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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


ASSESSMENT SUBCOMMITTEE (subcommittee of IPPC) Appointed

Function:  To advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and other members of the IPPC on matters related to the assessment of student learning and development.  the Assessment subcommittee (AS) also will advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and other members of the IPPC on assessment of institutional goals as appropriate to each area of the College as they bear on student learning and development and on the fulfillment of standards for accreditation.  In fulfilling this function, the AS will work to ensure that assessment plans are in place, are executed, and are consequential in all areas of the College.  Collaborating closely with the Office of Institutional Research, the AS will act as a resource to both the IPPC and other bodies in the College engaged in strategic planning and data-informed decision-making.
Membership: Faculty Assessment Coordinator, Co-Chair; a Cabinet liaison, Co-Chair, serving also as liaison to IPPC; Director of Institutional Research; Assessment Facilitator; Associate Dean of the Faculty for Advising and Policy; an Associate Dean of Student Affairs; Chief Diversity Officer or appropriate designee; Director of the Career Development Center; Director of Alumni Affairs; Director of Summer Academic Programs and Residencies; a faculty member of CEPP, serving as liaison, appointed by CEPP for a one-year term; two additional faculty members, preferably from disciplinary areas not represented by the Faculty Assessment Coordinator or the CEPP member, to be appointed by the President in consultation with the Faculty Executive Committee and the co-chairs, through a willingness-to-serve process administered by the FEC, serving staggered three-year terms; two students, one of whom is the SGA VP for Academic Affairs and one appointed for a one-year term through an SGA willingness-to-serve process.

  Sarah Goodwin, Faculty Assessment Coordinator, Co-Chair 
  Beau Breslin, Cabinet Liaison, Co-Chair, Liaison to IPPC
  Joseph Stankovich, Director Institutional Research
  Lisa Christenson, Assessment Facilitator
  Corey Freeman-Gallant, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Advising and Policy
  Sue Layden, Research Analyst, Enrollment Retention Student Achievement
  Paty Rubio, Diversity Officer or appropriate designee
  Kim Crabbe, Executive Director of the Career Development Center
  Michael Sposili, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs
  Auden Thomas, Director of Summer Academic Programs and Residencies
2015 Bill Lewis, Philosophy and Religion, faculty member of CEPP, serving as liaison, appointed by CEPP
2015 Masako Inamoto, Foreign Languages and Literatures
2017 Kelly Sheppard, Chemistry
2015 Charles Tetelman '16, SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs 
2015 TBA - SGA Representative


Function:  To research, review, recommend, and help support the implementation of sustainability policies and procedures in such areas as waste and recycling, academics, transportation, green building, food systems, climate and energy, landscape and ecosystem management, community, diversity and equity, and communication and assessment.  This includes assisting in the coordination of sustainability strategic planning and its assessment and updates.  The subcommittee may create working groups to assist with this process.  Secondarily, to coordinate strategic event planning and collaborative efforts between departments around these topics.

Membership:  Three members of the faculty to serve three-year terms, at least one of them from the natural sciences.  The three faculty members will be chosen from the faculty at large and elected through a Willingness to Serve process administered by the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC).  The three faculty members, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, will designate a Co-chair from amongst themselves.  The Sustainability Coordinator, who serves as Co-chair and sits on IPPC.  The Associate Dean for Infrastructure, Sustainability and Civic Engagement.  Nine members of the administrative/professional and support staffs.

2015 Greg Gerbi, Co-Chair Physics/Geosciences (faculty) (LV 2014-15)
  Catherine Hill, Management and Business (1-yr replacement for Gerbi)
  Levi Rogers, Co-Chair, Sustainability Coordinator
2017 Michael Marx, English
2017 Monica Raveret Richter, Biology
  Carol Schnitzer, Director, Purchasing
2014 Dan Rodecker, Director, Facilities Services
  Mike Hall, Special Assistant, Energy, (LV S'15)
   Paul Lundberg, Project Manager, Facilities (S'15 replacement for M. Hall)
  Hunt Conard, Director, Media Services (IT)
  Karen Kellogg, Associate Dean for Infrastructure, Sustainability & Civic Engagement (DOF/VPAA)
  Michelle Hubbs, Director, Community Service Programs (Campus Life)
  Adele Einhorn, Executive Director of Horse Show & Director of Special Projects (Advancement)
  Wendy LeBlanc, Academic Affairs rep 
  Jennifer Barthelmas, Finance and Administration rep
  Matthew Cohen, Associate Director, Admissions (Admissions and Financial Aid)
  Karen Kellogg, Associate DOF, Chair from IPPC (appointed by President)
2015 Lauren Scauzzo, SGA Sustainability Senator, student rep
2015 Emily Durante, EAC student rep
2015 Laura Mindlin, SGA student rep


  • Larry Britt, Campus Safety, Chair
  • Sherry Ankeny, Athletics
  • Darren Bennett, Athletics
  • Hunt Conard, Media Services
  • TBD - SGA Senator to be appointed F'14
  • TBD - student to be appointed F'14


  • Mark Hofmann, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Rachel Roe-Dale, Mathematics & Computer Science, Chair
  • Greg Gerbi, Physics (LV 2014-15)
  • Flip Phillips, Psychology, (Replacement for Gerbi 2014-15)
  • Mary Crone Odekon, Physics


  • Anne Ernst, Evironmental Studies Coordinator
  • Cathy Gibson, Environmental Studies
  • Judith Halstead, Chemistry
  • Michael Marx, Environmental Studies, Director, Chair (LV S'15)
  • Nurcan Atalan-Helicke, Environmental Studies
  • Joshua Ness, Biology/Environmental Studies
  • Amy Frappier, Geosciences
  • Eric Morser, History
  • Bob Turner, Government


  • Corey Freeman-Gallant, Associate Dean of Faculty for Academic Policy and Advising
  • Maria Lander, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Marla Melito, Student Academic Development Coordinator, FYE


  • Elaine Larsen, Biology
  • Kendrah Murphy, Physics (LV F'14)
  • Bernard Possidente, Biology
  • Raymond Giguere, Chemistry
  • Pat Fehling, Health & Exercise Science, Chair
  • T. H. Reynolds, Health & Exercise Science
  • Alice Buesing, Higher Education Opportunity Program
  • Patti Steinberger, Biology
  • Denise Evert, Psychology
  • Kelly Sheppard, Chemistry
  • Shannon Rodriguez, Career Development
  • Sarita Lagalwar, Neuroscience
  • Tracy Broderson, HPAC Administrative Assistant


Function:  The (CIGU) is a subcommittee of IPPC that advises the President and other College offices and bodies as appropriate policy issues, practices, and procedures relating to diversity, intercultural and global understanding, intercultural literacy, issues of campus climate, and other matters related to implementation of Goal II of the College's Strategic Plan.  It serves as a resource for the three College officials charged with coordinating and implementing the College's strategic efforts related to Goal II -- i.e., the Director of Intercultural Studies, the Director of the Office of Student Diversity Programs, and the Assistant Director for EEO and Workforce Diversity.  And it is the parent committee for the College's Bias Response Group.

Membership: Director of Intercultural Studies, Director of the Office of Student Diversity Programs, Assistant Director for EEO and Workforce Diversity, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Personnel, Development and Diversity; 2 faculty members (at least one a teaching faculty member) elected for three-year terms through a willingness-to-serve process administered by the Faculty Executive Committee; Student Government Association Vice President for Diversity Affairs; One student member appointed through the Student Government Association willingness-to-serve process; Director of the Office of Opportunity Programs or her/his designee; Director of Off-Campus Study and Exchanges or her/his designee; One representative from the Office of Admissions appointed by the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; One support staff member elected for a three-year term by a willingness-to-serve process administered by the Office of the President; Chair of the Bias Response Group.

      Kristie Ford, Sociology, Director for Intercultural Studies 
  W. Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs, Chair of the Bias Response Group (BRG), a subcommittee of CIGU
  Herb Crossman, Assistant Director, EEO and Workforce Diversity
  Paty Rubio, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Personnel, Development and Diversity
2017 Elzbieta Lepkowska-White, Management and Business
2017 Viviana Rangil, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Co-Chair
2017 Margo Theobald, support staff rep
  Mariel Martin, Director of Student Diversity Programs,Co-Chair
  Cori Filson, Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges 
  Dean Mendes, Associate Director/Coord. Multicultural Recruitment, Admissions rep
  Nuriyah Clark, Office of Opportunity Program designee
2015 Sibo Gama '15, SGA VP for Diversity Affairs
2015 Eric Beriguete '15, student rep


   Hassan Lopez, Psychology, Director
  Flip Phillips, Psychology
  Jennifer Bonner, Biology
  Bernard Possidente, Biology
  Robert Hallock, Neuroscience
  Sarita Lagalwar, Neuroscience
  Rebecca Howard, Chemistry
 2015 Thomas Voigt '15
 2015 Evan Marzouk '16


  • Elzbieta Lepkowska-White, IA Program Director; Associate Professor, Management & Business
  • Katherine Graney, Associate Professor, Government
  • James Kennelly, Professor, Management & Business
  • Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien, Courtney & Steven Ross Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies; Professor of German
  • Pushkala Prasad, Zankel Chair in Management for Liberal Arts Students; Professor, Management & Business
  • Mahesh Shankar, Assistant Professor, International Affairs


Function:  The Palamountain Prose Award Committee meets once a year (usually in late March or early April) to determine the winner of two prizes for outstanding student writing.  Submissions are distributed in advance of the meeting.  Candidates from all disciplines are welcome.  Representation from the Division of Disciplines is desired.

Membership:  Three faculty appointed by the FEC in consultation with Chair of current Committee.  Service is for the next academic year's contest.

  • David Cohen, Management and Business
  • Ronald Seyb, Government, Chair
  • Martha Wiseman, English
  • Melora Wolff, English


Membership:  Two students, one faculty member chosen from among the Honors Forum Council members, and three faculty members chosen in consultation between the Honors Forum Council and the Faculty Executive Committee.  The four faculty members of the Periclean Scholar Award Sub-Committee shall elect a Chair from their membership.  Service on this sub-committee is for one academic year, typically beginning in the fall of the following year.

 2015 Regina Janes, English
 2015 Mary DiSanto-Rose, Dance
 2015 Matthew Wilt, Art
  TBD - faculty (chosen from Periclean Honors Forum Council members)
 2015 TBD - student rep
  TBD - student rep


Function:  Review all College research and teaching activities that are conducted by faculty, staff, students, and/or visiting scientists that involve the use of radioactive materials, and administer the radiation protection program at the College.  The Committee approves all uses of radiation-producing equipment and radioactive materials within the College, reviews the activities of the radiation safety officer, and reviews the radiation protection program at least annually.  the Committee also oversees the administration of a quality assurance program, as required by the New York State Department of Health. 

Membership:  No fewer than five members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs and selected so that they collectively have experience and expertise in radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment.  Membership shall include representative departments where radiation sources are used, typically Biology, Chemistry and Health and Exercise Sciences.

  • Jeffrey Clark, Chair; IT-Enterprise Systems
  • Loretta Greenholtz, Environmental Health and Safety Officer for Academic Affairs/Radiation Safety Officer
  • Patricia Hilleren, Biology
  • Steven Frey, Chemistry
  • Patricia Fehling, Health and Exercise Sciences


Function: to advise the President and work with appropriate groups and individuals involved with aspects of Goal III of the Strategic Plan, particularly its first point, "Foster pedagogical innovation relating to responsible citizenship; support campus initiatives that teach and exemplify this value."

Membership: Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of the Faculty, two faculty (at least one of whom shall be tenured or in a tenure-track appointment) elected for three-year terms through a willingness-to-serve process administered by the Faculty Executive Committee, two student members appointed through the SGA willingness-to-serve process, the Director of Community Service Programs, the Student Academic Development Coordinator, the Sustainability Coordinator, and the Arthur Vining Davis program Director (during the period of the AVD grant).

        David Karp, Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Director of Campus Life, Co-Chair
  Karen Kellogg, Environmental Sciences, Associate Dean of Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainability and Civic Engagement, Co-Chair
2015 Beck Krefting, American Studies (1-yr LV 2014-15)
  Joan Swanson, Education Studies (1-yr replacement for Krefting)
2017 Heather Hurst, Anthropology
  Robert Kimmerle, Director of Community Relations
 2015 Charles Tetelman '16, SGA VP for Academic Affairs
 2015 Elsa Chen '15, SGA representative
  Michelle Hubbs, Director of Community Service Programs
  Emily Davidson, Sustainability Office representative
  Marla Melito, Student Academic Development Coordinator


Membership:  Associate Dean of the Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Civic Engagement (Co-Chair); Director of Financial Planning and Budgeting (Co-Chair); an Associate Dean of Student Affairs; Registrar or designee; Director of Facilities Services or designee; Chief Technology Officer or designee, One faculty member, drawn from the elected faculty on IPPC; One student, drawn from the student members of IPPC.

  • Karen Kellogg, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Civic Engagement ,Co-Chair
  • Mike Hall, Special Assistant, Energy (LV 2014-15)
  • Gail Cummings-Danson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs; Director of Athletics
  • David DeConno, Registrar or designee
  • Dan Rodecker, Director of Facilities Services, Co-Chair
  • Bill Duffy, Chief Technology Officer or designee
  • Natalie Taylor, Government, Faculty rep IPPC (LV S'15)
  • Daniel Nathan, American Studies, Faculty rep IPPC (replacement for Taylor, S'15)
  • Addison Bennett '16, SGA President, Student rep IPPC


Membership: The SDMS is composed of five members. Advisory Board members, representing the College's four major divisions:  Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Science and Pre-Professional programs, are appointed for a three-year term.  The SDM Director is appointed by the Dean of Faculty/VPAA; three faculty representatives serving three-year staggered terms are appointed by the DOF/VPAA in consultation with the SDM Director; a representative from the Office of Academic Advising will be appointed annually by the Dean of Studies.

2015 Giuseppe Faustini, Foreign Languages & Literatures, Chair
2015 Barbara Norelli, Library (2-yr replacement for von Allmen)
2016 Catherine Berheide, Sociology
2015 Denise Evert, Psychology
2015 Kim Marsella, Office of Academic Advising


2015 Kate Graney, Director Gender Studies Program
2015 Penny Jolly
2015 Leslie Mechem