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Dance Center EMS Instructions – revised 1-25-18

For students enrolled in dance classes

Lori Dawson approves space requests for DSI & DSII. The Multipurpose room (MPR) is under Williamson Sports Center and is managed by the Athletic Department. PLAN AHEAD: Requests made less than 24 hours in advance will receive an error message.

1. Log into EMS system; Click “CREATE A RESERVATION” in the left hand column.

2. On the room reservation page, find “Space Request” (at the top of the list) and click the “Book Now” button next to it. [For Choreo I, II and Capstone II Class work only: find “Dance Center” (at the bottom of the list), and click “Book Now”]

3. Fill out the date and time information in the left-hand panel.

4. Select desired room by clicking the blue + sign next to the room name.

5. After selecting all the rooms you need, go to the top of the page and click the tab labelled “3 – Reservation Details” to skip the Services page (which is information for requested Services such as Catering). On the next page, fill out the details of your reservation.

To make additional bookings: Click “HOME” – “MY EVENTS” - click the existing reservation name, then click the blue “New Booking” button on the right. Enter the information for your additional booking by following the same instructions above. When saved, everything will be displayed under “MY EVENTS”;

To Cancel: “HOME” – “MY EVENTS” - Click the name of the reservation - click the Blue Symbol next to the booking you need to cancel - A window will pop up, for you to enter a reason for canceling in the menu/text box. After, click the “Yes, Cancel Reservation” button.

The keypads located outside of the studios and theater will indicate when the space is reserved and for who/what. If the space is open (green), one can select Reserve Now to book the space only for the current time period. Select Available Rooms, and it will show the free rooms in the Dance Center. Instructions are posted at the keypads.

Refer to Studio Terms of Agreement: enter requests weekly.