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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

International Faculty Development Seminar Grant Application

Maximum Award is $3,000 
Grant Period: May 1 - August 31


A FINAL REPORT must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs by October 1st following the end of the grant period. Failure to do so may result in advances being treated as taxable income and will result in disqualification from future grant opportunities. All materials and/or equipment purchased with the aid of grant funding become the property of Skidmore College when the funded project is completed.

Your Information
Seminar Information
Please provide a statement of 500 words or less describing your goals with regard to seminar participation in language understandable to the non-specialist. Please explain how the seminar topic relates to your current scholarship, research, or creative work, or to work you intend to do in the future. How will the seminar experience help, directly or indirectly, to enrich teaching and learning in the courses you offer or intend to offer?

Budget Information
Please provide a detailed estimate of your budget in the blanks below. PLEASE NOTE: Original, itemized receipts for all items $10 or over must be attached to expense reports. Your credit card bill and the receipt showing the total amount paid for restaurant charges are not considered adequate proof of purchase.
Itemize each expense not covered by this grant, including any portion of the registration fee beyond $3000, airfare, non-covered meals, and other incidental expenses. Included estimated dates, number of days, cities of departure and destination as applicable.

Please provide information regarding other source(s) and amount(s) of support for this project, including sources other than Skidmore.
When you type your name in the space provided, the Faculty Development Committee will accept this as a fully-signed document.