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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Development Opportunities

Travel To Read/Travel To Represent Departmental Travel Policies

Skidmore College’s support for professional travel is an invaluable component of its commitment to faculty development and one of which faculty should take advantage. Its resources are limited, however, and require responsible action by all of us. Reimbursement for travel to speak at another college or university should normally be provided by the host institution, just as Skidmore usually covers expenses of those who come here. The Office of the Dean of the Faculty will, of course, be attentive to rationales provided by applicants for aid.

Increased faculty requests (sometimes multiple requests) for support and the rising costs of travel and registration have placed heavy demands on the budgets for these programs. They require that we live within our means so that we can promote equity, control costs, and administer these funds efficiently, and insure funding for other kinds of faculty development programs. In addition, the College has instituted general guidelines for travel expenses. All faculty should review the Skidmore College Travel Policy for important details.

The Dean’s office oversees both the Travel to Read and the Travel to Represent funds. In addition to these funding sources, departments are budgeted $500 per full-time faculty member in the Travel line of their own budgets, overseen by the chair. Full-time faculty members, whether on campus or on sabbatical leave, may receive reimbursements from the Travel to Read or the Travel to Represent program up to a total of $1,500, as well as from the departmental Travel line as approved by the Chair. Part-time faculty are eligible for proportional assistance if funds are available. On limited occasions, and at their discretion, chairs may authorize for department members’ reimbursement from the departmental Travel budget for professional support other than travel.

Temporary faculty serving as sabbatical replacements are not budgeted for departmental Travel funds, but they may seek support from the Dean’s Travel to Read or Represent programs. Chairs are eligible for departmental travel funds up to $500; they may, when appropriate, apply for supplementary ad hoc funds.

It is essential to secure timely authorization from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty before making commitments to be reimbursed from Travel to Read and Travel to Represent programs. Faculty need also to allow ample time for processing requests for advances. Requests can be made by completing and submitting the travel request form.

Faculty should observe the College’s current travel policies.