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Skidmore College
Emergency Preparedness

Inclement Weather & Emergency Closing/Delay Policy

As a residential institution, Skidmore operates on a continuous 24-hour, 12-month basis.  There may be rare occasions, however, when the College may suspend or limit some operations and/or special events due to severe inclement weather or other emergencies.

Decisions for delayed campus openings, early releases, or campus closures due to inclement weather or other emergency will be made by the President or designee in conjunction with other College administrators based on National Weather Service advisories, law enforcement bulletins, and/or other reliable emergency notifications. 

In instances of delayed openings, early releases, or campus closures, only designated emergency personnel (those responsible for keeping the basic services of the campus operating) will be required to work or remain at work; such employees are expected to follow their regular work schedules unless otherwise directed. As a general guideline, this will include the staff in Campus Safety and Facilities Services. When residence halls are occupied, the Dining Services, Health Services, Library and the Sports Center staffs are also designated as essential.   During the summer months, Special Programs employees are considered essential. Other essential employees include Information Technology and those responsible for animal care. This list is not all-inclusive, and in the event that other departments are deemed necessary, department directors will notify personnel in those areas. 

Campus Closure or Delayed Openings

In the event of campus closure or delayed opening, announcements will be sent to the following media and internal communication networks:

  • The School Closings Network, an organization that compiles and sends notices from schools around the region and submits them to the following media outlets:  Capital News 9, The Daily Gazette, The Post-Star, The Times Union, WFLY, WGY, WNYT-TV, WRGB-TV, WTEN-TV, WRVE, WYJB, WXXA and its own web site,
  • E-mail message to campus community
  • Voice mail message on Skidmore main number
  • Announcement on Skidmore home page
  • Voice mail to all employee Skidmore phone extensions
  • Automated telephone message on 518-580-SNOW through Campus Safety
  • Instant alerts to all student, faculty, and staff cell phones, e-mail accounts, pagers, and web pages for those registered with Skidmore’s Urgent Notification System (SUNS). Campus community members may register via the following link:
  • A siren will be used in case of an imminent emergency.

Early Release

In the event of an early release, the voice and e-mail system will be utilized to relay information to employees. Employees are required to confirm that they are released from work with their supervisor prior to leaving campus.


Whenever possible, information about the expected date and time of re-opening will be communicated at the same time as an announcement of a closure, delayed opening, or early release.

 Leave Time

In the event the College designates campus closures, late openings, or early releases, regular and temporary Faculty, Administrative/Professional Staff, Support Staff, and Union employees who were scheduled to work will be paid their regular salary or wage. 

 Other Options

  • If Skidmore has not officially delayed or closed, but an employee is unable to come (or remain) at work because of adverse weather conditions or other emergency conditions, the following options are available:
  • The supervisor may allow late arrival or early release not to exceed a total of two hours of paid time for non-union staff.
  • The employee may request time off charged to existing paid leave: absence leave for union staff; personal hours, vacation, or floating holiday for non-union staff.
  • It is the expectation that classes will be held when the College is open. However, if a faculty member is unable to come (or remain) at work because of adverse weather conditions or other emergency conditions, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to contact the Department Chair or departmental contact person and inform them that the faculty member is canceling class.


  • If an employee had previously scheduled a vacation (or any other paid leave) day on a day of suspended operation, the entire day will be charged as previously arranged and approved in advance.