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Skidmore College
Emergency Preparedness

Medical Emergency

  • If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately dial Campus Safety at 518-580-5566. Give your name and describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the campus location of the victim.
  • Have someone remain on the phone with Campus Safety to provide updated information regarding the incident
  • In case of minor injury or illness, provide first aid care to the level of your ability.
  • Be prepared to provide specific locations to the scene. Request available assistance from other persons present to assist the responding EMS personnel in getting to the location as quickly as possible.
  • In case of serious injury or illness quickly perform the following steps:
    • Keep the victim still and comfortable. Do not move the victim.
    • Ask victim, "Are you OK?" and "What is wrong?"
    • Check breathing and give artificial respiration if necessary.*
    • Control serious bleeding by applying direct pressure on the wound.*
    • Continue to assist the victim until help arrives.
    • Look for emergency medical IDs such as bracelets on injured persons, question witness(s), and give all information to the responding emergency personnel

*Note: Only qualified trained personnel should provide first aid treatment, artificial respiration or CPR, and/or utilize an AED.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Campus Locations:

Campus Safety, Jonsson Tower basement

Burgess Cafe, Case Center

Dining Hall, Atrium cafe/cash register

JKB Theater ticket booth

Palamountain Hall second floor

Williamson Sports Center main lobby

Zankel Music Building lobby coatroom


Campus Locations:

Campus Safety, Jonsson Tower basement

Jonsson Tower, 11th floor

Palamountain Hall, fourth floor

Saisselin Art Building, second floor

Scribner Library, third floor