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Skidmore College
Skidmore College Employee Handbook for Staff

Policies and Practices

Human Resource Records 

Employee’s personnel files are College files. The information recorded in your personnel file is extremely important. Make sure that the personal data in the file is accurate and up to date.  Please report any change of address, phone number, et cetera, to Human Resources.

Current Employees may review their personnel file in the presence of a representative of Skidmore College. Please contact Human Resources to schedule an appointment. You may request copies from your file of any documents. If you desire, you may add a written statement to your file explaining any disputed item.

Outside of Human Resources staff, only your current Supervisor will have access to your personnel file. However, Skidmore College will cooperate with--and provide access to your personnel file to law enforcement officials or local, state, or federal agencies in accordance with applicable law. All requests to review a Current Employee's personnel file should be referred to Human Resources.

Confidential health/medical records are not included in your personnel file. Skidmore College will safeguard them from disclosure and will share information only as required by law. The College reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for administrative costs for providing these records


If you have questions or require additional information with respect to any Handbook content, please contact Human Resources (extension 5800).

Section 5 - Updated June 2021