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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs



Function: The IPPC advises the President with regard to strategic planning, taking a comprehensive view of significant issues affecting the College. In so doing, it serves as the central deliberative body for all-College governance. More specifically, IPPC advises the President on all policy areas, with primary responsibility for those areas beyond the purview of faculty governance (such as budget and financial planning, benefits, environmental issues, admissions and financial aid, student affairs, and advancement).

The President chairs the IPPC; an elected member of the Faculty serves as Vice-Chair. The agenda of the committee is set by these two individuals.  The IPPC may appoint subcommittees to serve as resources for the committee with regard to any area of policy or planning as needed. The composition of such subcommittees is determined by IPPC in consultation with FEC and with other groups or individuals as appropriate.

Membership: The President (Chair); the Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Dean of the Faculty; the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Vice President for Advancement; the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; the Dean of Student Affairs; the Dean of Special Programs; the Director of Institutional Research; the Chief Technology Officer; the Chair of the Campus Environment Committee; the Chair of the Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding; one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship (one to be designated to sit on IPPC each year); three faculty members elected for three year terms, one of whom serves as Vice-Chair; the Chair of the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP), one representative from the administrative/professional staff; one representative from the support staff; the President of SGA; and the SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs.

  Philip Glotzbach, President, Chair
2013 Denise Smith, Health and Exercise Science, faculty, Vice Chair
  Susan Kress, Vice President for Academic Affairs
  Michael West, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  Michael Casey, Vice President for Advancement
  Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
  Beau Breslin, Interim Dean of the Faculty
  Paul Calhoun, Interim Dean of Special Programs
  W. Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs
  Joseph Stankovich, Director of Institutional Research
  Justin Sipher, Chief Technology Officer
  Josh Ness, Biology, Chair, Committee on Educational Policies & Planning (CEPP)
  Michael Ennis-McMillan, Chair, Committee on Intercultural & Global Understanding (CIGU)
  Mark Huigbretse, Mathematics & Computer Science, Chair, Campus Environment Committee (CEC), (LV S'12)
  TBD, Chair, Campus Environment Committee (CEC), replacement for Huigbretse S'12
2012    Anne Petruzzelli, Purchasing, Support Staff
2013 Gail Cummings-Danson, Athletics, Administrative/Professional
2012 Adrienne Zuerner, Foreign Languages & Literatures, faculty (LV S'12)
  Peter von Allmen, Economics, faculty replacement (S'12) for Zuerner
2014 Erica Bastress-Dukehart, History, faculty
2012 Jonathan Zeidan '12, SGA President
2012 Ethan Flum '13, SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs


[SGA Committee with Faculty representation]

Function: To adjudicate cases of academic and social violations.

Membership: The Integrity Board is composed of one or two faculty drawn from a pool of six faculty members appointed by FEC to serve overlapping two year terms, four students including the Chair (drawn from a pool appointed by SGA), one other member of the College staff (appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs or the Dean of Studies, in consultation with SGA Executive Committee), and the Dean of Studies or Associate Dean of Student Affairs, serving as Judicial Counsel (non-voting). The student Co-Chair not party to an anticipated hearing works with Judicial Counsel. (Note: Members of the Integrity Board also serve on the Board of Appeals.)

2012 Ruben Graciani, Dance
2012 Masako Inamoto, Foreign Languages & Literatures
2013 Kara Cetto Bales, Chemistry
2013 Kathryn Frederick, Library
2013 Mary Harney, Dance
2013 Kelly Sheppard, Chemistry
  Donald Hastings, Conduct Administrator (for social integrity), Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  Corey Freeman-Gallant, Conduct Administrator (for academic integrity), Associate Dean for Academic Advising  
  TBD - Community & Conduct Administrator (for social integrity), Residential Life
201X    Mark Bauer, Network & Technical Services
  Lorraine Bittel, Dining Services
  Megan Buchanan, Athletics
  Jen Burden, Counseling Center
  Alex Chaucer, GIS Instructional Technologies
  Dave DeConno, Interim Registrar
  Beth DuPont, Academic Technologies
  David Karp, Campus Life (Dean of Studies)
  Mariel Martin, Student Diversity Programs
  Ann Marie Przywara, Residential Life
2012 Mariel Brazil 12 student rep, Co-Chair
  Daniel Horwitz '13 student rep, Co-Chair
  Ethan Flum '13 student rep
  Najwa Webster '14 student rep
  Angus Welch '14 student rep


Function: To serve as the Appeal Board for cases heard by the Integrity Board.

The Dean of the Faculty and the Integrity Board Chair, not party to the initial hearing, review Integrity Board recommendations of suspension or dismissal in academic integrity cases. The Dean of Student Affairs and the Integrity Board Chair, not party to the initial hearing, review Integrity Board recommendations of suspension or dismissal in social integrity cases. Appeals will be considered only when there is new information directly related to the case, evidence regarding the fairness of the board's procedures, or a sanction that appears disproportionate to the violation.

Membership: For academic integrity cases, two faculty members appointed by FEC on a case-by-case basis, drawn from the pool of faculty who serve on the Integrity Board but who have not heard the case in question, the Dean of the Faculty as Chair, and two students serving on the Integrity Board who were not party to the initial hearing. For social integrity cases, one faculty member appointed by FEC, drawn from the pool of faculty serving on the Integrity Board but who have not heard the case in question, the Dean of Student Affairs as Chair, and two students serving on the Integrity Board who were not party to the initial hearing.

Academic Beau Breslin, Interim Dean of Faculty, Chair
Item 5 (2) TBD - Faculty representatives selected from Integrity Board on case-by-case basis
  (2) TBD - Student representatives selected from Integrity Board on case-by-case basis
Social W. Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs, Chair
2012 (2) TBD - Student representatives from Integrity Board on case-by-case basis
  Faculty representative selected from Integrity Board


Function: To coordinate and conduct Honor Code workshops for first-year students and transfers; and in its capacity as a commission, to help educate all students as to what constitutes an honor violation, to support efforts to implement the Honor Code through the Honor Code Statement, and to recommend changes in the Honor Code System.

Membership: The Student Honor Code Educator as Chair, the SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs, one student representative at-large, one faculty representative at-large, and one representative from each of the judicial boards (Integrity Board, and Board of Appeals).  The faculty member will be appointed to a three-year term.

2013 Mark Huibregtse, Mathematics & Computer Science, faculty rep (LV S'12)
  Tim Harper, Management & Business,  S'12 replacement for Huibregtse
2012 TBD - Student Honor Code Commissioner, Chair
2012 TBD - student rep
2012 Thomas Rivera '13, V.P. for Academic Affairs, SGA
  Rep from Integrity Board (to be appointed F'11)
  Rep from Board of Appeals (to be appointed F'11)


Function: To investigate and to remain informed as to current governmental regulations affecting all research involving human subjects, to assess the implications of such regulations for the conduct of research with human subjects at Skidmore, to serve as a resource by providing information and guidelines for such research to the College community; to review federally funded research projects on human subjects and to provide to the United States Department of Health and Human Services continuing assurance that, in accord with its regulations, the rights of human subjects are being protected; to provide means by which proposals from outside individuals and agencies seeking to utilize records or members of the Skidmore community as the subjects of research can be reviewed.

Membership: Four faculty members assembled by the Dean of the Faculty in accordance with State regulations; and one person from outside the College.

2013 Rebecca Johnson, Psychology (5/31/13) 
2012 John Berman, Psychology, Chair  (5/31/12)
2012 Mark Rye, Psychology  (5/31/12)
2012 Sonia Silva, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work  (8/14/12)
2012 Aiwu Zhao, Management & Business  (8/14/12)
2012 Leanne Casale-Terrell, Institutional Research  (5/14/12)
2012 Kurt Freeman, Professional Development, External Community Member  (5/31/12)
2014 Amy Mitchell, rep, Counseling Center (5/31/14)


Function: To monitor the use of laboratory animals in teaching and research.

Membership: No fewer than five members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty; a veterinarian, a scientist experienced in laboratory animal research, and an individual who has no other affiliation with the institution besides membership on the committee.

           Hassan Lopez, Psychology
  T. H. Reynolds, Health and Exercise Sciences, Chair 
  Mary Stange, Philosophy & Religion
  Loretta Greenholtz, Environmental Health & Safety Officer for Academic Affairs
  Matt Lavin, Community Member
  Frank J. Akawi, Ph.D., D.V.M, C.V.A.
  Bill Tomlinson, Sponsored Research
  Dave Nicholson, Facilities Services


Function: To publish and maintain the Safety in the Workplace Program, a program that complies both with applicable external laws and regulations and with Skidmore’s specific needs, to review regularly existing safety policies and consider new policies designed to minimize unsafe acts, eliminate or control hazards, and stimulate efforts to create and maintain interest in safety.

Membership: Two faculty members, one student member, one support staff member, one member of Local 200D, all appointed by the President and serving staggered three-year terms; the College physician, the Manager of Employment and Training, the Dean of the Faculty or her/his designee, and the Business Manager (Chair). 

  Paul Davis, Art, Dean of Faculty designee
2012 Christine  Kopec, Management & Business, faculty rep
2013 Sang Wook Lee, Art, faculty
2012 TBD - student
2014 Terri Mariani, Human Resources, support staff rep
  Christine Kaczmarek, Director of Business Services,Chair (member & chair by title)
  Loretta Greenholtz, Environmental Health & Safety Officer for Academic Affairs
  Michelle Lapo, Health Services designee 
  Alena Llorens-Myers, Human Resources designee
  David Nicholson, Facilities Services designee
  Dennis Conway, Director, Campus Safety
2012 Marlene Williams, Post Office, Union Rep, Local 200D   
  Bonnie Rolon, Dining Services designee
  Kim Bombard, Committee Recording Secretary