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Skidmore College
Environmental Health and Safety for Academic Affairs

New Faculty Registration

Welcome to Skidmore College! The Office of Environmental Health and Safety for Academic Affiars (EHS) is a division of the Dean of Faculty and VPAA Office, and here to assist in various issues including environmental health, laboratory safety, radiation safety, hazardous waste management, training and biological safety.

Please complete the registration information below and press the "SUBMIT" button.

After completing this form, all faculty members in a science department who may use hazardous materials must visit the laboratory safety training website. You will need to review laboratory safety information, complete online training and submit your proficiency quiz. (If you are a non-science faculty member, you may disregard the laboratory safety training materials.)

If you have any questions about this Skidmore College requirement, or any other health and safety matter here at Skidmore, please contact EHS at 518-580-5136.