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Scheduling Studios

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Dance Center EMS Instructions

To schedule studios, go to www.skidmore.edu/schedule/index.php.

Lori Dawson approves space requests for DSI and DSII. The Multipurpose room (MPR) is under Williamson Sports Center and is managed by the Athletic Department. Please enter your requests at least 48 hours in advance to give adequate time for your request to be considered.

  1. Browse: Space Availability to see available spaces by date. Filter: Facilities – Dance Center (or Williamson Sports Center), save, Apply to see what is available before putting in a request.
  2. Reservations: Space Request: for technique classes, etc.
    Reservations: Dance Center: for Choreo II and Capstone II in order to reserve space automatically without waiting for approval: For class work only–not to be used for clubs/friends.
  3. Enter an attendance number. Don’t enter too high of a number or it will eliminate some rooms whose capacity is set to be lower. When selecting time: choose a.m. and p.m. with care. You can select Recurrence when entering a request for more than one date for the same time of day. You will need to click on the day(s) of the week and enter the End by Date. If you do not do this, you will only enter a request for one date.
  4. Find a space: Select the green "+" next to the space that you want to request and click Continue.
  5. Event name: Enter “your name – course name”; Event type: select “Course Related” if the request is for a class. For class work: do not enter “Rehearsal – Dance” or “Performance – Dance” as the event type. Not following these instructions will delay your approval.
  6. Check to be sure your entry went through and/or your request was approved.
    *Do not post on public & student calendars.

The keypads located outside of the studios and theater will indicate when the space is reserved and for who/what. If the space is open (green), one can select Reserve Now to book the space only for the current time period. Select Available Rooms: shows free rooms in Dance Center. Instructions are posted at the keypads.

Student clubs: Group Name = club name; Group Type = student group; your request must first be approved by the Leadership Office.

Refer to Studio Terms of Agreement: enter requests weekly.