production, Western Dance Forms, and Theory. Guest artists are frequently invited to the program to offer workshops, performances, and lectures.

"Admissions: There is no audition requirement for the dance program. Skidmore uses the common application, which requires a 250- to 500-word personal essay on a topic provided by the school.”

via backstage.com